Friday, 5 August 2011

The Moment

Mark Douglas talks about being "available" for the "moment". 

The moment when the setup occurs says, 

"Opportunity is Now-Here". 

If I don't make myself available to find out which way the market will go, 
I will find out indeed but without playing the game.

Successful Forex Trading


A London Open Setup 1


  1. doesnt get to look much better than that...


  2. Isn't it Grant! Though a lot of people might have thought this was anti trend. The ground rule is that when its Setup 1 basically we dont care which way the market moves but that staying in line with the major trend saves you from alot of Rent Payments. On this occasion it was London open. Nothing better than having a Setup at an Open. Just perfect. I had the AIMSigator on, as you know we are beta testing it, it was a bit against going long but you will never find out if you dont make yourself Available for the moment. Still the entry was just above the purple line. so was good.


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