Friday, 8 July 2011

The Girl said, "EURO Dollar Red Dot Five Minute"

This is how the Entry Alert Works! Am loving it!

When the Alert comes, wait for it to setup. Some times its setup already. Today at the time of the alert it did not look like it was going down. But after a few candles it was all clear. Entry at 1.4337. I exited prematurely (the left won today) for 50 pips. Did not add on did not stay through. Perhaps the "fear" of NFP obscured my vision.

To get the template and indicators click here.


  1. Hi Imran,
    I also took some nice trades today. I was wondering, is it possible to get these alerts as emails?


  2. Really like your system. Nice clean charts and great audible entry alert signals - thanks!


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