Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Today the Story of EU for +139 Pips or 5% Account Rise

Hi, I have attached picture with all the trades for the day so far. Setup rules on the picture. First trade started just before London Open. Perfect Setup 1. Was then expecting a 5th down. But you've got to be ready to accept "Chaos". new incoming information. As soon as price reversed and crossed above where I went short. I knew the trend was changed but more importantly it setup aboe purple on m1. so that was clear entry to target wave 5 up. it did only 10 pips. and then it setup of for a proper Wave 5. I entered and added on Setup 2. and one more. Exited at the top because I was loaded. But now we see AO peak is higher than previous, although I thought I was going into Wave 5 it looks more like Wave 3. but who cares now I'm out with good pips.

Enjoy the Rest of the Day



Sunday, 14 August 2011

AIMS Live Trading Room - Join Now !

Announcement:  Join Our Live Trading Group

I have decided to run a second Skype Group for all the new members. There has been numerous requests for joining our main group. We shall now have 2 Skype Groups

The Purpose of the Group
1. To Learn the Setup
2. Trades will be called out for the purpose of learning the setup.
Do not consider this as a signal service.  Its everything BUT a signal service.
Its is "Fishing School" not a "Fish Market".

Two members will be selected Every 2 weeks to join the Master's Group and trade live with us. They will then join back the Junior group to share their knowledge with new comers. Gradually everyone will get educated.

But I will also be a member of the Junior Group along with a few senior members.

Group 1. Dedicated AIMS Traders - Master Traders

Members: Core Members of the AIMS Stress Free Trading Concept.

Leaders: Immy and Grant

Group 2. Dedicated AIMS Traders - Junior 
Leaders: John, Erik and Edmund

To Join the Groups please send Contact Request to skype ID: Please include your Click Bank Reference and/or email address. This offer is only for people who have joined the "Concept".


Please make sure you understand these simple Rules before you decide to join. By joining the group you agree to abide by these rules. Anyone found in violation of the rules will be respectfully asked to leave.

 Rule 1. No Negative Statements
Rule 2. Only Talk Setup 1 and Setup 2.
Rule 3. EUR/USD Only
Rule 4. No Politics, other systems, indicators.

Second Announcement: Join AIMS Forum 
If you have already purchase our indicators package using ClickBank please visit and register.
What's in the Forum

1. Indicators
2. E-Books

3. Space for your Own Journal Free
4. Space for questions and answers
5. Opportunity to check others' Journals and ask questions and comment.
6. Dedicated Learning Zone
7. All Updates Free for Life. (Includes indicators already bought and those that will be introduced in future)

AIMSigator - The Chop Killer has been made available to all Forum Members for No Extra Charge - Free

Edit: Jan 2012 - AIMSters Live Skype Trading Room is Part of Premium Membership

Friday, 12 August 2011

AIMS Sress Free Trading - Skype Group

Announcement: Junior AIMS Traders

I have decided to run a second Skype Group for all the new members. There has been numerous requests for skype group. We shall now have 2 Skype Groups

The Purpose of the Group
1. To Learn the Setup
2. Trades will be called out for the purpose of learning the setup. Do not consider this as a signal service. Its everything BUT a signal service. Its is "Fishing School" not a "Fish Market".

Two members will be selected Every 2 weeks to join the Master's Group and trade live with us. They will then join back the Junior group to share their knowledge with new comers. Gradually everyone will get educated without the core members getting fed up with too many repetitive questions.

But I will also be a member of the Junior Group.

Group 1. Dedicated AIMS Traders - Master Traders

Members: Core Members of the AIMS Stress Free Trading Concept.

Leaders: Immy and Grant

Group 2. Dedicated AIMS Traders - Junior 
Leaders: Erik and Edmund

To Join the Groups please send Contact Request to skype ID: Please include your Click Bank Reference and/or email address. This offer is only for people who have joined the "Concept".


Please make sure you understand these simple Rules before you decide to join. By joining the group you agree to abide by these rules. Anyone found in violation of the rules will be respectfully asked to leave.

 Rule 1. No Negative Statements
Rule 2. Only Talk Setup 1 and Setup 2.
Rule 3. EUR/USD Only
Rule 4. No Politics, other systems, indicators.

Updated: 24-11-11  The Skype Group is now available to only Premium Members

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Am I a real trader?

Talk to me! Ask me question. And find out for yourself how much I know about the markets. Well, to be honest, its actually very little that I know about the markets because this thing of simplicity does not have a lot to it. Its simple. Its made of Ticks and we see those ticks on a chart of candles and bars. To which we then add derivative indicators based primarily on the data sent tick by tick from broker to our platforms.

But ask me how "YOU" are going to trade the market. I don't know anything. You guessed it right yes, I don't know you. I don't know who you are. I am NOT YOU. We create our own reality. So you have the power to create your own. Only you can "Decide"  , only YOU can "CHOOSE" how much money you want to make in trading. So what should you do? Find out how what is your worth in your eyes? Do you think you deserve to be Rich? Do you even believe that it's ok to be Rich, Filthy Rich as they say? How does it make you feel when you "imagine" being extraordinarily rich? It's a deep question. Look deep inside. Do you love yourself or hate yourself?

Trading is at least 80% Mental 

Is the market a friendly place? Einstein was asked, "what is the most important question we should ask?", he replied, "is the universe a friendly place"? What do you think?

I suggest you find yourself. Find who you REALLY are. Someone said, " Market is an expensive place to find out who you really are". We can find ourselves outside of market and when we have found who we really are, we will listen to our "nurtured" "cultivated" heart and trade what we see not what we think. There comes a time when you "know without knowing how you know". It comes with daily meditation. I will share my routine in the near future. Something that will help you find who you really are.

ps: I'm still finding more and more about who I am, it seem to be an endless but extremely joyful experience. Would you like to start your journey?

Edit: 16 Jan 2019
A part of me feels a bit embarrassed another a bit upset. But I won't change it. That is the record of what I thought and what I was at that time. Was I simply trying to fill a page so that I could post something on my blog? or was I really feeling those feelings and communicated it as it is. Was I not capable of communicating properly? Was my command of English in the way?. I am, at least, proud to say that it's been 7 years since I wrote that. How many of us actually write things?  

successful trade with Aims

Hi there
I have just made 139 pips today using AIMS trading.
Once you know how to spot a saddle point, its very easy! You got your saddle point, your dot alert, check the rules, check M5 trend and lets pips go. Exit correctly and bingo!
Dont get it wrong, I did have losses (6 of 16 trades) but i keep them low.
I never made so many pips in a day (even in the week, i am a beginner!)
I can only thank Immy and his so friendly AIMS team for helping me. Now i must stay focus, patient and disciplined.
An exemple of one of my trade:
Saddle point, blue dot signal, PO at 1409 break of AIMS at 16h31 exit at 1462 at 16h54. Bang + 53


When was the Last Time You Had 50 Pips on M1?

I share here a trade that we took live in our group. Erik got 43, Jim got 35, Kaye got 50+, Ed Got 20 and I got 26. Say Setup Same Entry different Exits?

That is because we are human beings. We trade our own individual belief system. Entries can be always the same yet exits will be all different. I had targeted the AIMS levels to left as my plan for the trade, so i had to follow it. Well Executed Well done to me, Erik followed his own belief system and got 43, Jim exited on his own idea or "concrete line" (not explained here) Ed had a perspective from pivot lines (I dont give a shit about pivots, not that they dont work, they do but we cannot use everything). In the end it was a "Picasso" trade.

Watch how M5 Gator open its mouth and got read for Setup 2. We on the other hand took advantage of Setup 1 and entered even earlier than M5 could make an entry. and by the time m5 had exit signal we had a better one. Ideally 60 pips were possible from this massive drop. 

I also took m5 on my m5 account. Entry on M5 Setup2 exit trailing candles. (We trail when price moves too fast too far away from green line.)


Forex Trading and Elliott Wave

Would you like to trade with Elliott Wave?

Then Learn to Trade AIMS AO

there is an easier way! (but you should know how to read AO)

Just trade the Setup! If you trade the Setup you trade the Elliott Wave

If you trade Elliott Wave you Trade the Setup.

Only difference is you will get Elliott Wave wrong 12 times out of 6 but you can get the setup right 8 out of 10 times.

Which one would you rather chose doing?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Questions from Peter

Hi Imran

"Well, today I traded the AIMS techniques for the first time. Had 2 trades, and 2 winners. It was very easy. I only traded in the direction of the 5 minute chart, using the 1 minute. Excellent.

Question 1.
I am still a little confused. Setup 1 is where you would take trades off the saddle point, and where you bracket the AIMS high/low. You use the 1 minute chart, with no regard to where the 5 minute is, right?"

Answer:  It depends on the trend on M5. E.g. if M5 just came out of a Saddle Point Setup 1 itself and you either exited earlier you did not trade yet. M5 will retrace at some point. At that point you will use M1 to make an entry using either Setup 1 or 2. You could just take an AIMS Level in the direction of Alligator on m5 but by doing so on m1 you get earlier entry and your risk is minimised. Think about it, M5 required 25pips SL, where as M1 Setup 1 or 2 require 15pip max SL and in the past 8 months my 15pip SL has been hit only 3 times. FACT. 

Ok, when you see that M5 has peaked and now its time for it to come back to ZL you ask yourself do you want to trade into possible 4th wave of M5 by using setup on m1? If No you stay away until m5 is ready again. 

Then, later you see M5 is ready u take a setup on m1. You might take long or short using Setup 1 but since M5 has only peaked once and NOT yet diverged you will biased towards that trend direction but you wont take chances and hence bracket saddle point. Because you never know whether M5 will do tis 5th wave or not. So we Do Not Care Which Way the Market Moves. We want to be in it when it DOES!

Question 2.
Setup 2 is a trade taken on the 1 minute chart but in the direction of the established trend on the 1 minute (ie the alligator is open) and you would enter on a break of the AIMS level. After re-reading your material, which setup considers the 5 minute trend? I'm still confused because after looking at chart examples, I'm still missing this.
I know you mentioned in an earlier response that if I decide to trade only in the direction of the 5 minute chart, then that's good. But what setup takes this into consideration? Sorry for these questions.

Answer: as I said in above it all depends on your understanding of the trend on m5. A guideline is to not take a setup on m1 as long as price on m5 is on the correct side of at least Red Line. 
So you need to know how far has it trended. Which stage of trend is it in etc. Roughly if it has trend only 40-50 pips then chances are that its not yet done. but at the same time if its not moving too much in one direction then there are chances that it does not want to trend in that direction at all. Once  again you are in an unpredictable situation. The fact of the matter is you never know. This is Forex Trading for you Peter. although its is also true that if you make a ground rule that you will not take a setup against m5 you wont regret it. I have friends who respect purple line or alligator direction on m5 more then anything. Forex Trading requires a system that works and a person that can follow the system. 

Question 3.
My last question is this...when trading setup 2, the AO is most likely further away from the 0 line than it would be for setup 1, which makes sense. Is it ok to take trades for setup 2 if the AO is not close to the 0 line (but not excessively far away either). Once the trend establishes itself, it would take a decent pullback to bring the AO close to 0.

Answer:  Setup 2 also requires AO close to ZL. it is true that it might be that bars might be a bit bigger but then it all depends on that day and your feel for the market. If price is moving nicely on m5 u just want entry and if trend is not confirmed yet we remain very conservative.

The notion of "in the direction of m5 (higher time frame" is a guideline. Its not a solid ground rule. the Ground rule is to trade the setup. If you trade a setup against a trend that it is fine but if you trade just like that against a trend even if it makes money on that occasion in reality what you've done is that you dug a big hole for future profits. It is all about following something that gives you a statistical edge. our job is to hit trends right from where they originate and not worry about other time frames too much. Hence we use the M5 as a guideline trend. But how do you know when a trend is over?

The Concept is that we use m1 to get into a trend before its evident its changed on m5. You'd use m1 AO to see 1-5 pattern and then take Setup 1 in Either direction. By doing so it gives an advantage. it lets us trade against the trend on m5 but in line with TREND ON M1. I would not recommend this technique to beginners or people who are new to this style of trading.

I display m5 for 2 purposes. well in reality its one but its two fold.

1. AIMS Levels of M5. I want to know whether price is inside aims on m5 or not. If price is inside aims and I see a setup on m1 I would check how far is the relevant m5 aims level from the entry. If its close lets see 1-5 pips I'd rather wait for m5 break otherwise I'd stay out entries unless there are more than 10pips distance. There is an exception though. Which is

2. If Alligator is clearly open and trend is still strong I'd use a setup on m1 to get into an m5 trend regardless of where AIMS Levels are on m5 as compared to my entry on m1. Because if trend is strong I just want entry. but if M5 was sideways and we are trying to get into a possible trend then we stay conservative.  Or if you knew how and are experienced enough, we trade m1 on its own and do some quick scalping here adn there before it starts trending properly. (not recommended at beginner level)

Purple Line (Beta Stage): It should serve as an easy mechanism to quickly identify trend direction on 5x time frame. At certain point the purple line might stop you from an otherwise perfect setup. But that's OK  because it does this less often than it does to stop you from trading into a fourth wave. (Peter Mentioned Black Dog system which I previously used to trade). It  has only one strong thing, if you trade only when LTMACD is crossing ZL with lines open, but not that its coming after it has peaked on the other side, it would always stop you from trading into the 4th wave. But then since its a very slow MACD, it also stops you from getting into the 5th wave, because 4th wave makes the LTMACD lines cross over and they dont get ready for the 5th wave. If understood properly the MTF2 is a class system. MTF3 is just extra burden. MTF3 with its 3X MACD  = LTMACD  is slower system. Forex is fast and you require responsive systems. Sleeping alligator takes the whole lag things away. anyway, not talking BD here. LOL

Word of Caution: coming from BD background  or other systems (especially the ones heavy on moving averages) could mean you have to unlearn alot of  things before you fully let yourself take advantage of this "Freedom Setup". Unlike others this system is Freedom. You can literally trade it without the help of M5. IN fact if you traded it with 1 or maximum 3 pairs on m5 you wont need to have a look at m15 or m30. Just trade the setup. We call it "Trade the Shit out of it" because "A Setup is a Setup is a Setup"

Setup 2 is a mechanism to get into a proven trend. If tend is not proven you are risking otherwise as long as AO has not peaked and lost moments any fractal is valid. e.g. if a setup started off a Setup 1. then see how far you are from Setup 1 when you're ready for Setup 2. My logic is this, I only trade Setup 1 and add on on Setup 2. So if I miss Setup 1 in MOST cases I wont take setup 2 on its own. usually by the time Setup 2 comes I'm already in profit.

We are very conservative forex traders when the market is not trending, and very aggressive forex traders when its trending.

Please Note: Purple is part of AIMSigator V.1. Its still Beta.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

How to Live and Stay in the "Now"

1.  Make no Judgements

2. Have no expectations

3. Give up the need to know why things happen as they do.

4. Trust that the unscheduled events of our lives are form of spiritual/energetic  direction. (Chaos=Divine Will)

5. Have the courage to make the Choice we need to make, accept what we cannot change, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

Monday, 8 August 2011

How to Deal with Fear and Greed

We follow a statistically proven edge. It really does not matter how many trades you lose. What matters is how many winning trades you let run. Any system that relies on higher %age win will eventually fail. That is because the probability of any Technical Study, Setup in the "long run" is only 50%. When we trade any setup we have 50% chance of Success. So how do we make money?

We make money by minimising our negative trades and milking the winning trades. But unfortunately the human nature of "Survival Mechanism" back fires in trading environment. It is responsible for keeping us safe and alive on this planet or the universe but sadly in trading it does the opposite.

Thoughts/Feelings of Hope Mechanism: 
When we trade a setup and market moves the opposite way, our mind starts using a Feeling that is very useful and vital to our "Psychological and Emotional Health". The "Hoping  Mechanism" activates thoughts of Staying Positive, Expect the Best, Its all going to be fine, Its going to turn around,". These thoughts and feelings are not required at this stage.

The Fear Mechanism: 

This is mechanism is in our left brain. We undergo this phase just before getting in to a trade. It activates when we sense there is an opportunity. The mind interprets this as a danger. It does so by retrieving informaiton from its database matching it with similar "past occurrences".

It activates thoughts of,  "What if its a loser?, I dont want to have another loser, I've had too many losers, Is it going to work? The system is not working and dont know what to do? The last time I traded around 3pm it went the other way? I dont know what's going to happen?

The left brain is the concious part of our brain. Unfortunately it hates "unpredictability". It cannot deal with situations where the outcome is uncertain or low probability. Since 50% is not a high probability occurrence we feel this uneasy, unpleasant situation.

When in Profit it activates, " Protect your gains before they vanish" , "What if it turns around and you end up losing  and give back all this profit", "best to take the most out of it" " have enough profit now lets bail".
This list is just the beginning. it comes in many forms and manifestations.

If we let the human survival mechanism take charge and let it run on Auto we are going to end up where the rest of the 95% traders end up. This is counter productive in trading.

What do we do? How do we get rid or at least press the "Pause" button for our Survival Mechanism while we trade. 

We certainly cannot afford to get rid of this system entirely. Because our ordinary life depends on this but  not so much in this modern world. This discussion is beyond the scope of this post.

The answer is to do exactly the opposite. 

When in a trade that goes the other way, we exit quick and when in a  trade that makes profit let it run.

How to achieve this: 
We would use our minds internal mechanism by learning to activate responses manually. Dont let your mind;/brain run on Auto. Take charge. This is what Stephen R Covey calls  Habit 1"Be Proactive.".

Choose your response. He also puts it nicely like this,

"Between Stimulus and Response is your Freedom to Choose" Stephen R Covey.

How do we do that? 

When in a trade and price does not breakout properly and is approaching your exit point, reject the hoping and pampering thoughts. You cannot reject a feeling without replacing it with another. Remember you must have at least one feeling/thought at a given moment. So we accept Fear. Use fear to your advantage. Get scared and exit according to your exit signal. The predefined exit point you chose before entry or if it has changed during the progression of the trade then follow that exit spot.

Brave people do not have fear? Absolutely wrong. They know how to deal with Fear. Its like saying that a black smith is not scared of Fire. Or a soldier is not scared of death or a bullet. Oh yes he is. He is, more than we are. Because he knows alot more about it than us. But he knows how to deal with it.

So learn to deal with your fear. and then use it to your advantage. So DO NOT BE BRAVE when price says EXIT HERE with LOSS. Be Brave to Accept Fear and get out.

On the contrary when price goes your way Reject the Fear and in place of Fear Activate/Accept the Hope Mechanism. Let it run and hope for the best. and when the system generates an exit signal that means  Exit with Profit then Exit immediately.

Here is another treat for you.

As soon as you are about to exit with profit the left brain does its final "what it thinks is a favour to you" Trick. It does that by presenting to you the "Hope Mechanism" one more time. It says stay in a bit longer its going fine. Remember last time, you exited to soon. What if it continues. Reject that and accept the system generated exit signal.  By not following this profit taking exit signal your actions are motivated with "Greed".

It is evident that we cannot get rid of  feelings of "Fear, Greed, Fearlessness or Bravado, and Hope". These are parts of our structure. These things are a Fact and they will not cease to exist as long as the human mind  exist.  Our job is to learn to use them appropriately, not to get rid of them.

The best way to achieve the following is to exercise the power of "Staying in the Now".  More on this later.

Trade what you See not what you Think.
Want What the Market Wants 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Engenee is Confused - Trying to Understand the Setup

My Friend is a little bit confused at the moment May be I could not explain it properly or perhaps the message did not get across the way it should have. Either way here is another attempt.

First lets look at the picture of confusion.

Engenee: I do apologise for bringing this on to the  blog from Emails but it was so important to me that I spent my Sunday on this.


Imran, look at the second setup example ( Posted Above) in the trading rules ebook (yes, I received it, but what exactly is it telling me).  The green line that you have drawn is on a blue dot with the alligator open in the other direction.  All you say on the picture is "You have Blue Dot get ready for Entry, Check Rules." OK, I checked the rules and it don't make sense.  The first bar to close above AIMS, I assume, is my pending order to buy; but at that point, the alligator isn't open.  Just telling me to Check Rules isn't enough.  I know what the rules say and according to the rules, I wouldn't buy at this point.  If your so-called rules pointed out the correct point to enter a pending order, we wouldn't be having this conversation.  You are drawing the green line at the blue dot.  I see the blue dot, but this trade doesn't conform to the very rules that you are telling me to follow.  That's what I am telling you.  I have had several trades with a blue dot that didn't work out.  In your example, when the alligator is open, most of the trade has passed.

First Confusion: Alligator Bars are Shifted to the Right

Second Confusion: Blue dot and Alligator open to Downside. Well if it was open to downside then you would ignore the setup and leave. But in the picture above at the time of blue dot it was not open to downside. It was about to go to sleep. That is because lines are shifted into future.

Confusion Three: The first bar to close above AIMS is NOT your pending. Your pending is above the AIMS levels while price is still inside Aims. AT the time of blue dot we did not have AIMS Levels so we wait  for an AIMS Level to Form. This is Ground Rule that we Always trade break of aims but we put pending before the Break not after the break. We do not put pending or market order when price has "broken aims levels". We put pending while price is still inside AIMS. So two bars to the right of blue dot is where we got our first clear upper aims level.  The candle that broke AIMS , is not point for setting pending, that is where you would have triggered long already. Not time for pending.

Frustration: In order to learn something or in fact to do anything at all in life, we must remain calm. Relaxed and open to "New Incoming Information". We must accept Chaos. Dont let frustration take the better of you. Remain in belief. Disbelief does not solve issues. Belief and Trust is what brings all the things into creations. We must trade with "An Attitude of Gratitude".

I try to tell the story of the above confusion using pictures. I hope this clears things up.

First I copy and past some of the things about Alligator. 

Alligator's Jaw (the blue line) - 13-period moving average at the mid price (High+Low)/2, which is offset 8 bars into the future;
Alligator's Teeth (the red line) - 8-period moving average at the mid price (High+Low)/2, which is offset 5 bars into the future;
Alligator's Lips (the green line) - 5-period moving average at the mid price (High+Low)/2, which is offset 2 bars into the future.

Please make sure you understand that the lines are shifted 8 bars in to the future. That is to the right of the screen. Which means that when you look at charts in the past you must understand that when you look at a certain candle e.g. On a One Minute Chart at candle time 8.00  Blue Line will be at 8.08. Red should be at 8.05 and Green at 8.03. So if 8.00 candle had blue dot and you want to check the rules you will have to consider the above. By the way back testing is useless activity. Only good for understanding how the setup looks other than that it is useless because every moment in the market is unique and the past never repeats itself. It might do a similar move but never the same.

Setup Example for Alligator.

I have plotted vertical lines to make it easy to count 1-8 bars to the right of the bar where the Red Dot appears. At the point where the Dot Appeared there were no candles to the right. But the Alligator had shifted its lines 3, 5 and 8 bars in to the future / to the right of the screen. Please go through pictures one by one. 

We begin by looking at the chart with vertical lines. We can estimate where the lines would have been at the time of red dot / candle.

Note: If the pictures are not big enough just click on them and you'll see a bigger picture. 

The Alligator Lines did not look like where the dot appeared.
The Lines did not look like this. In the chart below alligator lines are missing. Yes, because they are in to the right of the chart.
In the picture below the black arrows point to where the lines would have been based on their respective shift.

Now Lets cover the chart to the right. 

Another Example: Specially Made for my Friend Engenee

Slide 1

Now Lets Cover the Chart to the Right to see the correct picture

Based on the above 3 charts, we only got alerted to the chart we did not see an entry. We saw potential opportunity but not a proper setup. Only 2 candles later. that is 10 minutes.  We saw what follow

The following picture now has teh vertical lines set to 2 candles after Blue Dot. 
We now have upper AIMS level printed. Which gives us a point to put a pending
WE also have the Alligator lines sleeping. How? Scroll down and you'll find.

Now Lets cover the area to the right and see how it looks

An Example Trade After NFP - Setup 1 and Setup 2

The following is an example of a setup 1 trade. However by the time it triggered it had turned into Setup 2 since Alligator had opened to the up side. It also presented with a good add on spot for maximising profits. Caution: Do not Add on until and unless you have been profitable for a period of at least 3 months.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Can I trade the setup without AIMS AO and AIMS Levels?

Please advise what are the problems, I have if I do not use all your indicators - your AIMS level and special AIMS AO. 
The other two just alert systems.

I think the best of all the indicators is AIMS Levels. I trust AIMS Levels more than I trust the other two. It does not lag it does not change.

The Market is highly organised. (Science of Chaos). It has a Structure, that structure is Elliott Wave but trading Elliott Wave requires a higher organised structure of program. Which linear mathematical models can never generate. Our world is designed by linear geometry. E.g. how man made buildings collapse in earth quakes but trees don’t? Because trees are in line with the Fractal Geometric nature of the universe blah blah ... I could carry on.

(Edit: AIMS Levels is the Structure of the Structure of the Market. It is the Stucture of the Elliott Wave. It is our “non-linear Geometric” way of trading the markets. It is highly organised.

So AIMS Levels is something that shows me not only the correct entry point, the correct exit point, the correct point for money management, the correct level for risk management, the accurate spot for trailing stop loss but also it shows me Trend direction in an instance. It creates so many different patterns that if I talk about people will think I'm making it up. Of them one is Principle C.

So AIMS Level is a must. Then comes the 4 coloured AO.I won’t go into too much detail but one of the best feature of AIMS AO is its 4 colours. The colour code helps to count waves  within 10 seconds. You can identify where wave 4 is in just one look. When AO shows Green Peak that is  Wave 3 or Impulse wave, Red bars after Green peak = 4th Wave  followed by Green peak again with divergence becomes Wave 5. Simple. You don't need to learn Elliott Wave. Just this much knowledge is enough that the entire trading world agrees that market moves in waves.
 I find the four colour tone much much better than 2 colours. 

Edit: AIMS Entry Indicator is not Just an indicator. Its is based on tried and test mechanism. It all began with an alert that used to put a dot on the screen close to Crossover of Zero Line of AIMS AO. Then later that concept developed into AIMS AO V3. Then AIMS AO V3 was put to the background and instead represented as Dots on the screen. Each dot represent the crossover of AIMS AO V3.  I cannot go into further detail. But its a solid indicator. I trust it and I dont trade without it.

Friday, 5 August 2011

The Moment

Mark Douglas talks about being "available" for the "moment". 

The moment when the setup occurs says, 

"Opportunity is Now-Here". 

If I don't make myself available to find out which way the market will go, 
I will find out indeed but without playing the game.

Successful Forex Trading


A London Open Setup 1

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Purple Line


Many of you have emailed me about Templates not showing purple line. Please note that Purple line is NOT included in the templates. It is part of the AIMSigator Indicator. AIMSigator is NOTincluded in the package. AIMSigator is a Beta for now and still being tested by a few of my friends including my self.

The objective of AIMSigator is
1. Take setups only with 5X time frame Trend.
2. For those who do not want to display two time frames at the same time or those on higher time frames it eliminates the need to switch time frames.
3. It shows where 4th wave would possibly retrace.
4. It helps with avoiding the 4th wave. (though it might also mean missing some moves)

When its ready I will ring the bell!

Success in Forex Trading Markets depends on the individual.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Video Posted

This Video is a  Quick Recap of the System

Topics Covered

  • How to identify Setup
  • What are the Blue and Red Dot Alerts - AIMS Entry Alerts
  • When to take the Setups and When to Exit.
  • How to Use Blue Dot for Entry and Red for Exit
  • a bit about Alligator, AO and AIMS Levels.

Live Trade - How to Trade Setup 1

1. How to Trade Setup 1
2. What does a setup one look like while trading live
3. Where to put your Stop Loss
4. Where to calculate your position size from
5. Bracketing the market
6. AIMS Entry Alert - Blue Dot Entry
7. How to move your SL.
8. Setup 2.
9. Where to Add On (Maximise your profits)

Its a video without my voice. Just indulge yourself in the music and keep watching.  Enjoy it!

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Please dont shout! Allow me to explain.  :)

It is the concept of


It is based on Fractal Geometry Dimension of Reality.

The Fractal Geometry of Nature is everywhere. Around us and within us.

Chaos is not Linear.
Its higher form of order.

A Wave within Wave within Wave

Based on EW Theory every impulse wave has 5 waves in it. 3 of them are Impulse waves and 2 corrective waves.
After each sequence of 5 waves comes a sequence of a b c.
The a b c is the "corrective" wave.
Whether the a b c is your wave 2 or 4 depends on your angle, perspective / dimension.
Then further there are impulse waves within each impulse wave.
And then further down within each impulse wave.
Its exactly like the SIERPINSKI'S TRIANGLE.

and the Mandelbrot set.
Please Watch this
I watch it everyday

Last Update:
Sat, 27 Nov 2010

Monday, 1 August 2011

A Paradigm Shift - A post from 28th Nov 2010

Until today,

I understood that price = candles/bars/line graph
I understood that indicators = add a further dimension to the above. that it takes info from the candles and recreates it.

My understanding now is that

Since price is a level where traders agree over price and disagree over value at a specific point of time.

We then see them from the following 4 dimensions.

1. Chart of Candlesticks (or Bars/Line Graph) - Representation of the above agreed level/s using Time dimension. (e.g. where was the price at a certain point "a" i.e. open of the candle, in time? ) OHLC

2. Alligator ( A combination of 3 Balance Lines based on Chaos)

3. AIMS - The structure of the structure - based on the fractal geometry of EW - (it took such a long time to truly realise and understand that at any given point when you view the charts you are at a certain degree of zoom in/out inside an AIMS BOX. AIMS boxes is the Mandelbrot set of the market. Just like we see Sierpinski Triangle and it always looks the same, the charts are all AIMS boxes.

4. AO - A histogram of convergence and divergence between a 5 simple moving average plotted over 34 simple moving average and shown as histogram.

Until today I considered the "candles" as the price.

Then I experienced a huge paradigm shift.

Now I understand that each of the above are separate unique dimensions that you can use to view the market.

The Candles -

e.g. The AO - I thought AO take info from the "candles" then shows it like bars. I thought it took information from OHLC and and the moving averages
now I believe that AO is a unique separate "dimension" of looking at price. If you were to look at AO only and make decision u wont be doing anything wrong.
likewise you can trade AIMS without anything else. e.g. u are inside an AIMS level (BOX) on H4 like we were the other day. U cannot enter the market untill it breaks out of it.
you zoom in and break down the box. Inside you find price inside an AIMS box but with smaller fractal number ie.e the dimensions of the fractal (X and Y axis, and the question arises, is there a Z axis, 3D?)
so for instance the distance b/w upper and lower aims level on H4 was 100 pips. on a H1 chart the distance of the AIMS box u see now was only 30pips. u zoom in further all the way to m1 and find that price
is in an aims box of 10pips.
similar could be said for Alligator and candles.

a fruit for thought. I hope it makes sense .

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