Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Importance of Training for Peak Performance

"Nothing is more common than the notion that you learn to trade by trading. I humbly ask you that you check that premise...

"Every Performance field I have researched progresses from knowledge acquisition to skill drilling to simulated performance to real time rehearsals.

Despite this seemingly obvious truth, we see few traders attempt to learn through training. Instead, they approach trading in the amateur mode, only to lose money and court frustration."

That's not to say that traders can't learn trading through dedicated screen time. Concentrated screen time can greatly shorten a trader's learning curve.

The secret to trader's longevity as a traders: "Know when to say when". When you lose the maximum amount allotted for that day, e.g. 2% put the mouse down and call it a day. Make this your motto

"Tomorrow is another day". 

But stay there and watch the market till the end. Nothing beats healthy chart time. That is the mind-set of a professional.

The Core trading skills boil down to pattern recognition. The trader who spends high-quality screen/chart time is more likely to internalise patterns than trader whose market contact is intermittent.

This is not the perspective that most traders possess. And yet there is no reason to trade, and they fool themselves into the notion that their trading provides learning experience. Yet we can see clearly that a novice boxer would not learn from getting in the ring with a champion.

He would get KNOCKED OUT" Brett Steenbarger

Proper Training is Trading Psychology, sustaining the mind-set as well as the skill level of the performer.

"I've never seen a trader succeed whose explicit or implicit goal was "to not lose". The trader who trades to not lose is like the person who lives to avoid death: both become spiritual hypochondriacs." Brett

Never focus on killing that loser. Use your Creative side. The Right Brain. The Creative Side. Use your imagination to feed your right brain. With enough repetition it will imprint upon your subconscious. Explicit training and repetition of a deliberate thought, imagination leads to implicit learning. The State of Knowing without knowing how you know. The Zone. The ultimate Goal of all trades, peak performers.

Its all about Individual Performance, the Strategy itself is Awesome. There are loads of good systems out there but it depends on which one you stick to, believe in and it provides you a structure and environment to allow peak performance. I believe a system has to be simple for most of us to perform better it must be simple as we don't have that much brain power in general. We do in reality but we are never trained to use our brains correctly. Mediations and Consciousness , become awake being in the now helps a lot.

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