Sunday, 14 August 2011

AIMS Live Trading Room - Join Now !

Announcement:  Join Our Live Trading Group

I have decided to run a second Skype Group for all the new members. There has been numerous requests for joining our main group. We shall now have 2 Skype Groups

The Purpose of the Group
1. To Learn the Setup
2. Trades will be called out for the purpose of learning the setup.
Do not consider this as a signal service.  Its everything BUT a signal service.
Its is "Fishing School" not a "Fish Market".

Two members will be selected Every 2 weeks to join the Master's Group and trade live with us. They will then join back the Junior group to share their knowledge with new comers. Gradually everyone will get educated.

But I will also be a member of the Junior Group along with a few senior members.

Group 1. Dedicated AIMS Traders - Master Traders

Members: Core Members of the AIMS Stress Free Trading Concept.

Leaders: Immy and Grant

Group 2. Dedicated AIMS Traders - Junior 
Leaders: John, Erik and Edmund

To Join the Groups please send Contact Request to skype ID: Please include your Click Bank Reference and/or email address. This offer is only for people who have joined the "Concept".


Please make sure you understand these simple Rules before you decide to join. By joining the group you agree to abide by these rules. Anyone found in violation of the rules will be respectfully asked to leave.

 Rule 1. No Negative Statements
Rule 2. Only Talk Setup 1 and Setup 2.
Rule 3. EUR/USD Only
Rule 4. No Politics, other systems, indicators.

Second Announcement: Join AIMS Forum 
If you have already purchase our indicators package using ClickBank please visit and register.
What's in the Forum

1. Indicators
2. E-Books

3. Space for your Own Journal Free
4. Space for questions and answers
5. Opportunity to check others' Journals and ask questions and comment.
6. Dedicated Learning Zone
7. All Updates Free for Life. (Includes indicators already bought and those that will be introduced in future)

AIMSigator - The Chop Killer has been made available to all Forum Members for No Extra Charge - Free

Edit: Jan 2012 - AIMSters Live Skype Trading Room is Part of Premium Membership

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