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Massive Pips and Good Results for January 2013

January has been a great month for AIMS Stress Free Trading.

Here are some (only some) pictures of the trades we took on EU and EJ during the First Blissful month of 2013. Thank You Thank You Thank You.  Come and Join Us Today!

How to avoid Choppy Market Conditions

So, you've been trading and you catch some decent moves but you give it all back when the market is not trending. It is what we call the 4th wave, or corrections or sideways choppy markets. So how do we avoid losing money during these ugly times. 
First of all. Its not a big deal! Yes, this is the fact of the matter.  It does not matter. Losing in the markets is OK. In fact you cannot make money unless you Agree and Accept the responsibility of losing a certain percentage of your account per trade. Without that, you cannot put a trade. So lets understand this, making money requires risking money. Ok got that, now lets talk about chops. 
The simple cure is that when you know its choppy, do the simplest of all things. Don't trade. Like the 2 word therapy comedy clip. Don't Trade. If you lose a lot during sideways ugly choppy market. Don't Trade. Don't Just Don't trade.

Ok I hear you, but you'd miss that break out... here is another 2 word therapy. 
So What?

The New Year Begins with a Blast

We have some good trades last week, the first week of 2013 and this week started with a good trading day overall. It was not much fun during London Session but come the New York session, things started rolling!

Some Trades from Last Week Below.

We have target zones where price goes and hits the levels almost 80% of the time.