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We Use 3 Indicators and One more


Bill Williams describes the Alligator as being like a compass which keeps your trading in the right direction. The Alligator helps you spot a real trend and stay out of range-bound trading, which always result in losses. The Alligator is the combination of three balance lines:

Alligator's Jaw (the blue line) - 13-period moving average at the mid price (High+Low)/2, which is offset 8 bars into the future;
Alligator's Teeth (the red line) - 8-period moving average at the mid price (High+Low)/2, which is offset 5 bars into the future;
Alligator's Lips (the green line) - 5-period moving average at the mid price (High+Low)/2, which is offset 2 bars into the future.

Please make sure you understand that the lines are shifted 8 bars in to the future. That is to the right of the screen. Which means that when you look at charts in the past you must understand that when you look at a certain candle e.g. On a One Minute Chart at candle time 8.00  Blue Line will be at 8.08. Red should be at 8.05 and Green at 8.03. So if 8.00 candle had blue dot and you want to check the rules you will have to consider the above. By the way back testing is useless activity. Only good for understanding how the setup looks other than that it is useless because every moment in the market is unique and the past never repeats itself. It might do a similar move but never the same.

Setup Example for Alligator.

I have plotted vertical lines to make it easy to count 1-8 bars to the right of the bar where the Red Dot appears. At the point where the Dot Appeared there were no candles to the right. But the Alligator had shifted its lines 3, 5 and 8 bars in to the future / to the right of the screen. Please go through pictures one by one. 

We begin by looking at the chart with vertical lines. We can estimate where the lines would have been at the time of red dot / candle.

The Alligator Lines did not look like where the dot appeared.
The Lines did not look like this. In the chart below alligator lines are missing. Yes, because they are in to the right of the chart.
In the picture below the black arrows point to where the lines would have been based on their respective shift.

Now Lets cover the chart to the right. 

Another Example: Specially Made for my Friend Engenee

Slide 1

Now Lets Cover the Chart to the Right to see the correct picture

Based on the above 3 charts, we only got alerted to the chart we did not see an entry. We saw potential opportunity but not a proper setup. Only 2 candles later. that is 10 minutes.  We saw what follow

The following picture now has teh vertical lines set to 2 candles after Blue Dot. 
We now have upper AIMS level printed. Which gives us a point to put a pending
WE also have the Alligator lines sleeping. How? Scroll down and you'll find.

Now Lets cover the area to the right and see how it looks

AIMS is the name given to our propriety indicator. This is our most important indicator.
The grey shaded area on our charts is AIMS Levels indicator.

When you display AIMS levels on your charts you'd find that it becomes very easy to spot which way is market trending.
Up Trend: AIMS Levels stepping Up-wards.
Down Trend - AIMS Levels stepping down.
Range Bound (Non-Trending Markets) AIMS Levels moving horizontally sideways. I

It works on all time frames. It gives you visual upper and lower level within which price travels. When price breaks out of those levels, depending on Alligator and AO,  we take a trade.

AO is the best indicator in the world. Bill Williams says,

"it is tomorrows Wall Street Journal".

It allows you to count Elliott Wave within 10 Seconds

Why is iTradeAIMS AO better than normal AO?

1. It is easier to spot the fourth wave with this colour combinations.
2. It is easier to stay with the trend.
3. Recognising Impulse and Corrective waves is easier.

AIMS Talking Entry Indicator V2

How about when you're on the phone, or reading something or just not paying attention to your screen?

How about when you're in the next room and some one from your computer says, "Euro Dollar Red Dot Five Minute"?

Would you like that? I certainly do even though I'm always on my computer. I think it helps to hear the voice tell me what Dot Colour do I have on which symbol/pair and what time frame. If this is your cup of tea then you wont have to wait any longer
So now we have an indicator to the indicators. When the three indicators are about to get ready and near creating either one of our setups. We get an Alert.

Click to Download Sample File for  EURUSD Blue Dot 5 Min Alert
This is what your computer will say once you install this indicator.

It supports sound alerts for the following symbols/pairs for the time frames mentioned.

M5 M15 H1
M5 M15 H1
M5 M15 H1
M5 M15 H1
M5 M15 H1
M5 M15 H1

To get the template and indicators click here.

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