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Question Time!

Thank you Erik for your questions. I'll try to answer as best as I can!

5 questions please:

When M5 is at saddle point:

Option 1.
If AIMS levels are two shallow
WE bracket the market using outer most fractals of M5

1) You mean you will not wait for an entry on M1 but a break of AIMS levels on M5?

Imran:  Yes, we bracket outside M5 only. and we might add on once the trend is confirmed, using Aims levels on m1, or m5 or both.

Option 2.
If AIMS levels are Deeper then 15-20 pips
and/or the outer most fractals are wider apart,

2) You mean 15-20 pips from a AIMS limit to an other or from AIMS limit to Red line?

Imran:  As a guideline for EURUSD on M1 time frame,  if AIMS Level are farther apart more than 20pips then its too much risk. And yes I mean from one AIMS levels , i.e. from either Upper AIMS Levels to Lower or  vice versa. If you chose to exit on candle close of red line then you need to see how far is your entry from red line. if that is over 20pips chances are you might have to sit through a retrace.

We find a saddle point on M1 and bracket it.
or Target a First bar of AO and Break of AIMS setup on M1.

Rule 3. Is AIMS Level Close to Red Line?
e.g M1 <15 pips M5 <25 pips.
(Rule 3 Modified 28/04/11)
3) It s 15 - 25 pips from AIMS limit (fractal) to the red line, right?

Imran: Since we always make entry on the break of AIMS we dont want our entry to be too far from red/green line. since that would mean that if it turns around we might be hit with a bigger pip loss. but if you adjust your %age risk / lot size according to where your stop loss should be, then it should not bother you too much apart from the fact that the farther away from alligator's mouth you are, the more chances of price retracing back to it and that when it does you may get a bigger pip loss. 

4) Set up 2 Open Aligator:
If the alligator is opening and this a set up 2, would not be the AO not at the ZL? Would u entry the trade, if the alligator is opening and if this is the 3rd or 4th bar of the AO?

Imran: AO should be close to ZL, when Alligator mouth is open most of the time it wont be first bar of AO, the first bar of AO is a term I use for timing entry roughly near the cross of ZL of AO. so yes it could be that AO has already crossed over, but not travelled too much.  (not peaked yet)

Most Important Concepts
First bar of AO setup always catches Wave 1 and 2 no matter candles show it or not.

4) Sorry i dont understand this. A wave 5 would not start with a first bar on A0 as well?

Imran: A wave 5 may also start with first bar of AO, and in that case it will help you catch the 1-2 of the 1-5 sequence of the fifth wave, we know that 5th is impulse wave and it is also made up of 1-2-3-4-5 waves. In my expereince if I see 3rd wave on m5, its usually easier to catch 1-2 on m1 for the 5th wave. but everthing has a downside to it. e.g. if m5 has completed a third wave and you trade on m1, you will be trading through a 4th wave and thats not a good place to be. perfect example is todays session. Asian was 3rd wave on m5 and through London and NY session it stayed through the 4th wave. 

5) If M5 is not at a saddle point but M1 is. What would be the set up? Would you entry the trend in the same

direction than M5 trend only?

Imran: when you find a saddle on m1, you'd put a pending in the direction of m5 alligator. but if you see that m5 has already completed 1-5 sequence than as per rules of saddle point you'd bracket it. 
Remember the most important bit of saddle point is that you must play with smaller lots. once the trend is confirmed that's when you add on a higher lot size. so when you lose you lose less, when you make you make big!!!

THANKS A LOT Imran:  thank you Eric!!!


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