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1 Second Elliott Wave Analysis

Get a taste of simple wave analysis thanks to Snorms (  fantastic 1 second Elliott Wave Indicator. Some pictures here some in the forum!

The Famous Setup has 80 percent success rate

We have identified a pattern in the market that has a very high probability of success and very easy to catch and trade.  If you'd like to know more about it login to your forum and go to The Famous section in the Premium Section of the forum. If you're not registered consider buying now.

Meanwhile, here are some recent trades...

Well done Moty, a dedicated AIMSter. Here is a trade this AIMSter took earlier. Such amazing Risk Reward ratio. Well done.

A trade taken by another AIMSter who claims to have doubled his account within 4 months using none other but #TheFamousSetup. Oh yes, thanks Sam, and well done on your trades .

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Plenty of GOALS for AIMS Stress Free Trading this World Cup 2014

Looks like we've scored some goals before the start this week. And what a lovely match to watch tonight... Brasil 3 - Croatia 1.... Go Brasil..... Very nice ....

#USD/JPY Dollar Yen Going into fifth wave. Caught it nicely... still letting it run but its near

A Kiwi Trade Earlier last week. My analysis lead me to believe that Kiwi was going to go up. And it did and today it went even further. Things have changed for #Kiwi #NZD/USD

#EUR/USD #Euro # Euro/Dollar
Using our main short term scalping strategy we more than scalped euro dollar.

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The Strategy in a Nutshell

The Strategy in a Nutshell  

AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy offers: - 
AIMS gives you a crystal-clear entry mechanism with a simple and easily understandable entry setup.AIMS Stress Free Trading takes the anxiety out of trading by applying three simple rules to create two clear entry setups. We know our entry level within a second.  

A CLEAR EXIT MECHANISM AIMS Stress Free Trading exit setup offers two options of exiting with profit. One exit technique is fornormal moving markets; the other is for fast moving markets.  

SOUND MONEY AND RISK MANAGEMENT The success of the AIMS strategy is based on its sound money management techniques. Our money management and risk control helps us increase our return on investment. AIMS money management and risk control take into account the market conditions. The AIMS strategy allows you to increase profitability when you have winning trades and give little away when you have a negative trade. AIMS techniques allow you to control…

136 pips on DAX30 and counting

Today it was a day of patience and discipline. London session did not provide much but come the New York Equities session it blasted down nicely.

136 pips from one campaign. There were tell tell signs of it breaking down then gaining and hitting the 10K figure for the first time ever. It may hit it sometime later this week but for now, its spiking down and we were there to grab it. It bounced off the 9900 level and it was good spot to exit.

Use AIMS Stress Free Trading Technique to your advantage and grab some nice higher probability setups on almost daily basis.