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Apple & Cherry Seeds - Our Latest Trading Style

Apple & Cherry Seeds - Our Latest Trading Style 

We have developed a trading style that we practice on a daily basis #AIMSSkypeLiveTrading. We do that in a group format which keeps us all on track. We are on track because we are open about our entries exits and analysis of the market. We share it with each other so we often get reminded if we are going off the trading plan.

Trading Gives You Unlimited FREEDOM

The biggest advantage and attraction of Trading for a Living is not only the fact that trading provides an excellent and unlimited opportunity to make money. Money, that will buy you many comforts and provide security. Money that will buy you your #freedom. AISM Stress Free Trading gives us freedom. Yet the very advantage, freedom, is the biggest problem for the common trader.

We think freedom means, no rules to follow ever and we can change whenever we want. But that is not true. You are free to star,t stop and end any trading activity as you like. True. But in order to make money from trading you will have to trade according to a certain plan. The universe has a structure. We have to learn to respect rules and once that concept sits well in our mind we enjoy following our rules.

Thanks to Grant and Steve, and other valuable participants we have developed a set of rules that gives us a certain statistical edge. Now, in order for a trader to take advantage from that statistical edge, the trader needs to learn to follow the plan, applying the rules to achieve the ultimate goal of a trader. The ultimate goal of a trader is to achieve consistency. This can be achieved by following a leader or simply working towards the set goal, solo. But the terrain is dangerous and the trade is prone to many pitfalls. Solo missions may be fun for some but not everybody's cup of tea. But one must leave their comfort zone, push the boundaries and expand the scope of their pain threshold.

Frodo Baggins will have to leave shire and will eventually get there but not without the help of Samwise Gamgee. However there is a better way to get to the top of the mountain. There are ways to travel higher faster and farther.

They did not land on the moon alone. The man who left the first impression of a human footprint on the clean canvas of the surface of the moon may indeed be Neil Armstrong but the reality is that he could not have done it alone. The fact is that it was Humanity's first step outside their home. It was a team of thousands backed by a team of millions around the globe that helped achieve the goal. Humans are social animals and they work best in teams. 

Would you like to succeed in your trading? 
Would you like to join a team of traders heading in the same direction?  

If Yes, you need to find a group that is heading towards the same direction and share a common goal. And Congratulations because  you've found it!!! 

Would you like to join the caravan that can help you survive the heat of the desert the cold of the mountains, the dangers of the forests, the depth of rivers and the vastness of the mighty oceans?

Join AIMS Skype Live Trading Group TODAY!


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After Reading this material you should be able to do the following:
Objective 1. Understand Elliott WaveObjective 2. Count Elliott Wave within 10 SecObjective 3. Learn how to use AO
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What is Elliott Wave? 

We believe the market has a structure. That structure is Elliott Wave. We also believe that the structure also has a structure and that structure is shown to us on our charts by using our indicator AIMS Levels. EW consists of impulse waves and corrective waves. We are interested in trading the impulse waves and avoid the corrective waves.

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