Saturday, 2 April 2011

Belief System

The market gives you whatever you believe it can give you.

If you think getting 10pips out of market is difficult. Then there you go you said it. Its going to be difficult. Your mind will make sure your reality (that you create for yourself) conforms to your belief system.

If you think 10pips is not enough, then it will never be enough.


If you think and believe (if you intend) you can get what ever amount of pips out of the market, you will get it. You will make unlimited pips.

So set an intention - I want 1% 2% etc growth per day  and I want to be rich. There you go you said it, your mind, your subconscious and the universe will make sure your belief and your reality is manifested exactly as you imagined it, exactly as you visualised it. Isn't it amazing?

So its all about what we believe in.

Like they say, "if you think you can, if you think you cannot, you are Right". 


  1. All said and done, the higher the price the lower the quantity demanded vice versa. there is no tomorrow cos tomorrow is now, always live in the Now and enjoy the best of it, Imran note that givers never lack, share your knowledge about the market and you will gain more.

  2. I agree Mobolaji. But hey, it does not matter where price is or what the demand is. Look petrol prices have been rising ever since i was born still i have not yet reduced. Although the prices have double trebled over the past few years, still I eat the same amount of food everyday, (may be even more than I should I'm fat LOL) anyway, yes, sharing increases. giving brings abundance. Live in the now with an attitude of gratitude. :)


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