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Live Trade Example - Setup 1 and Add ons to Maximise Profits

A Thing of Beauty - Setup 1
The Rewards of Waiting for the Setup to be Just Right

Woke up this AM to see that EU trend just before Franfurt Open, so I thought it was good time to relax and have fun with little Adam and Sarah. My too angels. (Dare I say that LOL)

Patience and Discipline - We Get Paid to Wait

After much wait , which was NOT boring, was fun. I was just watching the price nicely go into a saddle on m5. and keeping an eye on m1. as soon as M5 created a saddle point (setup 1) aims levels nice and tight M1 turned an even "a thing of beauty" Picasso Setup,  Setup 1 (saddle point). I was so excited and so confident I added on on every aims level I could see. Even a balance line trade. The path of least resistance was down and I was in tune with the market. Hence the path of least resistance of the "energy" of "pips" was in my "pip bank".

With 4 entries and a lovely drop got me +100 pips in no time.

But how did I do it? 

It was NOT just 5 minute trade. It included all the time of being patient and discipilne througout the London session. Just when othes left their screens I sat down (hehe)

The fruit of this Mantra.
Keep Things Simple. As simple as they are. Don't try to constantly improve things.
"Let go of the thought to make things better,  they are already good and getting better every second all by its own. All you have to do is enjoy it and allow it"

Luckily I took pictures just after I took my first entry and then add on. And later at the end. so I'll post all the  pictures. I really hope this helps. May it boost your confidence. It sure helps me.

Have a nice weekend everyone. 

Watch how the first Entry was stuck inside AIMS but was coming off a proper Setup 1

A Look At M5. I have M5 and M1 on 2 Screens. Since I trade Only EU on these Time Frames its rather Relaxing

By this time the trend was confirmed. As soon as the trend is confirmed "Be Aggressive".  You can see 2nd add on pending below current AIMS Level

And now the 2nd Add On triggers.

Finally trailing candle too me out just above the "Bullish Divergent Bar". a Total of +42 + 34 + 28 + 23. I'll let you do the math.  Just imagine they were all .5% risk at 15pips. What do you get

ps: please dont worry about the purple line one this picture. its still under testing. it is very good and I'm still working on establishing a solid rule for it. A lot of people new to the sysetm would initially find themselves stuck during range bound markets. Following this help greatly but like I said, i will give its own space in a separate post. so bear with me please!

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