Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Find happiness and fulfilment in your life!

If you want to find greater happiness and fulfilment in your life, 

You must begin to live in harmony with the natural rhythm of the universe.

You must choose to live in a place of gratitude
greater peace, and higher conciousness. 

You must learn to follow your bliss, 
do what you love
and make time to find joy in your life

It is your natural birthright to be happy
and it is your obligation to express yourself
through your natural gifts and talents in a way that brings you joy

By doing so, you are also making an essential contribution to the world we live in.  

(Jack Canefield)

The markets are a natural phenomena. 
Chaos is the code of life. 
Our setup is based on Chaos. 
Trading chaos is trading in sync with the natural law of the universe. 
Isn't it amazing to know that when we trade our setup we are in line with the natural order of the universe?

and now time for some
Stress Free Trading Example

1 comment:

  1. thanks for your post!
    I learned today to be patient and disciplined and must enter on the correct set up. Sometimes u see a wave and want to take it and dont follow the rules of the set up anymore. Wrong!
    See you on skype!


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