Friday, 24 August 2012

AIMS Stress Free Trading - DA Alert

Here are some Pictures from the week. You can see how Well the System Takes care of us. All you have to do is trust the DA's throw in a pinch of patience and a trickle of discipline and you're on your way to Felicity!

In the following picture I'm giving away the strategy for free. This is the secret to AIMS Stress Free Trading. If you can comprehend this picture you will understand our strategy. Why not then join us to see more of it.

Here is a Fantastic DA Alert we received on H1 EUR/USD. We took profits using target points. 

Some other DA Setups During the Last 2 Weeks 

A Powerful Setup on USD/JPY. Look at those clean lovely charts. 

A Fine DA Setup for 50 Pips on the Aussie Dollar. AIMS Entry Alert V6 or AIMS S1 Alert are the same. We call them the DA Alert. DA mean Double Arrow. Get Your Hands on the DA Alert Right NOW 

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Do You Know Your Edge in Trading? If you don't know your edge chances are you don't have one. 

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...