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6 Practical Ways to Be More Peaceful this New Year 2015

Why not find inner peace this new year 2015? – 6 Practical Ways to Be More Peaceful

1. Let go of the need to interpret the actions of others. 

This is my favorite tip for finding inner peace: stop trying to decipher what others meant when they did this or said that! This need to figure out what people really meant by their words or actions will drive you to distraction — and not to mention the effect it has on others. I need to take this tip a step further, and let go of my habit of ruminating on what I said to others and what they think of me. Finding inner peace is about accepting yourself and others for who you and they are.

2. Replace worry with freedom.

Worrying about the future and things we can’t control (or even things we can control) isn’t any way to be more peaceful. Worry may be natural to us as human beings, but it’s unnatural to us as spiritual beings. Whether or not you have faith in God, find ways to release worry, anxiety, fear, and doubt. Prayer and meditation helps you find inner peace by reminding you that life is more than the things you worry about.

3. Accept – and even enjoy - every moment in life. 

A key to finding inner peace is to learn to flow with events and people instead of fighting them. Flowing with even the most difficult moments in life involves not taking things so seriously, letting go of critical or negative thoughts, accepting that there is no one right way for life to unfold, and believing in yourself.

4. Avoid toxic or negative energy. 

Do you know someone who likes to pick fights, or who sees flaws and weaknesses everywhere? Are you that person — perhaps an emotional vampire? Instead of finding fault or being critical of who and what you see, practice seeing things and people without judging them. Be child-like, and see things as they are.

5. Connect to the hearts and souls of other people. 

The more love you give and receive, the more connected you feel…and the more inner peace you’ll find. To connect with others, initiate heart-to-heart conversations. Ask people what they think and how they feel – and listen to their answers. Spend time in nature, even if it’s in the arboretum in your office building at lunch!

6. Act spontaneously – and don’t be paralyzed by fears from the past. 

I love this tip for finding inner peace: don’t let the past stop you from being authentic and real right now. Dr Wayne Dyer calls your past “the wake”, and says it can’t pull you forward…it can only hold you back. Of course you need to deal with problems from your past, but you can’t let those problems paralyze you. Instead, follow your intuition and act spontaneously in the moment.

And, one last way to be more peaceful in this world…

We wish you a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful Year

Peace Love and Harmony

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