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How to stop exiting too early - How about "EXIT SETUP"

I have noticed many people struggle with identifying correct setup.
Once that is done the next problem comes staying in the trade until "Exit Setup" is created.
Lets now create a new mindset. Lets give it names.

Its time we make  firm decisions and promise to stick to it.

To trade we look for what we call
Entry Setup.

To ensure our setup is there we would look for the following rules, while "staying in the now". This is the mental condition bit. Stay in the NOW. How do we stay in the now? simple, look at Current AO Bar, Current Gator Lines, Current AIMS levels. We can also have an overview of entire picture but most important is current ones.

Lets Look at our Rules, that "create" our setup.

Three Trading Rules to make it simple
Rule 1 - Is the Alligator Sleeping?
Rule 2. Is AO Close to Zero Line? Preferably flat at Zero Line.
Rule 3. Is AIMS Level Close to Red Line? (Rule 3 Modified 28/04/11)
AO: Take Trades off the bars near ZL.
Alligator: Take Trades whi…

The Sniper

All day spent watching EU not putting a single trade. I just was not sure. I did not feel like it to put a trade. While I hit a nice H4 EJ Trade starting 120.10, I also managed an m5 setup. Later, quite late, I saw price broke out of a sleeping alligator. It was news time. I put a pending and let our AIMS Trading Manager do its thing.

The moooovie sniper is about a marine sniper killing "its" own men. While I do not support his mission what he did was something that resembles our, dare I say job, our GAME. We are snipers more like spiders. We sit at a comfortable spot and watch. But this waiting and watching is no easy job unless and until you fall in love with it. You cannot enjoy without loving it and you cannot love it without enjoying it. You gotta play it.

When you enjoy the surroundings, every sound, vibration is sensed, every thought is bounced back to its origin, blocked or rejected. Every move is calculated, limited and controlled. And as soon as the opportunity pre…

EU Strategy


Firstly I hope everyone had a fare share of fun during this lovely weekend that is gone.
I knew nothing, before YOUR desire for knowing more was created. It is YOU who wanted and hence it manifested in my mind delivered through this video. So I thank you for wanting to know so now I know as well thanks to you.

I turned a long weekend a bit longer by deciding not to trade today as well despite the fact that I love Tuesdays. But I had an hr spare so I utilised it towards NY Open.

Following is an example of collecting quick pips in little time. I say this because trading the shorter time frame is exactly like trading any other time frame the only difference is you live life in a "Fast Track". compared to a D1 chart within one hour you've done 2 months of trading. I leave the rest to…

We had a discussion (A Webinar type of thing!!!)

Last night we had a talk about how to trade our system. We briefly went over the following
1. The system - What is Alligator, AO and AIMS
2. The setup  - What is the saddle point -
3. How we count Elliott wave
4. Exits
5. How to avoid Whipsaws

I thought I'll share with everyone. Here is the link to that session I hope you can see it. Personally I think it was a good reminder for myself. When I talk about the setup it triggers thoughts that forms my belief system. I feel very refreshed this morning. I hope it helps you understand the "underlying" structure of the market.
Note: Its not a you tube type video. When you click on the link it would download some stuff and a proper full screen webinar will begin exactly as we saw it on our screens. I must say the quality is really good.

If you could please send your comments to I'd really appreciate that.

btw: a Beautiful 5th wave has begun on USD/CFH. We took off the break of AIMS on H4 Chars

Count Elliott Wave within 10 Seconds

After Reading this material you should be able to do the following:
Objective 1. Understand Elliott WaveObjective 2. Count Elliott Wave within 10 SecObjective 3. Learn how to use AO
Objective 1

What is Elliott Wave? 

We believe the market has a structure. That structure is Elliott Wave. We also believe that the structure also has a structure and that structure is shown to us on our charts by using our indicator AIMS Levels. EW consists of impulse waves and corrective waves. We are interested in trading the impulse waves and avoid the corrective waves.

Which wave is most profitable and easy to trade?   

Wave 3 is where we make money. Our strategy puts us right into the impulse waves, where the money is made.

Hypothetically, this is how Elliott Wave looks like.

Within each Impulse wave there are 5 waves.  of which wave 1,3,5,  are again impulse waves whereas wave 2 and 4 are corrective waves.

An impulse wave consists of sequence of 5 waves starting from 1 up 2 down 3 up and 4 down an…