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5 main obstacles keeping you away from success

1.    Fear Overcoming the fear of losing money.  The fear of losing money is real. Everyone has it. The difference becomes how a rich and poor person handles the fear. Wealthy individuals use failure as a teaching moment and aren’t afraid to fail.

2.    Cynicism This deals mostly with those around you. Follow your own path, because at the end of the day, wealthy individuals are a small percentage who go against the grain and don’t follow the crowd

3.    Laziness One must be willing to put in the time and effort to build up their financial knowledge. This means being selfish and taking time out to build one’s personal wealth.

4.    Bad Habits Reducing expenses is easier said than done, but one must be willing to break those bad spending/investing habits in order to be successful

5.    ArroganceAlways be willing to reach out to those who are successful and those you want to emulate. To become wealthy, it’s often a collaborative effort, bouncing ideas from prospective mentors.


3 Questions 3 Answers

We receive many emails from around the world. Most questions are the same or of similar interest while some people do come with some strange questions. However, this is not why I'm sharing the following post with you. Someone asked me three questions and I replied. I thought I'll share with you here. 
Thank You for contacting AIMS Stress Free Trading.
Lagging Indicators. You asked if we use lagging indicators. People talk about lagging and leading indicators but the question is this. How do you define a lagging indicator? Aren't all indicators lagging? A moving average will ALWAYS be a lagging indicator. Yet professional traders use it. Marketing analysts use it. Statistical analyst use it. What else is a lagging indicator?
Ok, so what is a leading indicator, bar patterns that gives you directional indication? Mark my words NOTHING can tell you what will happen in the immediate or distant future. Yes, you can have a fair idea about it, you can have a "higher proba…

Simplify Simplify Simplify

I'd like to say a few thing for you to ponder upon this weekend. Just at the back of you mind while you're having fun with lots of things in your life.

Markets are simple. Their movements are simple. But our minds are not simple. However it is our duty, our job to make it simple.

Simplify Simplify Simplify.......... Thoreau 

Elliott Wave is Simple The wave function is simple. Market does not move in a straight line. It goes up and down a bit and up again. There are up waves and down wave and side ways.  When the market makes a series of new highs and higher lows its believe to be going up. When the market makes a series of new lows and lower highs its believed to be going down. It makes sense to be able to know that with a single glance. And that is possible. But we have indicators that makes it even easier to find out if its up down or sideways trend.

We don't do complicated analysis of Elliott wave when applying our strategies. We have a simple indicator that does the coun…

Everything is fine in The Now

Everything is fine in The Now

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