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Things to Remember - Success Depends on This

Things to Remember

I thought I'll share with you my "Things to Remember" Card. I have it laminated and I read it aloud to me daily. Human beings are by nature, very forgetful. We need to constantly keep reminding ourselves our destiny, goals, objectives and life purpose otherwise we get lost too easily.  

It appears that we are so forgetful that we need to constantly keep refreshing our memory. It is the only way to remained focused and consistent. I don't know about you, but if I don't remind myself my purpose, soon I don't even know where I am or where I come from. We live in a universe of "Relativity" you need to know where you are but you won't know that unless you know where you come from. I saw Ernie tied a piece of string to remember when I was a kid. I "Remember". I remember because it was funny and it was a strong experience. And then since I've been constantly talking about that clip of Ernie trying to remember, that I never forget it. I've found it on YouTube  Below the video you'll find the things I'd like myself to remember to do. It keeps changing ever so slightly from time to time.

Note: If you know Robert (Smashin) and you would like to know how he sounds like. Yes, he sounds exactly like Bert.  

•             Write your trading plan. Write it print it and keep next to you for daily review.
•             Keep a trading journal with a. picture of every trade b. record observations (chart analysis) and thought process (emotional analysis) before and after trade.
•             Identify Lowest Possible Risk Trades and Take Maximum Possible Gains. A Trading System that is "Dangerous to Fade". PC
•             Read Out aloud your goals and objectives daily.
•             Trade your plan and plan your trades.
•             Remember to Identify the Trend before identifying entry setup.
•             Remember that Consistently Successful Trading is a Belief System which can be broken into 7 sub-beliefs.
•             Successful Trading requires a belief system based on the Five Fundamental Truth about Trading. (Read aloud daily Trading in The Zone Wall Note Mark Douglas)
•             When in doubt get out or don’t trade
•             Repeat your trading related Affirmations before Each Session.
•             Consistently Complete your LOA Processes:
o             Gratitude – Start your day with gratitude. Be grateful for what-is
o             Visualize – Visualise your goals as if you’ve already achieved them. Start from only 3 minutes a day and expand to 10-15min daily.
o             Activate Your Subconscious before Sleep – End your day with feeling grateful, joyful and happy and repeat the day in reverse manner. Repeat the things in a manner you would like them to happen.
•             Remain highly focused yet relaxed during trading. Do not play with charts, templates or webpages during trading. Don’t let Chatrooms distract you or affect your analysis and trading decisions.
•             Keep One Template and Stick with it
•             Always be truthful to yourself and others
•             Stay Focused yet Relaxed
•             Breath – Breath – Breath: Remember to take deep slow breaths. Deliberately bring your attention to your breathing. This will bring you back to the NOW Moment of Opportunity.
•             Trust the Market. Trust Yourself. Trust you will know when it’s time to act. Trust that the market will tell you when it’s a setup and it’s time to take action. Have Faith.
•             “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”. Remain Focused and Decisive.
•             By placing new I AM’s into my imagination, my future dreams are a present fact.
•             You trade for yourself, you are responsible for your performance and you answer to no one. All that matters is how you trade and consistently grow your account.
•             Think Long Term. Trading is a process of 10,000 trades. Don’t let any single trade take you to state of euphoria or depression. Remain Joyful no matter what. Because as long as you trade a strategy based on an edge you will grow your account gradually trade by trade, day by day, month by month. Trading is a Business.
•             Remained Disciplined and Patient at all times. Trading is a job of waiting for your Setup (The Edge) to appear. Act without hesitation or reservation when you have “Objectively” identified your Setup/Edge. Timing is important.
•             Include a process of Daily Meditation (15m Max), Visualisation (3-7min Max) and Affirmations (5-10min Max) in to your trading plan.
•             Visualise your goals as current reality in your prayers and before sleep.
•             “I am the master of my thought”. “I am a consistently successful trader” “I am a money magnet and money comes to me effortlessly and easily” Keep repeating that to yourself, aloud if possible, once an hour during trading.
•             Remember you are a magnet and your inner self when re-arranged correctly, makes you a magnet that can attract all that you want.
•             Energy flows where your attention goes.
•             High probability trades are breakouts in the direction of higher time frame trends.
If you want to be successful be prepared to do the little things that others are not willing to do. (John Assaraf) 

And Below Ernie Meets a Forex Trading System Seller.

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