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How to Trade Like Neo from The Matrix

How to Trade Like Neo? Well, to trade like Neo you have to See the Market for What IT IS. You have to see the "Reality" of it and break through the "Illusion". To find out What Creates the illusion, where is the illusion and what is the Illusion read on. 

There are so many opportunities to make money in the market. Why are we not all making loads of money and going crazy? 

(This article is created from Chat Messages from our Live Skype Trading Room Today)

I know why, because most of us are afraid. We are scared of trading. And on the flip side of the coin there are traders who are completely reckless. You cannot see trading success, consistent trading success until you achieve a certain state of mind that allows you to hit your "Peak Performance".

The next time you take a trade try this.
As soon as you've entered a trade watch yourself, observer if you are stressed, observe if there is any feeling in your tummy, or if you're tense and there is tension in your muscles, are you crunching your tummy, are your shoulders relaxed or tight. The moment you bring your attention to your body you will feel it. Now take a deep breath and allow your muscles to relax. and say this aloud

" I don't care if its a winner or loser I just want to follow my rules."

You cannot change the market by stressing yourself. As a trader its not your job to change it its your job to follow your trading plan, follow your rules. Allow the market to do its thing and meanwhile focus on remaining calm and relaxed and enjoy the "process" and follow your rules.

If you've decided to exit on opposite fruit with angle then do that, if you have decided to exit on green line do that. for S1 setup if you've decided to follow Grants TM follow the simple steps. and do that.

I'm typing away and the breakout that I took is gradually going down and down some more.  Can I do something about it? (T Nope there is no exit signal so let it do its thing. As I write I've decided to exit on green, can I do anything that the market goes further down? no chance so If that is my decision and its according to rules. Perfect. do that. (This was written London Session between 8.00am - 10.00 am GMT+5)

As I was watching the market and writing this I saw a fruit, a powerful engulfing fruit. It was suggesting an opposite signal to my trade. I took the exit.

~The market is fast, and you have to respond fast "Objectively"~ 

What is objectivity? It is defined as
"To take into account all available information, and to avoid any form of prejudice, bias, or wishful thinking."

Objectivity is not simply watching the charts, objectivity means observing the market from the "market's perspective" not yours. Objectivity means "perceiving" the market for what it is. That can be done only if your pain avoidance mechanism is switched off. And your pain avoidance mechanism is only switched off when there is no perception of threat and there is no perception of threat when you're not afraid of the market.

The market is full of Opportunities. 

If you think and believe the market is full of opportunities and it's a friendly place where you can make fortunes, then you will be excited, you will have fun in the markets. You will enjoy it and thus you will be in a "Care Free State of mind", that state of mind allows you to spontaneously Get in the Zone. When you'e in the zone, you become NEO (Matrix) . You see the world for what it is. You see the code and not the "Illusion of the Mind".

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