Friday, 21 August 2015

3 Questions 3 Answers

We receive many emails from around the world. Most questions are the same or of similar interest while some people do come with some strange questions. However, this is not why I'm sharing the following post with you. Someone asked me three questions and I replied. I thought I'll share with you here. 

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Lagging Indicators. You asked if we use lagging indicators. People talk about lagging and leading indicators but the question is this. How do you define a lagging indicator? Aren't all indicators lagging? A moving average will ALWAYS be a lagging indicator. Yet professional traders use it. Marketing analysts use it. Statistical analyst use it. What else is a lagging indicator?

Ok, so what is a leading indicator, bar patterns that gives you directional indication? Mark my words NOTHING can tell you what will happen in the immediate or distant future. Yes, you can have a fair idea about it, you can have a "higher probability" of something happening over another yet you can NEVER know what's going to happen in the next second. Because EVERY moment in the universe is unique and as such ANYTHING can happen. This is what we believe in. If you could understand the above you are a thousand miles ahead of other traders already. (though its not a race with other traders its a dance with yourself and the market) 

Intuition: You asked if it helps to get an intuitive feel for the market?
Intuition is simply a function of the core brain the more powerful subconscious brain takes over activities that have been repeatedly performed with success and discipline over a long period of time. Intuition can only be developed by practice and practice is done consciously. So you have to gain experience in one field for a prolonged period of time then your intuitive feel will improve.

There are 3 stages in a trader's life (if not 5).Everyone must begin at the first stage and that is ~The Mechanical Stage. If you are disciplined enough to stick around and apply the rules and remain consistent you will excel and perhaps one day enter the higher more intuitive stages of trading but that will have to wait until you've decided how when and where to start your Mechanical trading.

Win Rate and Risk RewardThe Win Rate of the system is 60% winners and 2 : 1 Reward to Risk ratio. This can be further improved but if you could simply hit the above figures, by following the rules, you'll be way ahead of the rest of the market/traders.

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