Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Video Posted

This Video is a  Quick Recap of the System

Topics Covered

  • How to identify Setup
  • What are the Blue and Red Dot Alerts - AIMS Entry Alerts
  • When to take the Setups and When to Exit.
  • How to Use Blue Dot for Entry and Red for Exit
  • a bit about Alligator, AO and AIMS Levels.

Live Trade - How to Trade Setup 1

1. How to Trade Setup 1
2. What does a setup one look like while trading live
3. Where to put your Stop Loss
4. Where to calculate your position size from
5. Bracketing the market
6. AIMS Entry Alert - Blue Dot Entry
7. How to move your SL.
8. Setup 2.
9. Where to Add On (Maximise your profits)

Its a video without my voice. Just indulge yourself in the music and keep watching.  Enjoy it!

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