Monday, 11 April 2011


I know this is no secret to any of us, but scanning all the pairs, I notice the moves that work start from a sleeping gator. In other words, trading H4, you may not find a sleeping alligator but if you can locate the SA on a lower TF, you may very well have yourself a grand opportunity. A nice way to get into the game as a lot of the game when the alligator is already open. In summary: H4 = open alligator H1 or lower = locate the sleeping alligator and trade in the direction of the higher TF open mouth Just a thought...


  1. 100% correct - Agreed! Sleepy Alligator in the direction of Higher Time Frame Trend is a great approach. Love it!

  2. You have to love the gators, so simple and yet so powerful

  3. Perhaps we are the Swamp people LOL

  4. Yes John, this thing is in line with the structure of the markets! It works. You'd find a sleeping alligator on any time frame.

    haha Swamp people!

  5. i love it because the mind set for this setup is not that of predicting the market, rather "we dont care which way the market goes, we bracket it"


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