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Weekly Update - AIMS Stress Free Trading - A Great Week


As promised last week here are pictures of some of the trades  the system generated this week. There were some days where patience was required but the week ended with a great positive note. It was good fun. Trading the system as it is supposed to traded is more fun than anything else.

The New AIMS Entry Alert V6 Final Version is almost ready to release. It has done a very good job so far. Lets inspected the pictures below to find out.

P5 - A Unique Entry Technique by Snorm of Steve is an AIMSter. He is a good friend and a great trading buddy.

This technique has been given its own due space in the Advanced Technique section of (Please do not register without buying membership first) More on P5 inside the forum.

What is the DA?  An illustration to show how the Double Arrows (AIMS Entry Alert V6 also know as DA) depicts entries on to the major waves. Wave 3 and Wave 5. (For those allergic to Elliott Wave I suggest you try eWave available to buy from…

50 Pips Out of 25 Pips Move - EURO DOLLAR - AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading

50 Pips Out of 25pips move? Is it possible? YES YES YES.

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Following is just one small example from this morning.

6 Percent Growth Today Trading EUR/USD for AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy

Today was one of those days that you do not want to end. The market was in full swing. It moved nicely, in both directions. AIMS Stress Free Trading System was able to give us signals in either direction. There really were no Rents to be paid to day. The day began with a nice 25 pipper on EUR/USD picture below. There was also a setup on GBP/USD to top up your earnings.

Cable from Yesterday the 18th of July for a 34 pips or 3.4% account gain.

A Lovely M5 setup caught on GBP/JPY

A H1 trade on UJ that was called out for everyone to take. There are add-ons from other time frames on the chart.

Follwoing is a Setup/Trade taken with an addon on the 16th of July for a handsome 3.6% account growth within 20 minutes. 

USD/CAD it looked like slighly bigger risk to start with but went with the flow. Its done better now. Currently sitting at 40pips profit at the time of writing (photo is earlier)

~A Rather aggressive entry on EUR/GBP yesterday, and added on today using Double Arrows and AIMS leve…

AIMS Entry Alert V6 - A Fantastic Job


I'd like to show a few  great Trading Opportunities Spotted by our Brand New AIMS Entry Alert V6. However the indicator is still in its development stages, not finished yet, its already been trusted by AIMSters and doing a great job. Thank You Snorm of

Here are the pictures

Another trade/Setup on GBP/USD earlier this morning. 

A Setup from yesterday the 11th of July 2012 on Cable. A fantastic start to the day. 

The markets were not trending during the last 3 days, so our system kept us out of trades on M5/M15/H1 time frames. 
EUR/USD Example

USD/CHF the opposite side of EUR/USD also produced great setups

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NFP Trades EUR/USD for AIMS Stress Free Trading - V6

I had a bad start to the week with two losing days. That does not happen too often but the first day turned into that because I missed setups due to guests and tuesday really was a choppy day. The last 3 days of the week have been fantastic. The week ends over 5%.

Here are some trades

NFP Trade:

News Strategy Trade - First position after a Retrace. ZigZag Correction. Entry at Double Arrow. Very Low Risk of only 7pips. Second Position, off the break of AIMS after a double arrow, hit 50 pips target point set at 04 just above 1.2300 the round number. The first position taken off a retrace of the spike still running will close end of the day.

Specail Thanks to Snorms of and Grant the Great Trader! 

A few trades we took during the week.