Friday, 6 May 2011

Post NFP

NFP Brings alot of "chaos", that is new incoming information. We want this. We like volatility/volume. We want Chaos to be around us. All we have to do is look/wait for a setup. We need to have an attitude of Gratitude. We need to have a clear mind. We need to have mindset of being in the "Now". Which means stay on a chosen Time Frame and Ask, Is this a setup?.

Have a look please at this example.


  1. thanks
    on this exemple, at the second break out of AIMS level, would you consider the AO close to the ZL (it looks a bit far away)or is it the first breakout who does matter?



  2. Erik, the add on entry is based on AIMS level. Exit point at that time was opposite side of aims. AO had not peaked. Momentum was still rising, that is AO = light green. Alligator had opened nicely and we had second fractal/AIMS Level out of Gators mouth. Pretty High Probability Setup. cheers

  3. Indeed the entry rules discussed are only for the First Entry. We have not yet discussed how to manage the add on entries. Perhaps soon.


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