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90 Pips Trade on M5 - Forex Trading Made Simple

Today On M5

A beautiful Setup was created on AIMS Stress Free Trading V5 Edition!

Check out the ~Entry Alert and Exit Signals - Following is an example of a couple of trading signals on M5 today.

AIMS Trade Management Expert Advisor

I was testing out a beta version of Trade Management EA this morning and here is what we got. IT was really awsome. I Just used a quick Keyboard Short cut to put a pending buy and after that I never touched it untill it closed the trade automatically for 41 pips profit! that is 4% account growth. Fantastic! This is a gift from a member of . God Bless him!

ps: technically you're supposed to wait for fresh aims after a green dot but I took it anyway. I was eager to test out AIMS Trailing! It worked nicely. Still plenty of more testing to be done before it is made available to all the members of

AIMS Stress Free Trading - V5

This morning was an easy peasy patience and discipline morning!

The system performed well, we filtered all the bad trades. Waited for price to show a trend on m5 and then took a quick trade which raised account 1% nicely. here is the picture

Note: The V5.1 is almost read. This is another step forward in our continued development process. We are getting better and better meaning 'Even-More-Stress-Free' every day!

What's New in V5?

New Interesting Features of AIMS Stress Free Trading V5

It was our AIM to incorporate all the questions of The Setup Flow Chart into the indicators. A Big Thanks goes to Steve for taking this project up on a voluntary basis. He's done a service to us all. Steve is a busy man yet he dedicated his entire Christmas holiday period to this development. He learned how to code in MQL within few weeks and then applied his knowledge to enhancing AIMS Indicators. A True Genius and Selfless Service. You 

AIMS Waves is the new AIMS AO 

1. New Name 
AIMS AO has been renamed. Its new name is AIMS Waves Indicator. 
The Market Moves in Waves and AIMS Waves shows those waves very accurately.
The Structure of the Market is Elliott Wave and Elliott Wave can be counted within 10 seconds using AIMS Wave. 

2. The Cross of Zero Line and Close to Zero Line
AIMS Waves and its cross of Zero Line is a very important factor in AIMS Stress Free Trading System. 

Stress Free Pips - 2 Percent Growth

There were two valid signals this morning. A Green Dot which was filtered. Later a beautiful Setup with 2 blue dots. Traded with confidence and extracted 2% account growth, picture below! No More Analysis Required Just put your V5 Indicators and Save yourself some Grey Matter!

7 Percent Account Growth in 34 Minutes

Following is a picture of a Setup and Trade with a Potential of 7% account growth within half an hour. Now would YOU like to sit there and watch or TAKE ACTION!

Join us Today. To Get your special 20% discount for Premium Membership Click Here - Send me an email I'll send you a coupon!

Another 1.4 percent on EURUSD

A Nice 1.4% trade this am. It required a bit of patience and discipline. Waited almost 3 hours.  Red Dot, AO Close to ZL, Alligator Sleeping, Exit Close! Boom Boom

Forex trading success and patience and discipline go hand in hand

There are days when the market does not move and you dont get setups you get frustrated, then there are days when the market moves and you dont get setups you get frustrated! 

The only one who makes money is the one who is Patient and Disciplined 1. Waiting for Setups, 2. During Trades. 
We waited the entire day and finally got a setup after hours for most! But I traded it since i was on my desk. I was just about to say bye bye but I saw it and it was great looking setup. All the boxes were ticked so put the pending. The whole AIMSters group save Grant was in it! It was good fun. no movement in 19 candles and 1 candle did the job. The funny thing was we were saying 'jokingly' it will do this either side! this time it was to the up side. It was nice. I did my MM on 10 pips hence hit 1.4% bringing my weekly total to over 5%

Trade the Dots and grow 1 percent daily well 4 percent today

Trade the Dots and grow 1 percent daily well 4 percent today

I said this morning, "I'm going to hit 5% today". I was taken jokingly but the 'Sub-Concious' Believed in it! The sub-concious can take things literally! Say you're an idiot and it makes sure you become one! 

So 1% in the am, then a -.3% rent and then 3.2% growth! here is the lovely picture! 

May the pips be with you

Picture Removed

edit: and a little scalp

This is Always True: What I think and feel

This is always true: What I think and
how I feel, and what manifests, is
always a vibrational match. But here's the
big kicker: What manifests isn't manifesting
instantaneously. So, you've got all this
buffer of time leeway that makes you sloppy...
If you thought a negative thought
and a brick would instantly fall on your
head every time, you'd clean up your
thinking. But you're not here to be punished
about your thinking. You're here to
use your thinking—and your focus—to
--- Abraham

Forex Trading - Teach-ability Index

Earlier I wrote this to some one's private message in the forum. The words came out of my inner self. A pure stream of 'conciousness' and 'unconsciousness'. I love it when I read it so I thought I'll share it with you!

Thank you for such a positive message. I truly am delighted to read it. Let me tell you about myself, I am just a humble forex trader. I was lost too but I was determined not to give up. I was ready to give up things for the achievement of my gaol. Then I found it. It was simple paradigm shift. I learned that the market has a structure and that structure is common to 99% of the things in the universe. I immediately knew there and then, that I was going to change my life.

When I started talking about my trading in my blog I never knew I'd get such a great response from the trading world. Yet here I am a trader turned into a trader/trainer/teacher. Oooooh, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I discovered something and I applied it and when I shared it…

another 1.2 percent account growth

A lovely setup 1. Simple does it! Forex Trading Made easier than it was! Thank You Grant and Steve!

Want to Grow Your Account 1 percent daily?

Click to Enlarge

AIMS Even-More-Stress-Free "New Trading Dimensions"

I was out with friends and as soon as I returned home I paid visit to my pc and I saw a Blue Dot. I began asking the questions. The answers were ALL yes. It was then time to excercise the Power of Now. The most powerful moment in the universe. Set a pending according to the system. SYSTEM? Is AIMS Stress Free Trading now a 'System'? YES. Its a system. We have finally turned a system based on the Science of Chaos in to a "Chaos Trading SYSTEM". Objective analysis is built into the new Indicators. What? New Indicators? YES, best version of AIMS Stress Free Trading - New Dimensions have come into Existence. it is the work of 2 GREAT individuals. Coming soon! The first trade of this year has been a thing of beauty!

Note: The New Indicators is NOT an Upgrade. However there is one good news. AIMS Boxes has a great much anticipated upgrade. AIMS Boxes upgrade will be made available to existing members of plus new members.

AIMS Boxes Upgrade: What's Cha…