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The GREAT Secret Remedy to Get Rid of FEAR

I share with you a technique that I have been using for a while but only recently found words for it to be explained and shared with others . 
Its been part of my unconscious self now I have found it on the conscious plane so that I can share it with you. 
(perhaps this was not necessary to mention, but anyway) 

The way to get in to the zone is to "create" conditions "Deliberately if possible" that allow you to enter and/or remain in the zone. 

The Four Conditions:
1. Enjoyment: If you enjoy trading then you won't need anything but we all know if you enjoyed it you won't be scared or if you were not scared you'd enjoy it anyway. if you cannot find ways to enjoy trading on its own yet then do something that puts you into that mood e.g. a song of your choice or a picture or whatever (wank? hmmm may be) The T20 Principle can effectively divert bring the focus of your attention from avoiding losing trades or hitting winning trades to "being disciplined" and following your rules. If you do this exercise enough times you will find "Gratification" in following your rules instead of the "result" of the individual trades. TRY IT. 

2. Focus: This is something you can deliberately enforce on yourself. Focus on the objectives. Focus on the chart, and focus on the indicators and information that is in the now. Don't allow your thoughts to go back in the past or jump into the future. Don't make associations and try to fill the "uncertain" future with anything from your thought process. Just be in the now and stay there. 

3. Relaxation: Use any of the techniques discussed in our ebook AIMS - Activating the Zone eBook to help you to relax. There are techniques we need to apply out of trading hours (these will keep you generally calm and relaxed in normal life) as well as techniques for instant effects during trading hours on spot (these technique will help you relax during a trade or a session). 
One easy one is this

>>>>>>>>>>TAKE A DEEP BREATH. focus on your breathing. ahhhhhhh feel better. <<<<<<<<<<<<<

4. Self Trust: How do you trust yourself, you ask. Well its a process. You have to "consciously" and deliberately "force" yourself to take signals and follow your plan numerous times and that will gradually build this "confidence" in self step by step. Its akin to driving. You have to watch every thing carefully and try to do it as perfectly as possible. Repetition is the Mother of all SKILLS It may be uncomfortable at first but it will only get better with practice. 

Perhaps, most of you know the above already if you've read my other stuff but why am I repeating it? 
Because after bringing the above into conscious awareness right now, we are ready to know the next bit. 

The GREAT Secret Remedy to Get Rid of FEAR

If you experience FEAR you have a great information at your disposal. Don't resent it just accept that you are in the state of fear and acknowledge its existence. As soon as that happens you gain the upper hand. Because now you are AWARE, you are CONSCIOUS. 

You know you ARE scared. Here is what you do next 

Be GRATEFUL. Yes, start with being grateful for "being scared" Say Thank You, say thank you to yourself for feeling scared and experience the fear or stress because your mind is doing you a favour and "protecting" you for what it "perceives" as a "threat", something that may harm you. 
Lets acknowledge that your mind is 2 million years old designed to protect you from those dangerous animals from EATING YOU alive or tearing you apart. 

Contrary to the false perception of your mind the things in the market are NOT THREATS or DANGERS. 
You've got everything in control. 
1. You have a mechanism to LIMIT YOUR LOSSES. You put a limit on your loss and 
2. You have a mechanism to INCREASE YOUR WINS, 
3. You have employed a formula that gives you an advantage in the markets and helps you CREATE profits. You have a statistical advantage, an edge and
4. you have mathematical formula that would help you grow your account at an exponential rate. Yes, Compounding. 
Remind yourself of the power of "Compounding" and Asymmetric risk rewards. 

"Eat Like an Elephant and shit like a bird" hehe 

Now, after being Grateful for this SIGNAL of Fear and swiftly move to being grateful for other things in your life. Anything that you can think of, anything that you acn see. How about the eye that you are seeing this with? be grateful for tiny little things and the big major things in life. 
In a few moments you will find that there is no more FEAR. FEAR cannot exist if your are GRATEFUL. Being GRATEFUL and being scared cannot co-exist. 

Do not FIGHT Fear, simply shift the FOCUS of your ATTENTION to GRATITUDE 

Zoom in (real dimensions: 908 x 436)

Try it you will thank me later!

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