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Xmas without Pips is no Xmas

Ah! been a awsome Christmas this year. Pips just before it and Pips just after it. I just love the festive season. X-Factor finishes, Strictly Come dancing finishes, traders go for holidays, and I carry on trading, Why? Trading is more fun than anything else! lol

Today and Yesterday were the best days of trading as usual for 3rd year in a row.

Here are some Pictures of Trades and Setups between 26th, 27th and 28th of December. AIMS Stress Free Trading at its best. It never ends!

26 of Dec 2012

27 of Dec 2012

28 of Dec 2012

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87 Pips Today to finish the week

87 pips means 8.7% account growth. Thats what you get trading AIMS Stress Free Trading. A Simple but powerful trading strategy. Here is another picture from today's Fantastic Setups. Come On Join in!

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Friday Morning 27 Pips


The week has come to an end and Friday morning begain with a lucky 7 pips follwed by a 10 pipper and another lukcy 9.7 pipper exit. Going out to do something else now and will get back to it for US news at 1.30pm UK. Here is the Picture.

20 Pips Today

Here is a Picture of 2 Trades for AIMS Stress Free Trading Today. A nice Stress Free Trading Day!
Its a simple formula that works.

Some FOMC News Trades

Today was FOMC News annoucement. I looked at the spike for the news and using my simple news trading strategy I managed to grab 20 on EU and 20 on GU. Pictures below.

Holiday Season! X-Mass Pips


The first week of December started a bit slow. The markets just did not want to go anywhere. But who can guess whats up next. They had kept all the fun for Thursday and Friday. Some pictures to tell the story...

EURUSD and AIMS are Good Friends

Here are some trades I took the last few days! I show on different templates. My favorite template being the simple classic Template.

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Why do we often fail to get what we so badly want?

Why do we often fail to get what we so badly want? Why do we often fail even if we try so hard to get it?

My brother was playing a game and wanted to improve his record time. He wanted the platinum badge but could only achieve gold. He tried (hard) a few times but failed hitting platinum. Then he left and came back after a few hours. First go and he hit platinum.
The Q is if he was able to do it, then why did he not accomplish his goal when "he was trying so hard to get it"? And then the 2nd Q is, why was he able to do it so easily on the second run?
The answer lies in the Problem itself. He was "trying hard" to get it. when he left, disengaged and came back relaxed, he was NOT trying hard. He just played it and did it. So it was in him, but when we try hard, we somehow, block our Peak Performance. Likewise in trading, often, WE get in OUR way.
We ought to let go of our self and stop getting in our way. The state of flow cannot be achieved by trying hard swimming a…

The Magic of AIMS eWave by Snorm


We saw a good overnight move on EUR/USD today. Looking at that we decided to trade the Retrace of the overnight move and caught a nice little Elliott Wave formation. Now we don't trade Elliott Wave but we have a nice little indicator developed by Snorm of which makes our job alot easier. We like to call it 1 Second Elliott Wave. Here is the picture which shows how YOU could have taken 2 lovely trades, using AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy. You could have raised your account between 2 -5% during the first two ours of London Session. There is more to come.... but for now we are done!

Some Pics of recent Setups

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Become a Member of Today! Together we go forward - Better and Better

48 pips or nearly 5 percent account growth

The Day Started with a Beautiful break on EUR/USD H1. Followed with some great DA and Dot Setups. It was not difficult to Grab that 100 pips milestone today. However 48pips is what we caught. Some pics below.

A lovely setup during London Session

2 percent account growth - London session

AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy produced two nice trading setups during the first hour of  London Open.

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Euro Dollar - Our Favorite Pair

Some more trades and setups during the past few days.  Join AIMS Stress FreeTrading Now

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Join AIMS Stress FreeTrading Now

Join AIMS Stress FreeTrading Now
Join AIMS Stress FreeTrading Now

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Why 9 out of 10 Traders Lose Money?

90% of Us are Born into Closed Minded Society. These 90% of Us, We Take Instruction and Orders from other people our life is based on other's expectations whether its individuals or organsiations and so 90% of us become REBELS (Destroyers). (Just look at the Wars Going on in the world right now)

and 10% are Open Minded People, these 10% open minded people become Creators and Innovators.

So How do we turn in to the 10% of People?
First thing is Knowledge but the most important thing is Your Attitude and Your Way of Thinking. And Thats why
"90% of Trading Success Depends Upon You, The Trader, and Not the Indicators that You're Using".

The Optimists and Pessimists experience life completely differently. The Optimists can have far stronger deeper experiences compared to the pessimists. If you want to get the most out of life and have maximum benefits out of life it would be wiser to be an Open Minded (Optimist) person.

As a trader if you're a Closed Minded, pessimis…

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Some Lovely DA Setups for AIMS Stress Free Trading


Today the H1 Time Frame was very busy. We had a lovely Setup on GBP/USD (Pic Below) a Setup on EUR/USD (was a tad difficult to held on to) a USD/JPY Setup which hit TP nicely and an AUD/USD Setup that hit a 1:3 Target.

Here are the Pics.

AUD/USD - Australian Dollar vs US Dollar

Cable: GBP/USD - British Pound vs US Dollar

GBP/USD A Nice Long Setup. SL Required 25 Pips Risk Reward 1:2 - 50 Pips Profit

Update: 12 Sep 2012 - Picture Below Using My Classic Template

USD/JPY - US Dollar vs Japanese Yen

A H1 Trend Spotted. But there was no DA. So timed entry on M15 with a DA in the direction H1 Trend. Sl Required was only 7-10 pips on M15. Risk Reward 1:5

A DA Setup on a Daily Time Frame - US Dollar vs Singapore Dollar
Update: Currently at 150 Pips Profit

Updated: USD/SGD - At 180pips