Friday, 29 August 2014

Summer shall never end!


Most people say Summer months are quite and trading is slow but we tell a different story using AIMS Stress Free Trading. We have an edge. We think that is because we are always aware of the market and we adapt quickly to the ever changing market conditions. The biggest feature of our system is that we are a community of traders and ever growing and improving. We know and trade instruments and time frames that keeps ticking all year long.

We applied a scalping strategy (which we rather call m1 trend trading strategy) to EUR/USD for over 3 years and it brought in plenty of pips. Markets changed sharply this year. The volatility on the shorter time frames disappeared. We knew about it and we adapted. Now we trade the same strategy on M15/H1 time frames. The beauty of AIMS Stress Free Trading is that it can be applied to any time frame and share with you how to do it in the forum.

Lately we have been applying our strategy to German Index DAX. One of our relatively new but advanced beginner member managed to raise their account by 8% even though their success rate was merely 38%. This is the power of AIMS Stress Free Trading. We know that with practice and experience many AIMSters can even hit 65% success rate. But even with a very low success rate you can still show profit at the end of the month, that is the real power.

But the biggest power of our strategy is that our average winners are normally 2 to 3 times bigger than our losing trades. The best part of any successful trading strategy is not its win to loss ratio but rather risk reward ratio. Our system generates  a very small average losing trade of 5 pips with 12 pips average winner. This is based on only one type of entry technique and no add ons. Once you're able to master the basic entry technique and simple trade management, then you'll then be looking to increase your return on investment by applying our strategies for increasing ROI. Thats our strategy of adding to your winning trades. This strategy takes you to the next levels.

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