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AIMS Stress Free Trading - Forex Magic

What A Great Trade - 91 Pips Gain

Here is a Trade Example on M5 for today. London Session was not much fun but in the afternoon just when the New Yorkers Entered the scene there was a lovely Setup on M5. It resulted in a total of 91 pips. Now that is equal to around 4% growth!

1.5 Percent in 17 Seconds

Its been an interesting morning. Bit a patience and lots of discipline was required but then it took only 17 seconds only to raise my account by 1.5%. Had a stayed for 10minutes that figure could have hit 6% but I dont dwell on Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda!

ps: at the bottom you may see our NEW AIMS eWAVE indicator which will show us Elliott Wave Count without the headache of counting! Coming Soon!

A late Night Trade based on M5 Levels 20 pipper

I was out to see a friend and got late a bit. As I returned home and looked at the charts out of curiosity, cant sleep without having a look at charts, so I got this trade based on M5 Sleepy alligator. This was not a pink dot trade rather a trade off the Saddle point on m5 but timed on m1 for entry and exit.

Today, Had a Rent Trade followed by a 20 pipper. Paid a couple rents earlier too because of a couple of not very disciplined trades. So Up .5% for the day so far.

1.7 percent Growth Today

New York Session has not yet started but I had 3 trades a  Rent of -0.6% + 1% and then 1.3% total 1.7%
Lets see if we can make that a 2% day today!

third trade below

What's New in V 5.1 Upgrade?

Whats New in V 5.1 Upgrade?

We’ve tried to reduce even more stress from trading by improving the AIMS Entry Alert indicator. 

More dots but they all mean something

• Red and Blue – Type 1 Buy and Sell Alerts where AIMS Box and AIMS Wave meets the set criteria. Place PO outside the AIMS Box
• Pink and Green – Type 2 Buy and Sell Alerts where AIMS Box and AIMS Wave meets the set criteria. Wait for a new AIMS Box and place PO.
• Black dot (well, it’s actually a diamond but you can change this) – a signal where Purple is on the wrong side of the AIMS Box (not wrong side of price as in V5). Consider exiting a trade or cancelling a PO. 
• Powder Blue dot – an alert that hasn’t met your criteria as regards the size of the AIMS Box or size of AIMS Wave. You might still decide to trade this dot, if you feel the conditions are right – that’s your decision. You can choose not to display this dot.

You can of course change the colours of all the dots.

We’ve also added email alerts, though you might not wa…