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Grant took a trade using AIMS The Hunt Strategy. 
We will witness a semi automatic trade execution and management. A very simple an elegant, effortless and stress free mechanism.

This video shows how Snorms ATM automatically takes a trade based on AIMS Cherry and Seed Entry Signal. it sets stop loss and target point automatically.

It then Moves Stop Loss to Break-even point and target point set at 2% is hit nicely. #STRESSFREE.
Your job now is only to identify ideal setup where there is a possibility of a signal appearing. Then Click AUTO and go have a cup of tea.

Thank You Gman
Thank You Snorm of

AIMS The Hunt [New Simplified More Powerful Strategy]

Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to announce the release of our Updated Strategy. AIMS The Hunt. Years of experience have taught us one thing. In the words of Henry David Thoreau

We have simplified things to the simplest level that we can comprehend at this stage of our trading lives, in terms of how we see our charts and the approach of choosing our trades.

In the past we identified some patterns in the market that gave us a statistical advantage and we benefited from it. We have learned a lot from our previous successful attempts and now we can see the same patterns only in simpler ways, its easier to find those patterns.

AIMS Master Trader The Gman, came up with a great Flowchart for The Setup. It was well adapted by most AIMSters and was a success. After the introduction of the Seed Strategy, Grant came up with yet another flow chart which was even more elegant and contained only 4 questions.

This has been adapted by most traders and my self (Immy) with great success. It gives us 6…