Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Meet AIMS Pips Monster - The Happy Pip Eater

Forex Trading, or any Trading for that matter requires a simple formula to be successful. Simple system applied consistently and followed with patience and discipline can go a long way. It is not easy so we better simplify it. The famous KISS principle surely applies.

Thats Exactly what AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading is about. Simple KISS!

Here are a few examples of Keeping it Simple and let the Happy Monster (AIMS Pip Monster) have fun

  Meet the AIMS Pip Monster - His food is chaos. His favourite meal is Pips

Meet the AIMS Pip Monster - His food is chaos. His favourite meal is Pips

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The prophecy foretold and fulfilled. We don't usually do "Crystal Ball" stuff but Steve's a bit of a Magician! Here is Steve's latest prediction!

Using Steve's special concept that we call Principle 5, he was able to first predict that EUR/USD will hit 1.2800, euro was at 1.3300 at that time, then he predicted it may hit 1.2479. Whats interesting is that he predicted it would hit it on the 28th of May. Today is the 29th and it did just that. It may continue falling and touch 1.2000 in a few weeks but for now the Daily long Setup is still good for staying short the Euros! 

here is the picture .

Friday, 18 May 2012

Cable H1 Setup Created 300 Pips

Check This Out... Are You looking for a System that works on any time frame of your choice? Well, You've found it! (do I sound like marketer.. haha... I'm learning) pssst: I'm an MBA Marketing haha

ahem, oh well, you know what this trade is bloody awsome. the only bad part is. The system generated a great signal and for some reason I missed it. Oh well, I'm still happy to see what a lovely signal it was 300 pips with not much headache.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

M1 Still Doing its thing on Euro Dollar

 A Fantastic M1 Trade to finish the day off.  First a -5 pips Rent of "Finders Fee" and then a 24pip rewad. so 19pip or 1.9% account growth. Also took 13 pips on a setup on Cable as well.

Steve's Special Technique - More on this inside the forum.

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Best of All Trading Places is a Trending Market

The Best of All Trading Places is a Trending Market

It should be the easiest place to trade in a trending market but most people find it very difficult to follow a trend. 

Definition of Trending Market
1. It stays out of the AIMS Gator's mouth. 
2. Its pullbacks are less than its thrusts
3. It will contain more green candles in an up trend and more red candles in a down trend. 

Why the Purple Line: 
We want to trade in the direction of the higher time frame but we also want to trade when the higher time frame turns around. So on our current time frame we keep our trades at least above the Red Line of the 5x higher time frame. For that we have the Purple plotted on our current time frame. (more on this in the eBook)

Trading in a Trend
What Trades to Take in a Trending Market

Only those in the direction of the trend. 

1. With the Elliott Wave
We use eWave (1 second Elliott Wave Indicator) or AIMS Wave (10 Seconds Elliott Wave Indicator) 

2. Without the Elliott Wave
It is not neccessary to trade with Elliott Wave, since Elliott Wave is made of Impulse and Corrective waves. When Price is going away from AIMS Gator and its mouth is open its an impulse wave. When price starts coming back to AIMS Gator's mouth that is a corrective wave. So Trade away from AIMS Gator's mouth and in most cases you'll end up trading either Wave 1, 3 or 5. (all impulse waves.) Impulse waves are the ones that move the market or rather when the market really change price in a sequence it is called an impulse wave. 

Problems of a Trending Market
1. How to handle the Pullbacks (Grants Favourite)
2. Must make an executive decision of whether or not you are committed to this trend. 

Strong Longs or Strong Shorts: If you are committed to the trend, and you have confidence in your position you have more staying power. 
Weak Longs and Weak Shorts: If you don't have the ability to be committed to the trend don't have confidence in your position, you have less staying power. 

Important Question:
Where to put your Stops in a Trend?

> The Confident Well Financed Trader: Where you put your stops depends upon whether you are strong or weak long/short. If you have confidence in your position, you have all the grounded assessments for staying in the trend, then it would be foolish not to follow the trend. Remember the Holy Grail is "Want What the Market Wants" 

> The Scared, Unsure, Afraid Trader (we all get there one time or another): The most valuable commodity you will ever deal with in your life is your perspective. 
You want to watch your perspective closer than any other market or any other commodity in the world. If you find yourself in unsure afraid place you may want to just exit the market ,get out and come back when you're feeling better.

Remember to Ride the Alligator As long as it allows you.

Friday, 11 May 2012

A Members of AIMS Community - 66 percent Account Growth

Well one of the AIMSter posted their results for Jan, Feb, March. I thought I'll share with you.
66 percent Account Growth! You can do it too.... 

The Most Important thing about these stats beside the 66 percent over all growth is that this guy spends less than an hour a day in front of his computer. How cool is that?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Does it Work on Higher Time Frames


I have recently received a few request to show some Higher Time Frames Setups. So here they are in no particular order. I just too random pictures quickly. You be the judge, does the system work on higher time frames?

And Some random Daily Charts

Some Indices... Daily Setups 

(note these pictures may show eWave V1.0, this is our 1 Second Elliott Wave Indicator, not part of the package, but available for a tiny price as a separate purchase. However AIMS Wave indicator is exactly the same, included in the package, but does not show Elliott Wave) 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Euro Dollar 46 pips - AIMS Entry Alert V6

I read this and wanted to share it. Very Useful Information. 

"When trading gets boring, a trader must persevere. When inevitable
losses occur, a trader must stick to his commitment. When the temptation is great to break your rules, a trader must have the integrity to hold fast to his trading rules and to his word to himself and others. He must respect the foundation in market study and research that helped him to get where he is. At the same time, he must be flexible in order to deal with the inevitable changes that will be encountered. He must be willing to continue to refine his system to make it the best it can be. And finally, he must be disciplined enough to keep his business afloat every day, which means that he has to attend to his physical and emotional well-being and do the things that are hard, but necessary for continued success."

Today on EUR/USD A Fine Day all around.

There was half a dozen setups on H1. Too Aussie for 60 pips. Gold was also a great setup which I missed but Adem took it for nearly 500pips or (50points) Kiwi was a setup and so was EU and EJ. Here is M1 Eu

Enlarge to See Full Picture

Friday, 4 May 2012

AIMS Advanced Entry Alert

We are working on our New Entry Alert . Its is almost done. Just look at the picture below. Imagine!

The Importance of Training for Peak Performance

The Importance of Training for Peak Performance 

"Nothing is more common than the notion that you learn to trade by trading. I humbly ask you that you check that premise...

"Every Performance field I have researched progresses from knowledge acquisition to skill drilling to simulated performance to real time rehearsals.

Despite this seemingly obvious truth, we see few traders attempt to learn through training. Instead, they approach trading in the amateur mode, only to lose money and court frustration."

That's not to say that traders can't learn trading through dedicated screen time. Concentrated screen time can greatly shorten a trader's learning curve.

The secret to trader's longevity as a traders: "Know when to say when". When you lose the maximum amount allotted for that day, e.g. 2% put the mouse down and call it a day. Make this your motto "Tomorrow is another day". But stay there and watch the market till the end. Nothing beats healthy chart time. That is the mind-set of a professional.

The Core trading skills boil down to pattern recognition. The trader who spends high-quality screen/chart time is more likely to internalise patterns than trader whose market contact is intermittent.

This is not the perspective that most traders possess. And yet there is no reason to trade, and they fool themselves into the notion that their trading provides learning experience. Yet we can see clearly that a novice boxer would not learn from getting in the ring with a champion.

He would get KNOCKED OUT"  Brett Steenbarger

Proper Training is Trading Psychology, sustaining the mind-set as well as the skill level of the performer.

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...