Sunday, 13 December 2015


Grant took a trade using AIMS The Hunt Strategy. 

We will witness a semi automatic trade execution and management. A very simple an elegant, effortless and stress free mechanism.

This video shows how Snorms ATM automatically takes a trade based on AIMS Cherry and Seed Entry Signal. it sets stop loss and target point automatically.

It then Moves Stop Loss to Break-even point and target point set at 2% is hit nicely. #STRESSFREE.
Your job now is only to identify ideal setup where there is a possibility of a signal appearing. Then Click AUTO and go have a cup of tea.

Thank You Gman
Thank You Snorm of

Friday, 4 December 2015

AIMS The Hunt [New Simplified More Powerful Strategy]

Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to announce the release of our Updated Strategy. AIMS The Hunt. Years of experience have taught us one thing. In the words of Henry David Thoreau

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify 

We have simplified things to the simplest level that we can comprehend at this stage of our trading lives, in terms of how we see our charts and the approach of choosing our trades.

In the past we identified some patterns in the market that gave us a statistical advantage and we benefited from it. We have learned a lot from our previous successful attempts and now we can see the same patterns only in simpler ways, its easier to find those patterns.

AIMS Master Trader The Gman, came up with a great Flowchart for The Setup. It was well adapted by most AIMSters and was a success. After the introduction of the Seed Strategy, Grant came up with yet another flow chart which was even more elegant and contained only 4 questions.

This has been adapted by most traders and my self (Immy) with great success. It gives us 66% success rate. I did not believe anyone who came up to me with such figures but now we have it in our hands.

Steve of went on and coded the flow chart into our Seed and Cherry indictors. Now we don't need "interpretation" rather algorithm to check the rules.

As a trader trading The Hunt (The new Seed and Cherry Strategy) all you will have to do now is apply the 2 filter rules. We have a process of validation and then filtration.  First we validate an entry setup then we run a filter on the valid setups.

This system gives us above 60% win rate and Profit Factor of 2.0 and above. What does the future hold, I don't know but I can predict with a degree of certainty that this system will take us to the next levels of trading. Last month was 10% for most 19% for some. The month before was 60% for some and 15% for most.

PS: We now operate within our Skype Group so basically you buy the Premium Membership to get access to the Forum and then A  Monthly subscription for Skype Live Trading Group where we share (teach) with you our simplest method of Hunting the Easy Prey!

PPS: The Strategy will be taught inside AIMS Live Trading Skype Group.. Indicators will be made available to download this weekend. We have arranged a webinar for members on Thursday 11 Dec 7pm uk. Indicators will be made available to download inside our Members Forum (Skypers Stash section of the forum)

Saturday, 31 October 2015

How to Stay Calm when you know you'll be Stressed? [Stress Free Trading]

“Brain releases cortisol that raises your heart rate, it modulates adrenaline levels and it clouds your thinking.”

And with all the cortisol in your brain your thinking will be cloudy and you won't even know about it because "your thinking is cloudy". :) 

“It's something that he had gotten from the psychologist Gary Klein, who had written about it a few years before, also called the pre-mortem. Now, you all know what the postmortem is. Whenever there's a disaster, a team of experts come in and they try to figure out what went wrong, right? Well, in the pre-mortem, Danny explained, you look ahead and you try to figure out all the things that could go wrong,and then you try to figure out what you can do to prevent those things from happening, or to minimize the damage.

said Daniel Levitin in his recent Sep 2015  TED talk, “How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed?”.

We become STUPID when we are stressed. Literally our brain stops sending blood to the parts of the brain that help us make "intelligent decisions". 

"Remember, our brain under stress releases cortisol, and one of the things that happens at that moment is a whole bunch on systems shut down. There's an evolutionary reason for this. Face-to-face with a predator, you don't need your digestive system, or your libido, or your immune system, because if you're body is expending metabolism on those things and you don't react quickly, you might become the lion's lunch, and then none of those things matter.

Unfortunately, one of the things that goes out the window during those times of stress is rational, logical thinking, as Danny Kahneman and his colleagues have shown. So we need to train ourselves to think ahead to these kinds of situations."

Proper Planning ahead of time will minimise the “negative effects” of stress. There are things we can do, systems we can put in place that will prevent or at least minimise the bad effects of situations in which we are stressed because stress can cause us to make mistakes. And we all know that mistakes in trading are always expensive. 

Planning can help prevent a bad thing to turn into a total catastrophe. Have you ever had a trading day where you wiped the entire account or the whole month's profits? Yes, it happens, and it has happened to me a few times until I realised that I must address this issue in my plan.

Our daily trading plan states that we will stop trading if we have three consecutive losses. This prevents us from going into the “negative zone”. It stops us from revenge trading and trying to win back the losses. We stop and come back with a fresh mind another day.

Having a proper trading plan may even help  decrease the stress levels because you’ve got the confidence that your plan has got everything covered. Often, stress is caused by the urgency of the situation and our inability to respond in a timely manner.

Uncertainty is the main cause of stress for traders but that can be cured by working on achieving a probabilistic mindset. If you think in probabilities you will be able to remind yourself that you do not need to know what’s going to happen next in order to make money in the markets.

Decision making can be stressful as well specially when you have less time to respond and even more difficult when you are confused and the more stressed you get the cloudier your thoughts. Making decisions that are not preplanned, that  you have not thought about in advance may become the cause of the “stress” itself at the “heat of the moment”.

e.g. You have been closing your trades too early and now you have finally decided to apply a method that will increase your chances of staying in the trades longer. You make a decision and from today you are determined to follow the green line as your exit. No more exiting the trades without a proper exit signal. You take a trade and it spikes 100 pips in your favour. You say, “wow  that’s awesome” and although on one side you’re excited on the other you are stressed about what to do with this bonus income.

Do I take the profit or do I still follow the green line? If I close here would I still get DS1 or would I have to score a 0 but at least I bank the profit. IF you’re on m5 or m1 chart you might not have that long to think and respond which may result in experiencing even more stress.

What do you do? Well, the simple answer is that if you don’t have a plan for a situation like this, and you just experienced it, the logical thing to do is that you will create a rule for a situation like this so that you can apply that rule in the future. If it happens the next time you know exactly what you’re going to do. This will bring more accuracy and less reasons for experiencing stress.

However, if you don’t keep a journal, do not have written well documented trading plan, then  chances are that you will experience the pain and stress and won’t do anything about it for years and years and continue wondering why you always feel the stress and don’t become consistently successful.

Have a Plan TODAY. Join AIMS to learn how to create a trading plan within a week. 

ps: A healthy level of stress may be good for peak performance as suggested by modern research. You may want to watch this TED talk about How to make stress your friend? 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Trusting Your System and Objectivity

It is very important to trust and continue to take objective actions as you process
the trading signals generated by your system. 

We have to learn to accept and take action based on the information given to us by the market
through the medium of our trading system. We have to accept and understand what the chart tells us
 rather than focus more on our  "feeling" about it.

Don't trade with your feelings or what you think about the markets. Our thoughts often take us
into the future trying to predict or they take us to the left of the chart pondering over the past.
Our thoughts make us look into the history tab of our platform or the running profit and loss for the day.

On average we experience and process 60,000 thoughts a day. And these thoughts make themselves
 known to us and get manifested inside our body as emotions and feelings. Yes, thoughts manifested
 are emotions, we feel emotions, we feel the manifestations of our thoughts. When you feel anxiety,
 stress or boredom it is because of the thoughts you have processed earlier.
The thought process happens ahead of those emotions.

So when you become aware of your emotions that you don't want or like you know that you have been thinking the wrong things. If you remain conscious at all or most of the time you will be in control of how you feel.

So our feelings are our feelings. They are inside of us. But the information that we see on the chart
are coming from outside, from the external environment. They become part of our inner self, the
internal environment but don't come from within.

What we need to is to respond in the manner that is the most objective and accurate. In order to
achieve that we have to find out and decide and document our course of action well in advance. The
actions that we take must have been already planned ahead of time.

Stop judging your template, your trading system or signals. Simply accept the information and take actions accordingly. If you're not sure then say no thank you with gratitude. But keep an eye open.

When the game is over you'll have the chance to go over the days performance and find out how well you did. IF you have passed valid set-ups you can then compare and analyse why did you perceive what you did and why did you take the course of action that you took. Was your perception correct or was it not.

If it was not, was it due the cloud of fear and greed or other emotions or was it based on market generated information?

If it was based on "objective" mental and technical analysis then you have done well but if it was a result of any of the negative emotions then you've made mistakes. It is time to enforce your disciplinary procedures which should have been laid out in your written trading plan.

May the Pips be with you! 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

9 Reason why everyone should have a Trading Plan

What is a Trading Plan? 

"A trading plan is a complete set of rules that covers every aspect of your trading life. Many experts refer to the need to have an ‘edge’ which will tip the balance of probabilities of success in your favour." Say Tim Wilcox who wrote and shared a simple but powerful trading plan template int he trade2win forum about 10 years ago.

Everyone Needs a Trading Plan. If you don't have one, anything you do is a mistake. 

A trading plan will make the act of trading simpler than it would be if you traded without one. It will limit your opportunity to make bad trades and it will prevent many psychological issues from taking root.

9 Reasons Why YOU should have a Trading Plan 

[How to be a consistently successful trader? Have a Plan]

  1. Relaxed, stress free trading that is simpler with a plan than it is without one 
  2. Ability to monitor your progress, diagnose faults and amend the plan accordingly 
  3. A plan helps to prevent many psychological issues from taking root 
  4. A plan that is adhered to strictly will reduce the number of bad trades 
  5. A plan will help prevent irrational decisions in the heat of the moment 
  6. A plan enables you to control the only thing you can control - yourself  
  7. Professional traders are highly disciplined. A plan will instil a large measure of discipline into your trading. Gamblers tend to lack both discipline and a plan 
  8. A plan will enable you to trade outside your comfort zone. How many times have you let a loss run and cut a profit short because it was the comfortable thing to do? A plan, executed with discipline, will help to prevent this from happening 
  9. A plan is your roadmap which will enable you to get from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be – i.e. consistent profitability 

All credit goes to Tim Wilcox for sharing this knowledge and to Steve of for sharing the link/document with us. Tim has shared a Trading Plan Template that should help all traders at any stage of their trading to formulate a great trading plan.

The template (and, by implication, your plan) – is designed in such a way that if you do take a ‘wrong turn’ on your roadmap, you will know about it very quickly and have the opportunity to correct the problem before losses spiral out of control.

Thanks Tim!!!

Link to Trading Plan Template 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Apple & Cherry Seeds - Our Latest Trading Style

Apple & Cherry Seeds - Our Latest Trading Style 

We have developed a trading style that we practice on a daily basis #AIMSSkypeLiveTrading. We do that in a group format which keeps us all on track. We are on track because we are open about our entries exits and analysis of the market. We share it with each other so we often get reminded if we are going off the trading plan.

Trading Gives You Unlimited FREEDOM

The biggest advantage and attraction of Trading for a Living is not only the fact that trading provides an excellent and unlimited opportunity to make money. Money, that will buy you many comforts and provide security. Money that will buy you your #freedom. AISM Stress Free Trading gives us freedom. Yet the very advantage, freedom, is the biggest problem for the common trader.

We think freedom means, no rules to follow ever and we can change whenever we want. But that is not true. You are free to star,t stop and end any trading activity as you like. True. But in order to make money from trading you will have to trade according to a certain plan. The universe has a structure. We have to learn to respect rules and once that concept sits well in our mind we enjoy following our rules.

Thanks to Grant and Steve, and other valuable participants we have developed a set of rules that gives us a certain statistical edge. Now, in order for a trader to take advantage from that statistical edge, the trader needs to learn to follow the plan, applying the rules to achieve the ultimate goal of a trader. The ultimate goal of a trader is to achieve consistency. This can be achieved by following a leader or simply working towards the set goal, solo. But the terrain is dangerous and the trade is prone to many pitfalls. Solo missions may be fun for some but not everybody's cup of tea. But one must leave their comfort zone, push the boundaries and expand the scope of their pain threshold.

Frodo Baggins will have to leave shire and will eventually get there but not without the help of Samwise Gamgee. However there is a better way to get to the top of the mountain. There are ways to travel higher faster and farther.

They did not land on the moon alone. The man who left the first impression of a human footprint on the clean canvas of the surface of the moon may indeed be Neil Armstrong but the reality is that he could not have done it alone. The fact is that it was Humanity's first step outside their home. It was a team of thousands backed by a team of millions around the globe that helped achieve the goal. Humans are social animals and they work best in teams. 

Would you like to succeed in your trading? 
Would you like to join a team of traders heading in the same direction?  

If Yes, you need to find a group that is heading towards the same direction and share a common goal. And Congratulations because  you've found it!!! 

Would you like to join the caravan that can help you survive the heat of the desert the cold of the mountains, the dangers of the forests, the depth of rivers and the vastness of the mighty oceans?

Join AIMS Skype Live Trading Group TODAY!


Friday, 28 August 2015

5 main obstacles keeping you away from success

1.    Fear 

Overcoming the fear of losing money.  The fear of losing money is real. Everyone has it. The difference becomes how a rich and poor person handles the fear. Wealthy individuals use failure as a teaching moment and aren’t afraid to fail.

2.    Cynicism 

This deals mostly with those around you. Follow your own path, because at the end of the day, wealthy individuals are a small percentage who go against the grain and don’t follow the crowd

3.    Laziness 

One must be willing to put in the time and effort to build up their financial knowledge. This means being selfish and taking time out to build one’s personal wealth.

4.    Bad Habits 

Reducing expenses is easier said than done, but one must be willing to break those bad spending/investing habits in order to be successful

5.    Arrogance

Always be willing to reach out to those who are successful and those you want to emulate. To become wealthy, it’s often a collaborative effort, bouncing ideas from prospective mentors.

.............Robert T Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad (Highly Recommended Book) 

Friday, 21 August 2015

3 Questions 3 Answers

We receive many emails from around the world. Most questions are the same or of similar interest while some people do come with some strange questions. However, this is not why I'm sharing the following post with you. Someone asked me three questions and I replied. I thought I'll share with you here. 

Thank You for contacting AIMS Stress Free Trading.
Lagging Indicators. You asked if we use lagging indicators. People talk about lagging and leading indicators but the question is this. How do you define a lagging indicator? Aren't all indicators lagging? A moving average will ALWAYS be a lagging indicator. Yet professional traders use it. Marketing analysts use it. Statistical analyst use it. What else is a lagging indicator?

Ok, so what is a leading indicator, bar patterns that gives you directional indication? Mark my words NOTHING can tell you what will happen in the immediate or distant future. Yes, you can have a fair idea about it, you can have a "higher probability" of something happening over another yet you can NEVER know what's going to happen in the next second. Because EVERY moment in the universe is unique and as such ANYTHING can happen. This is what we believe in. If you could understand the above you are a thousand miles ahead of other traders already. (though its not a race with other traders its a dance with yourself and the market) 

Intuition: You asked if it helps to get an intuitive feel for the market?
Intuition is simply a function of the core brain the more powerful subconscious brain takes over activities that have been repeatedly performed with success and discipline over a long period of time. Intuition can only be developed by practice and practice is done consciously. So you have to gain experience in one field for a prolonged period of time then your intuitive feel will improve.

There are 3 stages in a trader's life (if not 5).Everyone must begin at the first stage and that is ~The Mechanical Stage. If you are disciplined enough to stick around and apply the rules and remain consistent you will excel and perhaps one day enter the higher more intuitive stages of trading but that will have to wait until you've decided how when and where to start your Mechanical trading.

Win Rate and Risk RewardThe Win Rate of the system is 60% winners and 2 : 1 Reward to Risk ratio. This can be further improved but if you could simply hit the above figures, by following the rules, you'll be way ahead of the rest of the market/traders.

Most Kind Regards


Friday, 14 August 2015

Simplify Simplify Simplify

I'd like to say a few thing for you to ponder upon this weekend. Just at the back of you mind while you're having fun with lots of things in your life.

Markets are simple. Their movements are simple. But our minds are not simple. However it is our duty, our job to make it simple.

Simplify Simplify Simplify.......... Thoreau 

Elliott Wave is Simple

The wave function is simple. Market does not move in a straight line. It goes up and down a bit and up again. There are up waves and down wave and side ways.  When the market makes a series of new highs and higher lows its believe to be going up. When the market makes a series of new lows and lower highs its believed to be going down. It makes sense to be able to know that with a single glance. And that is possible. But we have indicators that makes it even easier to find out if its up down or sideways trend.

We don't do complicated analysis of Elliott wave when applying our strategies. We have a simple indicator that does the count for us. We don't need to know where is a b c e d or f waves neither do we bother with where is wave 1 or 2. We know where is 3 and we know how to get into 5 and we know where wave 4 and wave 5 ends. And we don't do complex calculations for that. That's the beautyof it. Its all done by one simple indicator. Thanks to Snorm of

If The Market is a Wave what is the most logical place to make entries? 

The most logical spots of entering markets would be pull-backs when its trending. And if you want to trade within a range bound market then it makes sense to go short when market touches the high of the range and go long when it touches the low of the range.

What Time Frame To Trade?

Now some of us get stuck with this simplicity and can't seem to decide what Zoom Level they need. No matter what time frame you've chosen to trade you have to stick to that. Once you understand this concept it really is very simple. The market creates the same waves on any time frame so there really is no point switching from time frame to time frame.

I work Full Time What Time Frame should I trade?
Daily or Weekly time frame. Total work per week 2.5Hrs.

I work Part Time What Time Frame should I trade?
Daily or Weekly time frame. Total work per week 2.5Hrs.
Choose anything between hourly, 30 minutes, 15 , 10 , 5 or even one minute chart.
However if you trade the five or one minute chart your choice of instrument is limited to only a few in the market. The lower the time frame you chose then you must trade the faster moving market with lowest spread. The higher the time frame you chose the more instruments you can have at your disposal.  Follow the following table as a guide.

Time Frame                        Total Instruments to trade
M1                                       1
M5                                        1 or 2
M15                                      1- 4 (2 is the best)
H1                                        1-8 (4 is the best)
H4                                        1- 12 (6 is the best) 
D1                                        8 - 20 ( Create a mix of Indices, Currencies and Commodities) 

Don't complicate entry mechanism. 

Just select an entry method or two and every time you see it just take the trade. Work on developing on having the "lets find out what happens next..." attitude if you don't already have one. Either stop predicting or if you do try to predict you must have flexible expectations. So take the setups and manage the trades according to a planned set of rules that gives you an edge. Always take trade setups that offer at least twice as much as your initial risk. 

Winning is a combination of trades that make or lose money. 

In trading winning is not simply putting a winning trade. Anyone can catch a winning trade. Its all about following your edge and trading according to your plan. Wins and losses are randomly distributed. You can know the probability of the outcome of a set of trades yet you can never know the outcome of the next trade for sure. Are you 100% certain what's going to be the outcome of the next toss of coins. Call it heads or tails?

What skill do you need to win the next Toss of Coin?

If you said. nothing. You're right. You don't need any skill. Its the same in trading. A trader does not need any special skills to find a winner. Because wins and losses are randomly distributed.

Simplify your trading. 

AIMS Stress Free Trading is the name given to a concept, an idea, a group of individuals, who are constantly working on simplifying the methods of trading. Our recent trading strategy that we call Apples Seeds and Cherries is another attempt to further simplify things. We don't make you do math or statistical analysis here. Well, we do stats but we don't need them for our day to day trading.

Edge in the Market. 

We don't need to perform those mathematical calculations or statistical analysis on a daily basis. Those have already been done. We know what entry mechanism together with trade management plan gives us an  edge in the market. An edge is nothing but a statistical advantage based on a set of tried and tested variables. So now we have a "set-in-stone" type entry, exit and trade management plan that gives us an edge in the market  and constitute our trading strategy.

Have a Great Weekend

Monday, 27 July 2015

25 Percent Account Growth this Morning


I just wanted to share that we have further our already successful and powerful trading strategy.

A huge thanks goes to Steve of and Grant (The Awesome Gman) for working on this strategy.

I can confirm that we traded one signal this morning that brought 10% growth on risking only 1%.  The London Open Trade. 

Later in the morning session we traded again using Adam's Apple Signal and Seeds and some Cherries (Cherries are our brand new entry technique available to Skype members only).

This ended up with a gain of another 15%. This time it was a few trades all based on just 1% risk per trade.

So basically, a 25% growth achieved as a result of 6 trades. That's just above 4% growth  per trade with a risk of only 1%.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Keep it Simple - KISS

Simplify Simplify Simplify! 

Traders always complicate things and make a mess out of a simple thing. 

e.g. Elliott Wave, its a simple concept that tells us that the price of any stock, currency commodity or index does not move in a straight line up or down rather it moves in waves. That's it. Yes, that's it. But we all know that already don't we? 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

JOIN US - SKYPE Live Trading Room

Skype AIMS Live Trading Chatroom 

AIMS Skype Live Trading Room

Join AIMS Skype Chatroom and 
Trade Live
 with Confidence
Trade Live with Master Traders
Live Commentary on Live Charts, Step-by-step explanation of the Setup from
1. How to take a trade?
2. How to manage it? and
3. How to 
Take Profit?

It is a simple strategy based on very successful and proven strategy

What do you Get in Skype Trading Room:

You get two kinds of benefits from the trading room, Technical and Psychological/Mental.

1. Technical Benefits

The first kind of benefit you get from being an active member of AIMS Skype Live Trading Chatroom is Technical Analysis. Technical analysis involves,
1. Where to Enter the Market with Entry Signals. Learn What is the Entry Setup? (whenever possible)
2. Trade Management: Learn how to Manage your trades, the crucial bit of successful trading.
3. Risk Management Guidelines, How much to risk per trade and why?

We share all that we know without any bias or prejudice. We love sharing. So we are absolutely sure from past experience with dozens of members who joined our Skype Live Trading Room that being part of this group should do the following:

1. Enhance your Technical Knowledge,
2. Increase your Understanding of the Structure of the Markets,
3. Enhance your grasp of AIMS Technical Trading Strategies.

2. Mental and Psychological Benefits

The second one is more powerful, its Mental and Psychological. As far as I am aware no one helps you with this side of trading out there.  Trading is 80% mental. No matter how many times I repeat this phrase it does not get old. Because the meaning of this are so vital, so important yet subtle that I have to keep repeating it.  No matter how good you get with your technical side of trading as long as your mental side is weak the chances of major success are low not just in trading but in any endeavor in your life.

We know the power of this concept. Although other people know this concept and its truth and validity as applied in general in life yet how to manage your trading mind correctly is a whole different ball game. Having the "right mind-set"  as applied to ordinary life just don't work the same way when it comes to trading.

We believe that your time spent time with us in our Skype Live Trading Room,should

1. Enhance your Understanding of your Mind,
2. Increase your Knowledge about how the mind works
3. and enhance your grasp of AIMS Mental Trading Strategies and
4. Understand the Structure of your Mind.

I love trading with others it keeps us all disciplined and there is always a great learning environment as well as some humbling moments that we all experience from time to time.

Session 1. London Open 
From 8am  to 10am

Session 2. New York Open
From 2.30pm to 4.30pm
All Times GMT (London, UK)

Subscriptions Requirements: Only AIMS Premium Members Can Purchase Monthly Subscriptions

If you'd like to Join us in our Skype Live Trading Room, you must first Become a Premium Member.

Monthly Subscription: £19.99/Month
Yearly Subscription: £199.99 (Pay for 10 Months Get 2 Months Free

Select Payment Plan
* Enter AIMS Forum ID
* Skype Name

Note that Session may go over sometimes or conclude earlier depending on how it goes on that day. e.g. if there are major news at 8.30am UK for the currency/instrument we are trading we will start from 8.30am and lets suppose we made good pips during, lets say first 15 min of the session we would happily conclude the session. We will say a Big THANK YOU to the universe, God, market or  ourselves (depending on your belief system) and we shall conclude it. Less is definitely more.

Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Policies apply. 

No Refunds for monthly subscription. You can cancel any time, simply by going into your paypal account cancelling the subscription.  If you cancel your subscription you will be taken out of the Skype Group Immediately. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Glaxo Smith Kline Going down...


Just wanted to show a few trade setups we took in the last few weeks.

#GSK, #GlaxoSmithKline #Goingdown and finally recovering a bit. We took some profits and letting the rest run. See where it goes

You might notice a trade management EA. Its one of the best and certainly the best for AIMSters. Designed and Coded by Julius and Steve of Both excellent guys and great coders. If you can think it, they surely can code it.



The #SingaporeDollar #usdsgb is going into what we would call a possible wave 5 down. It could touch or may even go beyond/below 1.35000.


Learn to Trade Like a Pro >>>> JOIN TODAY

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The GREAT Secret Remedy to Get Rid of FEAR

I share with you a technique that I have been using for a while but only recently found words for it to be explained and shared with others . 
Its been part of my unconscious self now I have found it on the conscious plane so that I can share it with you. 
(perhaps this was not necessary to mention, but anyway) 

The way to get in to the zone is to "create" conditions "Deliberately if possible" that allow you to enter and/or remain in the zone. 

The Four Conditions:
1. Enjoyment: If you enjoy trading then you won't need anything but we all know if you enjoyed it you won't be scared or if you were not scared you'd enjoy it anyway. if you cannot find ways to enjoy trading on its own yet then do something that puts you into that mood e.g. a song of your choice or a picture or whatever (wank? hmmm may be) The T20 Principle can effectively divert bring the focus of your attention from avoiding losing trades or hitting winning trades to "being disciplined" and following your rules. If you do this exercise enough times you will find "Gratification" in following your rules instead of the "result" of the individual trades. TRY IT. 

2. Focus: This is something you can deliberately enforce on yourself. Focus on the objectives. Focus on the chart, and focus on the indicators and information that is in the now. Don't allow your thoughts to go back in the past or jump into the future. Don't make associations and try to fill the "uncertain" future with anything from your thought process. Just be in the now and stay there. 

3. Relaxation: Use any of the techniques discussed in our ebook AIMS - Activating the Zone eBook to help you to relax. There are techniques we need to apply out of trading hours (these will keep you generally calm and relaxed in normal life) as well as techniques for instant effects during trading hours on spot (these technique will help you relax during a trade or a session). 
One easy one is this

>>>>>>>>>>TAKE A DEEP BREATH. focus on your breathing. ahhhhhhh feel better. <<<<<<<<<<<<<

4. Self Trust: How do you trust yourself, you ask. Well its a process. You have to "consciously" and deliberately "force" yourself to take signals and follow your plan numerous times and that will gradually build this "confidence" in self step by step. Its akin to driving. You have to watch every thing carefully and try to do it as perfectly as possible. Repetition is the Mother of all SKILLS It may be uncomfortable at first but it will only get better with practice. 

Perhaps, most of you know the above already if you've read my other stuff but why am I repeating it? 
Because after bringing the above into conscious awareness right now, we are ready to know the next bit. 

The GREAT Secret Remedy to Get Rid of FEAR

If you experience FEAR you have a great information at your disposal. Don't resent it just accept that you are in the state of fear and acknowledge its existence. As soon as that happens you gain the upper hand. Because now you are AWARE, you are CONSCIOUS. 

You know you ARE scared. Here is what you do next 

Be GRATEFUL. Yes, start with being grateful for "being scared" Say Thank You, say thank you to yourself for feeling scared and experience the fear or stress because your mind is doing you a favour and "protecting" you for what it "perceives" as a "threat", something that may harm you. 
Lets acknowledge that your mind is 2 million years old designed to protect you from those dangerous animals from EATING YOU alive or tearing you apart. 

Contrary to the false perception of your mind the things in the market are NOT THREATS or DANGERS. 
You've got everything in control. 
1. You have a mechanism to LIMIT YOUR LOSSES. You put a limit on your loss and 
2. You have a mechanism to INCREASE YOUR WINS, 
3. You have employed a formula that gives you an advantage in the markets and helps you CREATE profits. You have a statistical advantage, an edge and
4. you have mathematical formula that would help you grow your account at an exponential rate. Yes, Compounding. 
Remind yourself of the power of "Compounding" and Asymmetric risk rewards. 

"Eat Like an Elephant and shit like a bird" hehe 

Now, after being Grateful for this SIGNAL of Fear and swiftly move to being grateful for other things in your life. Anything that you can think of, anything that you acn see. How about the eye that you are seeing this with? be grateful for tiny little things and the big major things in life. 
In a few moments you will find that there is no more FEAR. FEAR cannot exist if your are GRATEFUL. Being GRATEFUL and being scared cannot co-exist. 

Do not FIGHT Fear, simply shift the FOCUS of your ATTENTION to GRATITUDE 

Zoom in (real dimensions: 908 x 436)

Try it you will thank me later!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Get Rid of Poverty and Scarcity Mentality

How do you break off the scarcity mentality when everyone around you is stuck in it including yourself?

You can totally change your personal belief system, totally breakout of your scarcity mentality.

The only person you can change is yourself. Like Michael Jackson sings in his song,

"I'm gonna make a change for once in my life,
Its gonna feel real good,
gonna make a difference 
gonna make it right .... 


I'm starting with the man in the mirror I'm asking him to change waysand no message could have been any clearer

If you wanna make the world, a better place,
take a look at yourself and then make a change, 

Step 1. You Make Yourself a Big Fat Check 

There are millions of poor people in the world. If you look at your personal worth and compare yourself with the poor people in the world, almost half the human population i.e. 3 Billion people live on less than $2.5 a day. You've gotta be grateful for what you have, specially if you're anywhere in the west. You gotta get the fact that if you want to get out of scarcity mentality you've got to start appreciating everything that you have. Even the tiny little things.

"Be Thankful for what you have;
You'll End up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never,
ever have enough." ............................. Oprah Winfrey 

Step 2.  Use this Automatic Money Machine Mantra

Every time you spend money say this,
"there is always more where that came from".
This is powerful. Super simple  way to retrain yourself in the "TRUTH" about money.
This can work as your own personal ATM, (Automated Cash Machine)

Step 3.  Have a Fun  Fund

Have some fun once a week or a month at least.
Have a piggy bank or a saving account and start putting small amounts into it regularly. Use that money to have fun over the weekend of once a month .You don't know how powerful this on is. It will help with your creativity and increase your vibration to abundance.

Step 4. Increase your Knowledge

Read self help books, investment books and blogs (like this one hehe). Read books about money. Yes, absolutely, you have to get your mind right, keep reading. Go to seminars, attend webinars and listen to books. Whatever works for you, increase you understanding and truth about money.

Step 5. Give to Get More  [The Most Important one]

The richest people in the world are the biggest philanthropists, charity givers. If you want to increase you wealth a little bit start with giving away 1% of your income per week or per month. But if you really want to make money and increase your wealth start giving away 10% every month. This is the secret of making tons and tons of money.

Thanks to Marie Forleo,  The sweet lady who came up with these brilliant steps. I totally believe in this and am a big proponent of Step 5. Totally go for it and experience the magic first hand. Go on what's stopping ya? 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Do You Feel Betrayed?

Has your trading strategy been not working up to your expectations recently?
Has the market been unfair to you lately?
Do you feel Betrayed by the market or your trading system?

If you do, and I know most of us experience those feelings, let me ask you a question. Do You feel the same way when you toss a coin? You called heads but its tails,do you feel betrayed by the coin? If you are playing a slot machine and time and time again you don't get what you want do you feel betrayed by the machine? I'm sure your answer is absolutely not.

When the pattern shows up, e.g. S1 Setup, you have to take it just like you're willing to flip a coin. "trading a technical pattern like ours has nothing to do with being right and wrong, this is not a right or wrong game" its just an odds game. Trading a technical pattern is exactly that. It gives you odds in your favour but not per "attempt" or "trade".

Odds in your favour, what does it mean?

And the odds in your favour are not per trade. You have to understand this, that you have odds in your favour over a series of trades not per trade.

A Setup is a Setup is a Setup

Traders often mistakenly think that when the "pattern" e.g. The Setup 1 presents itself that they get odds in their favour which means "I will win the next trade because its a GOOD Setup". The reality is that Setup 1 or any other pattern, The Fruit or Seed, Trend lines or whatever repetitive pattern you've found in the market is just that, a pattern that repeats itself. A pattern is a pattern. It does not give you an edge in terms of your ability to win this particular trade or your next one. However it does give you a edge , it gives you odds in your favour in terms of your total winnings be more than your total losses. It means that at the end of a series of trades your overall balance will be positive. But this largely depends on your ability to stick to the plan. You cannot count trading mistakes, which means not following your rules, in this series of trades.

How sure am I if I will win my next trade?

Traders often mistakenly believe that their method is telling them that the next trade will be a winner that their method is telling them what's going to happen next? I cannot guarantee that, i cannot even have any idea so that I could tell at all, whether my next trade will be a winner or a loser. I can say with certainty that if you follow this pattern at the end of 20 or 50 trades your overall winnings will be more than you've lost. This is Trading. Trading is a pattern recognition numbers game.

Its Easy to Trade, Its easy even to find a good winner, everyone finds a winner every now and then, however its not easy to make consistent gains unless you've addressed the mind issue which is "Fear of Trading". Unless you've understood the fundamental fact about trading. Trading is an odds game and you have to play by the rules. Unfortunately our fears in our minds always block our way towards consistent success.

AIMS Stress Free Trading - Activating The Zone
If you're scared, if you're not making money, you've got to get this eBook. Previously only available to Premium Members inside AIMS Forum now available to download right now.

Activating The Zone - [DOWNLOAD]

Saturday, 28 February 2015

3 Power Points of Choosing a Trading Strategy

When it comes to getting yourself into Forex trading, one thing you may be wondering about is
the Forex trading systems that are out there.

There are plenty of options to select from and even more opinions on if you should use them, how you should use them and which ones to use.

Before you can make a decision about this, you should consider what the trading system can actually offer to you and why it may or may not be the best option for your particular needs. Some systems are no doubt better than others.

There are many systems out there and some of them are definitely going to be a better option than others are. The key here is not to buy a system or use a free one, based solely on that factor but to know what to look for.

3 Things you need to consider before Buying a Forex Trading System
Before you give the thumbs up to a system please check if it gives you the following 3 things.

Match The System with Your Style of Play

1. The first thing you need to consider is that the trading system needs to work with your own style of play. In other words, no matter if you are a long term swing trader or if you are a short term day trader, the system needs to work for your particular goals and your particular needs as such. But the question is do you really know what is your "style of play"?

2. Next, consider how the Forex trading system addresses clear entry and exit signals. No matter which system you invest in, it is critical that you know that the system has these types of signals and that they work perfectly.

If this is in place, this means there is no chance for your emotions to come into your trading. You want there to be 100 percent mechanical rules in place to protect you so that you do not make bad decisions at the wrong moment. Well not 100% because that is not realistic when it comes to trading with you need to have a set of parameters "objectively" define for each situation in the market. e.g. What would you do if the market moves in an upward of downward trend but the trend is either too fast or too slow? What would happen if the market suddenly spiked 100 pips in your favour? etc

3. There should be some set of defined rules on stop loss size and placement. Money Management is KEY. Many trading systems you will find out there do promise to provide you with high returns. They may or may not be able to deliver on this promise. If they are going to deliver they need to have good money management rules in place.

You want there to be a stop loss placement so that you can avoid seeing your trading capital erased too fast based on just a few trades.

No matter what you chose, you have to have a Trading System because without it you'll be lost. Trading requires you to treat it like a proper business because it is a proper business and business planning is key to any successful business.

You select the right one to use in your trading. A trader without a plan is heading towards disaster. Trading is a pattern recognition numbers game. You need an edge and that edge is provided by AIMS Stress Free Trading. 

AIMS Stress Free Trading System Offers you answers to all of the above

  • AIMS gives you a crystal-clear entry mechanism with a simple and easily understandable entry setup.
  • AIMS Stress Free Trading takes the anxiety out of trading by applying three simple rules to create two clear entry setups. 
  • We know our entry level within a second.  

  • AIMS Stress Free Trading exit setup offers two options of exiting with profit. One exit technique is for normal moving markets; the other is for fast moving markets.  

  • The success of the AIMS strategy is based on its sound money management techniques. Our money management and risk control helps us increase our return on investment. 
  • AIMS money management and risk control take into account the market conditions. The AIMS strategy allows you to increase profitability when you have winning trades and give little away when you have a negative trade. 
  • AIMS techniques allow you to control your risk to a bare minimum and provide a potentially higher risk-reward ratio.

  • We believe that trading is at least 80% mental. The ultimate goal of a trader is to achieve the state of
  • “Knowing without Knowing how You Know”. It is that mental state that we call “The Zone”. 
  • The correct mind-set and attitude is the key to trading success. We have two simple techniques to help you remain calm and stress free during trading. 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Self Sabotage - Traders often face this problem

A problem that might haunt you at some stage of your trading

AIMS Stress Free Trading - Activating The Zone

There is a certain human mental pattern of behaviour that might occur to you when you start live trading or in some stage of your trading. It may even happen to some people while demo trading.

When you are having a losing day you will be more prone to take more trades and suddenly you will find that taking a trade would become so easy. This is because you want to either recover your losses by trading more or you are engaging in "Revenge trading".

But on the day you have your first few trades as winners you will, all of a sudden find it hard to take more trades. This is because you are protecting your profits for the day

The former case would usually be a choppy day and the later usually a moving trending day.

When you find yourself doing this your losing days will often be double or even more of your usual winning days. In some peoples case that losing day often wipes the profit of the entire week if not month.

This is a trait/habit that is not found in consistently successful traders', its not one of their habits or they have learnt to overcome it.

Suggested Actions

So keep an eye on this. keep a max loss for the day limit and don't keep a max win limit. but if you want to keep a limit on the winning day then keep a max loss lets say 50 pips or 3% then put a max win limit of 5 or 6%. something along these lines. Moreover work on integrating the 5 fundamental beliefs about trading found in the first post of my journal.
(Journal is available to AIMS Members Only) 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

[HOT NEWS] AIMS Skype Room makes Thousand Pips in 30 Minutes

AIMS Skype Traders Collected 2,010 pips, YES, that's two thousand and ten pips from this mornings trade signal shared in our AIMS Live Skype Trading Room. 

So I ask AGAIN! 

Its is a great feeling to make pips and points in trading. Success is addictive and it should be, good for us. But its even more rewarding when you see that your friends and colleagues are doing well as well. Especially when you are their friend-teacher-mentor type.

That is what it is, inside (Secret Den for AIMS Members Only)

Here are some Pictures AIMS Members shared during and after the trades were taken.

Huge Congratulations to All the AIMSters and Well Done on staying disciplined and getting rewarded as a result. 

No Kidding, AIMS Traders Made over 3000 pips this week. 
Darren made 255 pips on monday and over a 100 again today.

Below I share with you pictures of trades that AIMS Traders took themselves on their respective computers and send over to me via #Skype and #forum. I share with you so you can see how Pipsarious AIMSters Community is on a daily basis. 

Hurray! Well done Dave :) 

Yes Master GMan, mighty impressed I am. thank you for sharing. Great Trading  200+ pips 

Well Done, nicely managed all the way to the top.. Great Trade #Hill that's over 125 pips there mate... 

Another Fantastic Trade by JZB, well done mate... keep doing ,it rinse and repeat 

The Tasmanian Devil had Gordon Dam full of pips 169 pips to you Sir! Enjoy the Cricket World Cup 

Paul the funny Aussie made some good pips and handsome pot of cash... well done sir... over 150 pips... 

Well done Peter, you've worked hard for this, and well deserved 60 pips 

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...