Sunday, 25 January 2015

[MUST READ] 13 Weeks to Double my account by - Michael Z

Another AIMS Trader [Doubled] his Account within 13 Weeks!!! 

Congratulations  Michael Z

Huge Congrats and thanks to Michael on his success. Long may it continue. He's recently left us a review on Forex Peace Army (read more). Its worth a read and well done to Michael.

"Hello everybody,
Since I've been using the "I Trade AIMS Stress Free Trading"system since October 2013 and my trading has enhanced a lot in that time. I've come to the decision to drop a review about AIMS system here. It's funny because I've stumbled over AIMS right here in the FPA-review section. 

I was trying to trade for 2011 and as most beginners, I jumped from one strategy and system to another on the quest of the holy grail of trading. I learned many things, joined a "Price Action" program but didn't get my feet on the ground. Then, in October 2013 everything has changed as I purchased a lifetime AIMS premium membership for a very, very reasonable price. It's less than you have to pay for most 1 or 2 days trading seminars and it's worth 10, 20, 100 times of them.

Beside the robust and dynamically evolving trading-system with different entry and exit strategies, the most important fact is the extremely committed support from Immy (the founder and owner of AIMS) and other senior AIMS traders (AIMSters) who are offering free-of-charge mentoring in the AIMS live trading room and the AIMS forum which are inexhaustible sources of knowledge and support. They are the core of mastering the strategies.

In September 2014 I stopped trading anything else and devoted my whole trading time to AIMS system. This has really paid off as

I was able to more than double (2.36x) my demo account in just 13 weeks.

In this period I was able to bank 1.368 Pips with an average risk of only 15 Pips per trade and just a little more than 2 hrs trading per day.
Watch the stats here: Results_09-12_2014

Since 5th of January 2015 I'm trading a live account and already have made more than 350 Pips until today with the same risk as mentioned above.

As conclusion I can say that AIMS changed my trading completely in a way that it has supplied me with a solid set of trading rules and with Immy's and the AIMSter's knowledge of handling trader's behavioral and psychological phenomena. These two aspects make AIMS so powerful.


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