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Weekly Update - AIMS Stress Free Trading - A Great Week


As promised last week here are pictures of some of the trades  the system generated this week. There were some days where patience was required but the week ended with a great positive note. It was good fun. Trading the system as it is supposed to traded is more fun than anything else.

The New AIMS Entry Alert V6 Final Version is almost ready to release. It has done a very good job so far. Lets inspected the pictures below to find out.

P5 - A Unique Entry Technique by Snorm of Steve is an AIMSter. He is a good friend and a great trading buddy.

This technique has been given its own due space in the Advanced Technique section of (Please do not register without buying membership first) More on P5 inside the forum.

What is the DA? 
An illustration to show how the Double Arrows (AIMS Entry Alert V6 also know as DA) depicts entries on to the major waves. Wave 3 and Wave 5. (For those allergic to Elliott Wave I suggest you try eWave available to buy from , we have 25% discount for Premium Members) 

A Lovely DA Setup on Australian Dollar that got us 40 pips out of Chaos! 

Target Zone 1
Following picture shows how we caught the exit accurately using the Target Zone Technique explained in the forum. The 1 Sec Elliott Wave Indicator by Snorm of has this inbuilt. It draws it automatically so you know your exit point before you make your entry. How cool is that?

A Bit of Education
This picture from Thursday 26, July asked a question inside the forum. To stir a bit of debate or just make members curious. as we see from todays price action, it was 1-2 of the new 3 and it was followed by, AS WE EXPECTED, a Fifth wave up. Picture follows.

Snorm's  eWave Printed this TZ1 on M15 EU which was Hit to the PIP. Below 

 This is how it looked on H1 (The Above on H1) You can See our project Price Level was hit to the pip.

Here Again a Great Move picked by AIMS Double Arrows.

Increase Your ROI
How to Get 50 Pips out of 25 Pips Move. Chapter 4 of the book explains this in detail.

More on Using TZ1 Technique
Using eWave and TZ1 Technique I was able to pick this 40 pip trade on GPB/USD on M15. 

And Another One Using TZ1 and Knowledge of AIMS Wave or eWave. 30 Pips on EU targetting the 5th wave as shown on eWave. 

Some More Examples of AIMS Entry Alert V6.
And Once more A Great Example of Trading the Arrows and eWave. 

Finally a nice Setup on GU M1 again picked so beautifully by AIMS Stress Free Trading System - Entry Alert V6 (DA) The Double Arrows. 

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