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Cable Yen A Lovely Trade

Here is a trade on "Cable Yen" as my French associate calls it. It was a funny slip of tongue and it kind of found its place in the world of terms, its #CableYen rather than #PoundYen. There is more info on the chart about how we assess these setups as they form yet there are loads and loads of info inside our forum.

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Post NFP Trades AGAIN! A Lovely Trade


IT was not long ago when we had NFP the last time ... hehe...

Oh well, we know why? The US Govt shutdown had something to do with you. This month, though we had on time. And it was all so lovely for the AIMSters. Usuing our Unique AIMS News Trading strategy we managed to grab a trade on #GBP/USD #cable. Lets read a picture story. Below is a series of pictures that I took minute by minute as the trade progressed. I bet you'll love it. All the best, have a great weekend.

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John wants to know if there will be enough trades on daily time frame

Q:  A full time job restricts me to trading daily/weekly charts. Is the AIMS system worthwhile on those timeframe? I assume the system will determine sound entry points, but will there be (generally) enough trades to make the system effectiveAns: 

Hi John
New, inexperienced traders worry about having enough setups. Would I get enough setups? Would I have to wait for days? but the professionals are always busy filtering the setups. They find too many setups and remain busy filtering them. Its not a search for "hard to find" trading signals or setups its rather a skill, a decision making process of choosing the right signals. You need the right set of tools and rules to do that successfully. This is #AIMS. This is #AIMSStressFreeTrading Yes there will be plenty opportunity on the daily or weekly time frames. Yes, they wont be as frequent as the shorter time frames (timewise) but they will appear in the same proportion.
We believe in the "Science of Chaos". We believe th…

eWaves and NFP - Magic Happens with eWaves


You know we have an extra indicator based on #AIMS Wave and the concept of #ElliottWave. We have an eBook, available to our Premium Members called 10 Seconds to Elliott Wave. #10sElliottWave. This
concept has changed our trading forever and its something we cherish the most. It makes our job a lot easier.

Steve of went on and created an indicator which we call Snorms eWave. That as you may know, has cut our work further down. So now we call it 1 Second to Elliott Wave. As all you have to do is have a glance at the eWave histogram and you'd know which wave you're looking at and what to expect next. Steve made a lovely post the other day, prior to #NFP and I only wish I had looked at it in time, so that I could have added it to my previous post. But hey, its never too late. Please following this link and have a look

ps: Steve is kindly giving 25% discount to #AIMSPremium Members... go get em buddies!


Post NFP Update to Previous Post

...Further to my previous post last night, the market responded exactly as we expected. We thought #NFP should bring in a lot of interest and thus bring what we call "Volatility". Inside our trading forum community, namely #AIMS Stress Free Trading Community, we call these events "Chaos Influx Points". Everyone gets a chance to express their "opinions" on the markets. And when that happens, there is price action.

In short, we were able to grab this lovely Trade using our #EUR/USD Strategy  A simple trade after all. All you had to do was simply wait for the Setup 1 to appear after NFP was released and get in, then simply follow aims levels until it goes into the "Target Zone".  To learn about Target Zones, how we manage to "predict" our exit points and "#Chaos Influx Points" simply login to the forum and READ!

More on this inside our Forum.

Here is the picture...

The delayed non-farm payroll report to be released tomorrow 22 Oct 2013

The delayed non-farm payroll report is to be released tomorrow. With the US Federal Govt now open some of the data that was supposed to be released earlier is due this week. One such data is the non-farm employment change and another is unemployment rate.  
What it measures is "Change in the number of employed people during the previous month, excluding the farming industry". Usually its released monthly, on the first Friday after the month ends. This month however, due to the US Fed Govt shut down this was delayed by 18 days leaving the market in a bit of doldrum but not that much. I'd rather say it left an "information gap" in the market. 
The market this week, as reported by many reputed forex related websites, is expecting a considerable change which may bring some volatility into the market. Job creation is one of the most important leading indicators of overall economic activity. 
The release of this data, the US Non-Farm Employment Change is highly anti…

Three Ways to Get Into the Market

If someone were to ask me, "how do you make entries into the market" or "How do you trade"

I'd say this to them... 

I have 3 ways to get into the market 

Three Ways to Get In
1. Classic S1 entry (I try to take this in the direction of 3x or 5x HTF Trend) 
2. The Seed (in the direction of the current time frame)
3. The Fruit ( at the peak of Wave 2, Wave 4 or Wave 5) 

I also have 3 ways to Get out of the market

Three Ways to Get Out
1. Target Point Hit (based on Fib Expansion and AIMS levels to the left- Simple Stuff)
2. Stop Close on Green/Red Line (Moving Average Trailing Stop)
3. Candles or AIMS boxes Trailing Stop Loss Hit. 

(ps... Never Get in our Get out of the market without a certain valid reason/s)

Is Cable Heading South Again?

Well, I don't know about that but what I do know is that in the short term its pulling back from its highs on the Daily chart and may retest the AIMS Low and meanwhile we may see a nice wave 5 to downside on H1. That wave 5 down should also create some nice M5 trades of which I took one this am. 1.5955 may be retested. Lets see what happens. Here are some pics using The V5.1 (advanced) Template.

How accurately can we predict the future?

Did you know that we can predict the market upto a certain degree?
Did you know that there are simple tools that can actually help you predict where price would be in future with a certain level of probability of success. Yes, there are simple little tools available to all of us with costing an extra dime.
Now, don't get me wrong, its not that it should work like a crystal ball with 100% accuracy (wait a minute, when was the last crystal ball that worked correctly in the first place but lets just use this analogy anyway haha) but that it makes your job, as a trader, a lot more fun and exciting.
Trading can be a very boring job at times since there is a lot of waiting and patience required but such little techniques make it worth your while.
So, I just posted a few pictures in the forum, in my journal of deeds haha, to help us refresh our knowledge and understanding of these simple tools. Tools that if applied correctly would make a hell of a difference when it comes to counting yo…

The Seed, The Bud and The Fruit - New Trading Dimensions

Hi Trading Friends!

The Seed and The Fruit Strategy have fast become our bread and butter trading techniques. But there is more Good News.

I have just updated The Fruit and The Seed Concept Section fo the Forum with another Entry Technique that we call The Bud. To find out please login to your members forum and go to The Fruit and The Seed Section under the Premium Section of your forum. Its a quick read and you should quickly understand this additional entry technique. It will further increase your chances of consistent success. Another simple tool to add to your trading armoury. Go Get em Tigers!

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If you are not a member of AIMS Stress Free Community
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The Power of The Fruit and Ripen Canadian Dollar


I thought I'll share a Setup we took using our Fruit Strategy at the end of August and Added on to it start of September. Its been dropping nicely and can drop a lot more but we have locked in good profits already.

The picture below is not the template that we use for our Fruit and Seed Strategy but it lets you get the idea of what it can do.  The Fruit and The Seed strategies are designed for hourly (h1) , four hourly (h4) , and Daily (D1)  or Weekly time frames.

We present to you a simple strategy that works and it works brilliantly.JOIN NOW

The Holidays are OVER!!! and Trading Begins...

Hi All

Oh the summer was beautiful this year... wasn't it? And now its all rainy and cold but so what? Our AIMS Stress Free Trading Charts are keeping us warm and always laughing.

Here are some charts from September the Great. I know this might seem a bit boring to some of you because its just the same kind of pictures over and over. And yes, it is true. Trading is not about inventing the wheel over and over or trying to solve a new equation everything. Its not about solving complicated problem or analysis that takes ages. Its about learning how to be "a brick layer". Yes, a brick layer uses the same technique of laying the bricks day in and day out. He does not invent a new more efficient technique everyday. If it ain't broke don't fix it Right?

Trading is about finding a good strategy, that works (such as AIMS Stress Free Trading, woohoo you've found it!!!) and having the discipline to apply it and that's it.

Easy said than done, I know but thats the t…

Still Enjoying time off trading but here is something some one did

While I enjoy my summer holidays I cannot help myself to have a sneak peak every now and then... A friend of mine send me a picture of his trade he took today. What an easy peasy setup with huge rewards. One trade like this a day and you're talking fancy cars and big house! oh well... Good luck to him... well done...

The Site is Running Fine!

Well that was quick! Its o-right guys! The forum is up and running smoothly! phew...

Sorry our Site is Down! :(

Hi AIMSters

Our forum generated too much traffic today which resulted in temporary suspension of the site. This matter will be resolved soon. Please accept our deepest apologies for the inconvenience. We are working to restore the site as soon as possible.

Kind Regards


Start Growing Your Account 1 Percent Daily - AIMS Stress Free Trading


I thought I'll share step by step pictures of some Live Trades on my Favorite Time Frame that we took recently. Its easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Below Trade from 10th of July 2013 - A lovely 1.5% Gain

Did not find any Setups yesterday 11th of July so no trade. Discipline is the Key! 
Below Trade from 12th of July 2013 - A lovely 1.5% Gain

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History was made today!

This post is simply to celebrate the victory of Andy Murray!
What a great match and what a beautiful sunny day! 
Congratulations to all! 

Cheers - Lets make some pips this week!

The Power of The Fruit and The Seed - 1400 Pips


A few days ago we launched The Seed Strategy which was Followed by The Fruit Strategy. Everyone loved it. But we love it the most. I am hereby happy to share with you why, The Seed and The Fruit is making us happier than we were.

Below is one of our accounts that is benefiting from the Fruit and The Seed Strategy. Currently it shows a total of 1400 pips. These positions have the potential to raise this total to up to 5000 pips. I will keep you posted.

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The Seed - Lets Grow a Money Tree

The Seed A Forex  Trading Success Strategy

Lets Grow a Money Tree The Seed
Imagine, you found a seed that can grow into a huge tree. Visualise it now. See it through your mind's eye. Can you see the sparkling green leaves? Can you see that it bears golden apples. A Tree that grows apple made of gold and leaves made of dollars. 
We are using a very successful strategy we call The Seed. 
> What about 10-15pips Stop Loss and 100-300 pips gains?  > What about 1% Risk and 10% account Growth?
> What about the ability to Add on to trades and let them run for Days resulting in huge winners?
> What about trading only 8 minutes per day yet 40-50% growth per month?
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The Seed - Live Example

800 + Pips since last night!

The SEED Strategy


It is the name of our New Strategy that allows us to take advantage of very low initial risks with potential for huge profits. The SEED is an Intraday cum Swing Trading strategy for trading the forex markets. With only 8 minutes per day, you can squeeze out almost all the pips from intra-day, daily and weekly markets.

It ticks all the boxes a successful trading system must have. 

100% OBJECTIVE  Entry System (Anyone can see whether there is a Long or Short Signal - No  confusion)100% OBJECTIVE Money and Trade Management Plan. It is Built on a concept we already trade on a daily basis. It is simple yet very powerful. It has no Lagging Indicators. It allows us to take Entries with Very Low Initial Risk  with Unlimited Potential for Profits. It is integrated approach that allows you to trade at Pivot Point of Time Frames It allows us to USE SL Distance equal to that of M1/M5/m15 Time frames  but It allows us to take profits equal to that of H1/H4/D1 Time Framese.g. 10 Pip Stop Lo…

Spend 8 Min Trading Grow Your Account by 40% each month


In 2010, we started trading with our Unique Euro Dollar (EUR/USD) Strategy and it was a huge success. We traded it, we grew our accounts and we mastered it. Now that we have mastered our Main EUR/USD Strategy we have now expanded the scope of our trading. As our accounts grew we needed to adapt to ever changing market conditions and expand the scope of our trading.

Over the past 4 years we have learned new techniques and methods and further refined our trading skills. This year we have learned and successfully applied a technique that allow us to take very small risks with 10 folds multiple in rewards.  I  talk about 10 pips risk to get 300 pips trading only 8 min daily. Sounds Interesting? 

We now take 10-15 pips risk yet we are able to hold on to our trades in access of 100 - 300 pips. Eg. We took a trade on USD/JPY that required an initial risk of only 13 pips max with a possibility of a 10 pip risk available.

Our new technique has many advantages namely:
- Reduced Trading Time…

180 Pips on EJ Today - Join NOW

I just wanted to Share a Simple Trade we Took on EUR/JPY

and some more good ones...

150+ Pips on EUR/JPY Yesterday

Kid AIMS Trader with Amazing Results - 45% Growth

I'd like to share with you results of a Kid AIMS Trader who joined AIMS a couple of months back and started trading AIMS on H1 and M15 time frames. He's done so amazingly good, even I am shocked! He just sent me an email with a snapshot of his results that he posted on

He was 27% up 2 days ago and today he's 45% up! Now that is cool trading. I am compelled to share the image with you!

Happy Easter - Where is the Australian Bunny?

Hello Friends,

Firstly Happy Easter to Everyone!

I wrote something to a Questioner and thought I'd like to share with Everyone.

Q: "Is this as easy as it looks, I have heard this before, just&nbsp;don't&nbsp;want to get faked out again"

Trading can get as hard as you want it to be. The only pressure you have is what you put on yourself. The strategy is simple. But not always easy for everyone. It could be easy but not all of us humans by default are designed to cope with stress and anxiety of trading. In the Mind Section of the forum we talk about concepts and techniques to cope with this. e.g. The use of correct money management principles and belief system it is easy to overcome. If you trade the Setup as it is supposed to be traded I can almost guarantee you success.

Most traders, however, struggle with internal belief system. They trade for making money (which is really the main objective) but as traders we should not be trading for making money. A trader&…

Things to Remember - Success Depends on This

Things to Remember
I thought I'll share with you my "Things to Remember" Card. I have it laminated and I read it aloud to me daily. Human beings are by nature, very forgetful. We need to constantly keep reminding ourselves our destiny, goals, objectives and life purpose otherwise we get lost too easily.  
It appears that we are so forgetful that we need to constantly keep refreshing our memory. It is the only way to remained focused and consistent. I don't know about you, but if I don't remind myself my purpose, soon I don't even know where I am or where I come from. We live in a universe of "Relativity" you need to know where you are but you won't know that unless you know where you come from. I saw Ernie tied a piece of string to remember when I was a kid. I "Remember". I remember because it was funny and it was a strong experience. And then since I've been constantly talking about that clip of Ernie trying to remember, that I …

Trading Was Never As Easy as This


Its been a while since I posted here. I have been very busy lately. Nothing special just concentrating on my trading and trading the sh**out of it! Its been a blessing month and the next one should be even better. Some pics from March!

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Join Now to Get Advantage of more than 50% Discount. This Offer is going to End soon! Action is the Key to Success!