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Apple & Cherry Seeds - Our Latest Trading Style

Apple & Cherry Seeds - Our Latest Trading Style 
We have developed a trading style that we practice on a daily basis #AIMSSkypeLiveTrading. We do that in a group format which keeps us all on track. We are on track because we are open about our entries exits and analysis of the market. We share it with each other so we often get reminded if we are going off the trading plan.

Trading Gives You Unlimited FREEDOM The biggest advantage and attraction of Trading for a Living is not only the fact that trading provides an excellent and unlimited opportunity to make money. Money, that will buy you many comforts and provide security. Money that will buy you your #freedom. AISM Stress Free Trading gives us freedom. Yet the very advantage, freedom, is the biggest problem for the common trader.

We think freedom means, no rules to follow ever and we can change whenever we want. But that is not true. You are free to star,t stop and end any trading activity as you like. True. But in order to …