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Last Change - Less than 48 Hrs Left

Tap Your Way to More Pips

Last Chance - Less than  48hrs Left

Tapping World Summit


I just wanted to give you a quick reminder... 
The 2013 Tapping World Summit upgrade 
opportunity - which is owning the actual audio 
presentations, along with the workbook, transcripts 
and bonuses in either digital or hard copy format - 
ends tomorrow night at midnight, Pacific time...
You've probably heard a lot about this event
over the past month or so, and with good reason...
Tapping works extremely well.

Here are a few reasons for why I recommend 
getting this program:

1 - EFT or "Tapping" has been scientifically
proven to work in a number of areas.

Traders have reported huge changes in

their attitude during trading. 
For example, in one study 30 minutes of 
Tapping was shown to reduce cortisol levels 
(the stress hormone in the body) by 24% as 
compared to 30 minutes of talk therapy
or 30 minutes of no therapy at all…  
That's impressive!  And it's extremely
relevant for all of us in our fast paced
society who need to be able to de-stress.

2 - Tapping is highly supported by some of
the world's leading personal development 
experts such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay,
Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Gay Hendricks,
Arielle Ford, Joe Vitale and so many others.
As well as world leading health experts like 
Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Joseph Mercola, 
Kris Carr, Dr. Eric Robbins and 
Dr. Christiane Northrup.
And even world leading therapists, 
psychologists and psychiatrists like 
Eric Leskowitz (Ph.D. - Harvard University),
Carol Look, David Feinstein Ph.D., and
Dr. Patricia Carrington

3 - Beyond the scientific research that has 
been done and the world-leading experts
who support it, what's most impressive is 
how many people have said that they have 
gotten great results with Tapping.  
There is case after case after case of 
everyday people just like you sharing their
results with Tapping, not only from this
Tapping World Summit event but all 
over the web.

They've shown results in pretty much any
area you can think of…like improving
finances, losing we*ght, eliminating 
physical pain, or negative emotions, or 
limiting beliefs, creating the relationship 
of your dreams and so much more…
The list of what it works for really 
does go on and on.

4 - The impact it's having on a global
scale is unreal.  

Earlier this week The Tapping Solution 
shared a video, which showed Tapping 
being used with tremendous results for
those most deeply affected by the school
shooting in Newtown, CT, with children
survivors of the Genocide in Rwanda, and
with war veterans suffering with PTSD.
If Tapping is working on these extremely
tough situations just imagine the miracles
it can create in your life…

So if you want to get the same results
in your life that so many others are 
getting with EFT…

I HIGHLY recommend you visit the page
below and check out the upgrade options.

You can check it all out here:

I hope you take advantage of it before it 
ends tomorrow night.  

With love,


AIMS Stress Free Trading 

P.S. - The pricing is extremely reasonable.  
In fact, this is the 5th year in a row they've
run this event and the price has never
gone up once (there aren't many things 
you can say that about nowadays!)  
And the reason it's never gone up is that
they care first and foremost about getting
this information out to those who truly want
to use it and get results.  
Trust me on this one, this is one of those
programs that is a must-have for changing 
your life...

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