Saturday, 28 February 2015

3 Power Points of Choosing a Trading Strategy

When it comes to getting yourself into Forex trading, one thing you may be wondering about is
the Forex trading systems that are out there.

There are plenty of options to select from and even more opinions on if you should use them, how you should use them and which ones to use.

Before you can make a decision about this, you should consider what the trading system can actually offer to you and why it may or may not be the best option for your particular needs. Some systems are no doubt better than others.

There are many systems out there and some of them are definitely going to be a better option than others are. The key here is not to buy a system or use a free one, based solely on that factor but to know what to look for.

3 Things you need to consider before Buying a Forex Trading System
Before you give the thumbs up to a system please check if it gives you the following 3 things.

Match The System with Your Style of Play

1. The first thing you need to consider is that the trading system needs to work with your own style of play. In other words, no matter if you are a long term swing trader or if you are a short term day trader, the system needs to work for your particular goals and your particular needs as such. But the question is do you really know what is your "style of play"?

2. Next, consider how the Forex trading system addresses clear entry and exit signals. No matter which system you invest in, it is critical that you know that the system has these types of signals and that they work perfectly.

If this is in place, this means there is no chance for your emotions to come into your trading. You want there to be 100 percent mechanical rules in place to protect you so that you do not make bad decisions at the wrong moment. Well not 100% because that is not realistic when it comes to trading with you need to have a set of parameters "objectively" define for each situation in the market. e.g. What would you do if the market moves in an upward of downward trend but the trend is either too fast or too slow? What would happen if the market suddenly spiked 100 pips in your favour? etc

3. There should be some set of defined rules on stop loss size and placement. Money Management is KEY. Many trading systems you will find out there do promise to provide you with high returns. They may or may not be able to deliver on this promise. If they are going to deliver they need to have good money management rules in place.

You want there to be a stop loss placement so that you can avoid seeing your trading capital erased too fast based on just a few trades.

No matter what you chose, you have to have a Trading System because without it you'll be lost. Trading requires you to treat it like a proper business because it is a proper business and business planning is key to any successful business.

You select the right one to use in your trading. A trader without a plan is heading towards disaster. Trading is a pattern recognition numbers game. You need an edge and that edge is provided by AIMS Stress Free Trading. 

AIMS Stress Free Trading System Offers you answers to all of the above

  • AIMS gives you a crystal-clear entry mechanism with a simple and easily understandable entry setup.
  • AIMS Stress Free Trading takes the anxiety out of trading by applying three simple rules to create two clear entry setups. 
  • We know our entry level within a second.  

  • AIMS Stress Free Trading exit setup offers two options of exiting with profit. One exit technique is for normal moving markets; the other is for fast moving markets.  

  • The success of the AIMS strategy is based on its sound money management techniques. Our money management and risk control helps us increase our return on investment. 
  • AIMS money management and risk control take into account the market conditions. The AIMS strategy allows you to increase profitability when you have winning trades and give little away when you have a negative trade. 
  • AIMS techniques allow you to control your risk to a bare minimum and provide a potentially higher risk-reward ratio.

  • We believe that trading is at least 80% mental. The ultimate goal of a trader is to achieve the state of
  • “Knowing without Knowing how You Know”. It is that mental state that we call “The Zone”. 
  • The correct mind-set and attitude is the key to trading success. We have two simple techniques to help you remain calm and stress free during trading. 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Self Sabotage - Traders often face this problem

A problem that might haunt you at some stage of your trading

AIMS Stress Free Trading - Activating The Zone

There is a certain human mental pattern of behaviour that might occur to you when you start live trading or in some stage of your trading. It may even happen to some people while demo trading.

When you are having a losing day you will be more prone to take more trades and suddenly you will find that taking a trade would become so easy. This is because you want to either recover your losses by trading more or you are engaging in "Revenge trading".

But on the day you have your first few trades as winners you will, all of a sudden find it hard to take more trades. This is because you are protecting your profits for the day

The former case would usually be a choppy day and the later usually a moving trending day.

When you find yourself doing this your losing days will often be double or even more of your usual winning days. In some peoples case that losing day often wipes the profit of the entire week if not month.

This is a trait/habit that is not found in consistently successful traders', its not one of their habits or they have learnt to overcome it.

Suggested Actions

So keep an eye on this. keep a max loss for the day limit and don't keep a max win limit. but if you want to keep a limit on the winning day then keep a max loss lets say 50 pips or 3% then put a max win limit of 5 or 6%. something along these lines. Moreover work on integrating the 5 fundamental beliefs about trading found in the first post of my journal.
(Journal is available to AIMS Members Only) 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

[HOT NEWS] AIMS Skype Room makes Thousand Pips in 30 Minutes

AIMS Skype Traders Collected 2,010 pips, YES, that's two thousand and ten pips from this mornings trade signal shared in our AIMS Live Skype Trading Room. 

So I ask AGAIN! 

Its is a great feeling to make pips and points in trading. Success is addictive and it should be, good for us. But its even more rewarding when you see that your friends and colleagues are doing well as well. Especially when you are their friend-teacher-mentor type.

That is what it is, inside (Secret Den for AIMS Members Only)

Here are some Pictures AIMS Members shared during and after the trades were taken.

Huge Congratulations to All the AIMSters and Well Done on staying disciplined and getting rewarded as a result. 

No Kidding, AIMS Traders Made over 3000 pips this week. 
Darren made 255 pips on monday and over a 100 again today.

Below I share with you pictures of trades that AIMS Traders took themselves on their respective computers and send over to me via #Skype and #forum. I share with you so you can see how Pipsarious AIMSters Community is on a daily basis. 

Hurray! Well done Dave :) 

Yes Master GMan, mighty impressed I am. thank you for sharing. Great Trading  200+ pips 

Well Done, nicely managed all the way to the top.. Great Trade #Hill that's over 125 pips there mate... 

Another Fantastic Trade by JZB, well done mate... keep doing ,it rinse and repeat 

The Tasmanian Devil had Gordon Dam full of pips 169 pips to you Sir! Enjoy the Cricket World Cup 

Paul the funny Aussie made some good pips and handsome pot of cash... well done sir... over 150 pips... 

Well done Peter, you've worked hard for this, and well deserved 60 pips 

How to FIX Mistakes?

·       At the end of the day ask yourself, “Did I make a mistake?”  -- Where a mistake means you didn’t follow your rules.   And if you don’t have any rules, then everything is a mistake.

·       If you didn’t make any mistakes, then pat yourself on the back.  And if you lost money, but didn’t make a mistake, then do it twice.

·       If you made a mistake, then determine the conditions that lead up to the mistake.  How might that happen again?

·       Now determine several effective responses to those conditions.   And rehearse yourself performing them because this will make it automatic for you.

Use this procedure on a daily basis because it works.

Procedure by Van K Tharp

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Is it Possible to Double Your Account in 13 weeks?

Is it possible to make 50-100 pips daily

Is it possible to double your account in 13 weeks?
Yes it is possible, Yes It is Possible, Yes it is possible
Michael from Austria already Did it

He Doubled his Account in 13 Weeks and then made 800 pips this January 2015 Trading his Live Account

Michale left review at saying he doubled his account in 13 weeks
Silas from Germany Doubled his Account in 3 Months
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Doubling Accounts within 3 months
Right at the start of this Fantastic New Year 2015 we had the pleasure to share the great news from Silas from Germany who managed to double his account within 3 months of trading.
That was after Sam from Australia had shared the great news of doubling his account earlier last year and then later we shared how Michael Zlabinger from Austria  successfully managed to double his account in 13 Weeks.


So, How about a System withOnly 3 Indicators?

3 Simple but Extremely Reliable and
Very Powerful Indicators
Three Simple Indicators

How about a System with
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1. YES!
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Three Simple Rules

3 Indicators with 3 Rules and our Special Cherry on top...

Lets make things even easier, We give you a
Buy and Sell Alert
Buy Sell Trading Alert Signal Alarm
That's Right! Buy and Sell Alerts
The Secret of Any Successful Forex Trading Strategy is in these 
3 Simple Points

A successful system must have the following:

Crystal Clear Entry Signals

Bigger Winning Trades Compared to Losing Trades

Simple Profit Taking Techniques and Risk Management

Here is what AIMS can do for YOU

Spot on Visual and Audible Entry Signals

Accurate Visual and Audible Exit Signals

Works in Trending and Non-Trending Markets

Simple Visual Trailing Stop Loss

Low Risk Initial Entries

3 Simple, Easily Understood Entry Rules

Trailing Stops similar to the Legendary Turtles Technique

Sound Money Management and Position Sizing

Chose from Trend Following, Breakout and Counter Trend Techniques. Any market condition, we've got it all covered

I Trade this System Strategy  Daily Live with Friends from around the Globe and We Love it AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy

AIMS Live Skype Trading Room
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Live Commentary on Live Charts, Step-by-stepexplanation of the Setup from
How to take a trade?
How to manage it?
and How to 
Take Profit?
It is a simple strategy based on very successful and proven strategy

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What do we talk about in our Skye Live Trading Group


I thought I'll share some examples of discussions from our Skype Live Trading Group. While it is possible you may get some nice trading signals during your presence we think that it is not important. Because as they say,

"Feed a man a Fish and you've fed him for a day, Teach him how to Fish  and you've fed him for life"

So you get more than just a fish inside the room. We share what we have learned about the fish and the pond. We know which fish taste good, where to catch them and what are the perfect times for catching one. We also know the different tasty recipes of cooking the fish in several different ways. So how do you like your fish? 

Frank asks a Question which basically meant this, 
"Is there a way that we can find more accurate information about the instrument we trade, so we can make more informed decisions than we already have so that we can increase the chances of hitting more winning trades". 
So I thought I'll share my answer here with you. 

[16:03:16] Immy AIMS: why would I need that?
[16:04:11] Immy AIMS: I'm not sure how that will help me in trading when I only need to know, whether there is a signal to buy or sell.
[16:11:18] Immy AIMS: more knowledge means more fear
[16:11:26] Immy AIMS: in trading, knowing less is MORE.
[16:11:40] Immy AIMS: in life knowing less, more specific knowledge is better for life overall.
[16:13:25] Immy AIMS: e.g. if you are an engineer, know about your stuff, do it perfectly and elegantly in most efficient manner, helps you achieve more than trying to learn everything about all engineering world. you'd lose focus. If trading dax on m1, knowing when there is a signal and major economic events is better than knowing when will BMW release its data, i'll have to keep a track of 30 companies. on m1. bloody hell.
[16:14:17] Immy AIMS: I'd rather join NASA as an astronaut :)
[16:14:31] Immy AIMS: ok out of the shorts and done.
[16:15:11] fran87wonneberger: maybe you are right,man
[16:15:22] Immy AIMS: The Fruit Strategy does not even get you in trouble within choppy markets. A few tries and you know its chop so you stop. if not a chop just take fruit and SAR and you'll be ALWAYS in line with the trend.
[16:15:54] fran87wonneberger: 15:54 y took short fruit gmt
[16:16:24] Immy AIMS: The first thing that a typical trader does, addressing "the Problem of losing trades" is to "gather more information about the market".
[16:16:39] Immy AIMS: it makes perfect sense in common life. you want to solve a problem, gather n trading, though, it is the worst mistake. because Losing is not a problem
[16:16:59] hthang140873: I wish I can thing and do like you but I cant at the current
[16:17:24 | Edited 16:17:38] Immy AIMS: I repeat, problem in trading, if you're not making money is NOT, I repeat NOT losing trades. 
[16:18:04] Immy AIMS: let me rephrase, your problem is not the face that your are making losing trades.
[16:18:20] fran87wonneberger: i carry big fx baggage
[16:18:45] Immy AIMS: let me rephrase, the problem that stops you from becoming a consistently successful trader is not that you gather losing trades.
[16:18:56] fran87wonneberger: the good thing is that i am doing well since i trade the dax now i see  fx mkt differently as well
[16:19:54] Immy AIMS: but the mind thinks losing is a problem and it needs to be fixed. so you go out in search of more information, better information and more "accurate" information.
Sadly though you'll be Greeted by all too clever marketers who KNOW that you're in search of holy grail so they sell you dreams and you want to believe them.
>  because you're frustrated,
> you are too tired of losing,
> you so eagerly want to win.
> you want to make millions out of trading just like the hundreds of city boys whizzing around in their brand new ferraris.
> You want to have that life of luxury and carefree, "all-bills-paid-no-worries" "money-no-problem" Life.
The marketers present these "Carrots" to you or presents to you known and common trading "problems"  and then gives you the carrot. You are ready to fall for it.
[deleted irrelevant message here ]
[16:21:45] Immy AIMS: The result once again you fail and you're disturbed, even more frustrated, even more eager to find the "solution. At this stage most of the traders give up. But some are not like that, some are like you, constantly learning and improving.  So you continue the search.
[16:23:36] Immy AIMS: Sadly for most, it could be years later that you find out, that even a system with a very small edge could make you money. Or may be you were lucky and you found a really good place where you learned the real answer. Such as such AIMS Stress Free Trading. (hehe)
but the problem is not "how to stop losing money" the problem is not, "how to stop making losing trades". the problem is not even how to make winning trades, neither it is how to find perfect entry, exit and money management plan.
[16:23:47] Immy AIMS: The problem is = How to be a consistently successful trader. And the answer to that is, Patience and Discipline. You then ask a question, "How to be disciplined". "How to make consistency part of your trading personality".
[16:23:59] Immy AIMS: and the answer to that is INSIDE YOUR MIND.
[16:24:12] Immy AIMS: The mind is the problem as much as it is the solution.
[16:24:22] fran87wonneberger: i agree on that 100%Immy

So this is what we discuss in our Skype Live Trading Group. 

By the way, if you're eager to know what is the answer to the above Question. You're lucky because we have written an eBook specifically to answer this question. Previously only available to AIMS Premium Members.

Get Your Hands on This Special eBook that will change your trading forever

Product Description

AIMS Stress Free Trading – Activating The Mind 
How to Trade Using The State of Mind “Knowing without Knowing How You Know”
After Reading this material you should be able to do the following:
  • Objective 1. Understand How The Mind Works. Breakthrough the barriers of your mind.
  • Objective 2. Understand the concept of Peak Performance and Trading in The Zone
  • Objective 3. Practical Ways to apply to get you in The Zone. How to Perform at Peak Levels

Monday, 9 February 2015

You Can Do it Too - 350 Points Today


Today we made over 300 pips within the first session of the trading day. London Open brought lots of volatility and we were short The DAX in a matter of seconds. That traded lasted for a good time 30 minutes and brought 100+ pips depending on where you got out but most of the AIMSters (AIMS Traders all called AIMSters) Trading Live in Our Skype Live Trading Room took over 100 points from the short. It was not long before we long again that got us 190 pips. Would you like to learn to trade like this as well? Would you like to make 300 pips in 2hrs too?

AIMS The Fruit Trading Strategy is Wicked! 300 pips 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

12 Steps to Mind Power of a Master Trader

The 12 steps to acquire the mind power of a Master Trader is intended to acquire mind power of a master trader. It can help you achieve your goals of  improving your trading performance, hitting your trading goals effectively, getting more out of your trading time, increasing your wealth through consistently successful winning trading. You can also apply it to other parts of your life as well.

Step One: 

Choose a quiet place, which is free from all distraction, interruption or disturbance. This may even be inside a bus or in your own room. The idea is to be able to concentrate in any environment that you find is suitable. The ideal is to be able to concentrate in any environment that you find is suitable. The ideal time, however, I have found to be is, early in the morning or before going to bed. The ideal place however, may be anywhere as long as you can concentrate.

Step Two: 

Feel comfortable. Wear loose clothes or else loosen your belt and tie.

Step Three: 

Be comfortable. Keep your spine straight. Loosen your hands. Relax! This eases your body tension and helps your blood circulate efficiently.

Step Four: 

Close your eyes. That way your physical world does not interrupt you and you can concentrate on your mental world. But avoid quenching your eyes. Close them gently. In fact, once you focus on your images, you may find your eyes closing naturally.

Step Five: 

Breathe normally. Let your body roll with the rhythm of your breathing. Listen to that rhythm.

Step Six:

Now begin the process of visualization. Create the key images of the subject you have chosen. Form the shape. Add color. Build the sound. Sense them! Focus on them. See them as sharply and clearly as you can with your mind's eye.

Step Seven:

Put yourself in the images you have created. You must be inside the picture so as to let your subconscious mind know that the image you see that leads to your goal is actually meant for you, and not for anyone else.

Step Eight:

Feel the image you have created. Now that you are inside the picture imagine yourself to be leading
the time you see. Feel the environment. Watch how different it feels to lead a life that you had desired. Bring your images alive.

Step Nine:

Experience the images with all your emotions. See! Hear! Smell! Feel how it feels to have achieved your goals. Let the excitement and happiness of success flow through you. Let the thrill of success build in you. Feel your success.

Step Ten:

Once you have experienced your images with emotion, let your mind go blank. If you hold on to your images for too long, the images might disappear due to overexposure. So, let go of it.

Step Eleven:

Create a space in your mind to receive what you desire. Say to yourself that what you desire - like, "I am a consistently successful trader", "I am rich and famous." By doing this, you not only let your subconscious mind support the picture, you literally achieve your success.

Step Twelve:

Feel creative while creating the images.

These are the basic guidelines above to create visuals that will help you achieve your goals. You may change them accordingly to suit your needs. The more the images meet your specific needs, the more effective they will be.

The Universe likes Speed - Don't Delay Take Action Today 

Extra Tips and Tricks

These then are the twelve important steps to creating the mindset of a professional master trader.

Remember, it is better to visualize 2-3 times a day for a shorter duration than to visualize for a long stretch during the day. Doing this, the quality of visuals remain fresh instead of becoming stale and plaid and draining all energy out of you.

Steps one to ten might take you anything between 5-10 minutes. It is better if you do not prolong it. Instead, repeat it at another time of the day. I would not do one process for more than 10 minutes in one go. But I do several 2-10 minutes sessions during the day. But keep in mind, it does not have be a chore. If you don't have time or just don't want to do more than once a day its fine, its ok. Enjoy have fun with it.

When you release the images after this brief exercise, your mind will become free of the creative power you had activated. But your subconscious mind keeps on supporting the images and the little videos you had played in your mind. This helps your goal and your dreams to be a reality. This is the process of manifestation.

The Twelve Steps to Master Trader Mind Power is the most powerful tool in this world. Use it to improve your trading or anything else in your life. You can use it to attract your perfect soul mate, a hot girl friend or boyfriend. Use to attract that beautiful house or car into your life. There is no limit, the universe is abundant. When you switch on your mind power and extend it to creative visualization for turning your dreams into reality - then, that is exactly what will happen. Your dreams will become reality. "

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...