Friday, 28 February 2014

87 pips at the risk of 5 pips


Today  I traded just news a news announcement using our unique #eurodollar startety. #EUR/USD.
The risk was 5 pips and the result was 87 pips. Risking only 2% of your account you can  grow your account by more than 33%. Risking one percent, recommended, just over 17%. There a few tools under our belts and we don't mind sharing it with you.

You see you got this pattern, this edge and you have the power of money management and you have the Deliberate power of making use of these tools to your advantage. But most of us "are in our own way". We gotta remove that hurdle. all the best, have a great weekend. 

Here is how it looked like before I exited the trade 

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