Thursday, 27 February 2014

High Probability Setups - 50 pips within an Hr on Euro Yen

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We have a strategy that can point out time in the market when trading become very high probability. The following picture is based on a setup that was taken during such high probability times as spotted by our knowledge of patterns in the market that occur during certain times and allows us to pin point areas in the market best suitable for trading and creating profits with very low risks and incredibly high rewards proportionally.

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A Trade on EUR/JPY with a 7 pip risk and 50 pips reward. 

The exit was pre planned based on our technique called Target Zone. 

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When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...