Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Sam the Master of Famous Setup

Well done Sam... Famous Setup ROCKS!!!

Sam is one of our oldest members and an active participants of our Skype Live Trading Group. Today he called a buy signal on GBP/USD for his favourite setup we call the Famous Setup. Its basically a Setup 1 but it can be spotted on H1 and traded on either the hourly or the 15 minute chart. Its famous because you can actually know about this setup potentially setting up upto 12 hrs in advance. We usually know this might happen tomorrow at the end of today's' session. Its one of the Highest Probability Setups you'll ever find in the forex market. It gives you over 2/3 chance of a winning trade which to me is HUGE. Like all setups this too needs to be learned first before you can really take advantage of. Being an AIMS Member has its advantages, this is one of them.

Cable setup on M15 

Below snapshot shows Sam called the setup in the group

Sam Signal to Buy GBP/USD on the M15 Chart 
I looked at cable as well and found it to be a good setup. Thanks to Sam otherwise I would have missed it. This is one of the advantages I personally like about our group. You have a few dozen extra pair of eyes working on your behalf. Priceless.

Sam and I set our Pending Orders with Breakeven Price levels and target price levels shared so others could have a look or copy if they so wished. 

And the result was just as we would have liked. It hit Target point with a 2% profit. Interestingly, price immediately dropped after we go out. What does that tell you? It means we were in line with the market.

The Famous Setup on GBP/USD Hits its predefined target point.

Note: picture shows Snorms Advanced Trade Manager, please do not assume it comes with AIMS package. You can purchase that separately, even without AIMS Membership at www.For-Exe.com Steve is a Great Gent/Gem) 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Learn to Trade AIMS - Setup 1

I would like to share picture of Setups created by AIMS Stress Free Trading Basic Strategy. AIMS The Setup 1.

Its just so simple and it works. Its been working for us ever since we conceived the idea and applied it. It will work forever because its based on the never changing underlying hidden from most but "uncovered" to AIMS,  structure of the market. Its not rocket science though. Its really simple all you need to do is read the Setup 1 eBook and you'll get the hang of it in no time.

EUR/USD Live Trade Still Running. Red Dot Setup 1 powerful stuff 

USD/JPY Setup 1 Buy Signal. 150 plus pips profit 

Gold Sell Signal. This Stuff works guys... Don't Waste your time ... JOIN TODAY

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Fractal Geometric Trading Method [Did you know?]

You don't have to leave work to trade the forex market

Do you work full time? Have no time to trade? I have a solution for that. I will give you a strategy that requires only 15-30 min of chart time per day Sunday to Thursday. Yes, no Friday, just chillax. :) Or it could be Monday to Friday...

Do you work part time? Have a little bit of time but not much? I have a solution for that. I will give you a strategy that you can apply to the four hour charts. You'll check your charts every 4 hours 3-4 times a day or less from monday to friday... that's it...

Do you work variable shifts? Have a little bit or more time to trade? Do you want to trade Intraday? How nice, I have a solution for that too. I love the Hourly time frame. I'll give a strategy specifically designed for this time frame and this way of trading.

So what is the strategy? Well, you probably already know it. Its Called AIMS The Setup and AIMS The Hunt. These two method are a result of the past 10 years of trading forex, stocks and commodities.

What is the BEST Time Frame for New Traders? 

We've traded all the time frames. You name it, we did it. And our conclusion is that the higher the time frame the EASIER it is to trade. There are only a few people in the world who are designed or have the capacity to be trained for the fast Five or one minute time frames. I have found a handful during my search for the right "fit".

I'm blessed, personally, that I can trade the five or one minute time frame but for a larger majority, the higher the time frame the higher the probability of success. It just fits rightly with the "human psyche".

I'd like to share one of my messages in our Skype Live Trading Room (The Hunt Section) from today's chat.

"I'd like to clarify that I don't trade DAX m5/m1 (or anything else on those time frames) and if that is the only reason you're here (as members of The Hunt group or looking to join) then perhaps there is no value for you in this group. However, I would urge you to consider staying because what we have going here is far more powerful than just that. :) And its not just about the Chatroom. Its about what will happen in the Hunt Dedicated website. :)

Join me in the journey towards trading the higher probability way. 

The WAY of KNOWING exactly where price is going and trading those ideas using your entry setups... :)

THE Fractal Geometric Trading Method.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Update: USDJPY Signals from Last Nights Video

It moved pretty nicely way past the levels to the left. A good nice and easy 2% winner was there if you watched the above video on time and took the trade. We all did in our AIMS Forum and Skype Live Trading Room

Sunday, 23 October 2016

[video] Forecast of Week Ahead 23 Oct 2016

Hope you've enjoyed watching my video analysis at the start of last week. We hit nearly all the targets we forecasted the market might touch.

They say, "price alone is enough" we don't need indicators. Well, its indicators that are guiding us and pretty damn nicely. I won't complain. Having said that it's important that I mention why?

Its not about whether you have indicators or not, its not about whether you play with price bars, trend lines, and all those patterns or not. Its all about how YOU analyse the market systematically and methodically.

It all depends on your understanding of the "edge" that you have, understand and apply.

And in the end it all boils down to one point. "Do you have the discipline to follow your plan?"...

but then again, if you don't have the "burning desire to succeed" you will find it very hard to be disciplined.

Indeed, the highly disciplined ones don't really try to be disciplined. They are so highly motivated that it is the "path of least resistance for them to BE DISCIPLINED. They don't try, the BE. It is this part of the equation that the market of forex systems cannot provide you.

But with AIMS, a trading community of the traders by the traders, you get exactly that. 

Oh well, I just wanted to let you know that if you are a member of AIMS The Hunt Group, you can now watch the weekly analysis video, just like the one you might have watched FREE last sunday/monday. It is available in the forum. See you there

[Video] AIMS Forecast -Week Starting 23 Oct 2016

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Quick Update on USDCAD [Take Profit HIT]

Last night I posted update to previous video I posted on sunday. During the update we identified setup on USDCAD and we set a pending order. That has hit its target point.

Once you have trained yourself for discipline, (that's the purpose of AIMS stress Free Trading The Hunt Section) trading is a relatively simple and easy job. Only if you follow the AIMS Method...

I'll post some more when I see something... 

Monday, 17 October 2016

AUDUSD Hit its Target Point [Updated to Last Video ]

Furthe to my video A Look at the Week Ahead 17 Oct - 21 Oct 2016 from

AIMS Stress Free Trading on Vimeo. I have a FREE Update for you. Hope you enjoy it. I think my little "prediction" (if can use that word)  about a setup on AUD/USD was pretty interesting. We did take a Setup 1 long trade on it which hit its target point. WATCH BELOW

Below is the previous video once again

A Look at the Week Ahead 17 Oct - 21 Oct 2016 from AIMS Stress Free Trading on Vimeo.
A Look at the Week Ahead 17 Oct - 21 Oct 2016


Update to this video is here: AUD/USD hit its target point https://vimeo.com/187738405

Sunday, 16 October 2016


[FREE VIDEO ANALYSIS] A Look at the Week Ahead 17-21 Oct 2016]


I'd like to share a video with you about AIMS Stress Free Trading analysis of the week ahead. These videos are normally shared only inside our AIMSForum and only for the Hunt/Skype Subscribers.

Please watch.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Did you catch that flash spike on GBP/USD?

I take no pleasure in the fact that pound is dropping however we are traders and we should be able to benefit from market moves. AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy gave us a signal in September that it was time that pound starts to drop again. You could have taken this signal on the Daily time frame, (those who work full time) or even on the 4 and 1 hour charts for swing trading.

Below I have included images of trades taken by AIMS traders who shared it in their journals inside our little community of AIMSters. [AIMS Members Only Forum]

Firstly, The Sell Signal on AIMS Stress Free Trading - The Setup Strategy [Out Main Most Objective and Simple to Understand Trading Method - Available to All Standard and Premium Members]

In the picture below you see a red dot. That was a signal to consider a sell setup. After quickly checking a simple flowchart of simple rules you would have qualified this signal and taken your trade. The setup already advised where to take exits and set your target points in advance. The Entry level proposed was a few pips below 1.3043 and Target Point was 1.2043. After that all you had to do was wait for trade to trigger and boom your target point got hit on that spike.

GBP/USD Great Sell Signal very good profitable trade. Trading Time Required 5 Minutes. 

The following trade was taken by an AIMS member. Shared picture in his journal.

What a smashing trade this is , plus the add on made it a 10% winner. Fantastic return. Hardly 15 minutes of work required.

Great trade by AIMS Student/Member [click to enlarge to fully appreciate the picture]

And there are many more examples but you will have to SEE it to Believe it for yourself.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Simplest Easiest Solution

Have you found what you're looking for? 

A member, a good friend, said something very interesting today. It was a pure "exclamation" a realisation. It might not sound like much what he said but for me it was a great moment and soon, it became a great moment for him too.

This is what he said. I was on skype with him.

"Setup 1 is so easy to trade" 

I told him to think about what he just said. Really go into a meditative state and think long and hard about it. Really meditate over it. I ask you to do the same.

Are you looking for the Solution? or are you looking for the simplest easiest solution? And have you found it? Think...

The later may be available if you know what to do next.

All the best

ps: Setup 1 is our core trading setup of AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategies. Everything is built around it. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

GU 200 Pips Winner

Has your trading strategy produced a 200 Pips winner on #GBP/USD today? 

AIMS Stress Free Trading - The Seed produced 3 signals on cable today. Current Running profit as I write is
1. First signal at Frankfurt Open Risk 8 Pips Reward  +195 (still running)
2. Second signal at 9.00 UK. 1 hour after London Open Risk 22 pips Reward: +150 (still running)
3. Third Signal at mid day, Risk 15, Reward +125 and Running...

Total Running Profit: ???? you do the math... I'll show you where to get this method...

>>>>>BUY NOW

ps: there was also signal on EU. Risk  7 Reward 60 (still running)

AIMS Skype Live Trading Room...  This is what we said in the morning... (Pointing to the Entry Signal) 
Small is Big and Big is Small 

Friday, 9 September 2016

[Save $200] and FREE Upgrade to ForexTester 3


Buy Forex Tester 2 with a discount. FT2 is coming to an end because they are launching FT3 ($299). Buy FT2 Now for $199 and Get FREE UPGRADE to FT3 when Release. SAVE $100

=== Only 5 Days Left. ===

ps: Don't forget if you buy via this link, and you're already an AIMS member you get AIMS FT Indicators for FREE (Save $100)

 Save $200 [Free Upgrade to FT3 and AIMS FT Indicators]

*Free AIMS FT2 Indicators are only for current AIMS Members ONLY

Monday, 5 September 2016

Perfect Entries for Maximum Profit? How to

When it comes to trading profitability and success the one question that I get asked frequently is about timing entries. Logically when people think about trading or investing their first question is "How do you know which stock or forex pair to chose?" and if you chose it "When do you know its the right time to enter the market or take a position?"

Entries vs Exits

In trading terms its a question about Entries but not the Exits. A Novice trader often ignores planning their EXITS ahead of their entries. I've learned to understand that it has something to do with their perception of "A perfect entry". They believe that a perfect entry method automatically means a 100% profitable trade. Its to do with their definition of a "Perfect Entry". They define an entry as Perfect ONLY when it is Profitable. And that is where the problem exists.

Hence they give the accuracy of entries a huge priority. They just focus on Timing their entries. Because under their belief system, as long as the entry is "perfect" you'll be getting richer and richer trade after trade. hey think that in order to extract substantial profits out of the market, they need to time their entries "perfectly".

Lack of Probabilistic Mindset 

The next logical step would be to identify a "complex" mechanism to ensure this goal is achieved. Surely, the professionals know techniques that are alien to most of us. Surely, they are people with exceptional brain power and wisdom. But this can not be further from the truth.

The fact remains that
Professional Traders i.e consistently successful traders, have perfect developed perfect ability to remain "disciplined", well, may be not "perfect" but lets say "highly discipline" approach to follow a "simple" trading plan that gives them an edge. 

Random Entries vs Methodical Entries:

Entries are not that important. I'd say they take up 5% of the equation of Successful ie. Consistently profitable trading. Entries can be taken randomly, (just to make a point) of course with better timing we can improve our over all profitability but entries really isn't important.

So what is it that we should focus on? We should focus on Managing trades correctly once we have entered.  And the only way to manage your trades correctly is to have your exits planned ahead of entries. You should know exactly WHY you're taking this trade before you make your entry into the market.

You should have an aim, a profit objective, a method that is in line with the rules of the method taht provides that statistical edge. e.g. the method I use for breakout trades requires that I take "low risk" entries and look for at least 5X (five multiples) of profit based on the initial risk taken.

So, if I take a trade, I have a fair idea what are the price levels that market must achieve to hit that target. If the market structure, (via technical/visual analysis) suggests that the "probability" of that happening is low, then no matter how good the "entry Signal" is, I will "filter" that "trade signal" and look for something that has a higher probability of achieving at least 5R  profits. A Great rule we learned from Paul Tudor Jones via Tony Robbins new Book. Thank you TR.

Asymmetric Risk Rewards

[Note: 1R is one unit of Risk, e.g. if the initial stop loss requirement of a signal was 10 pips then 10pips = 1R, in this situation I'd be looking for 5 times of the initial risk in pips i.e. price should have the probability of moving at least 50 pips in my favour. Thank you to Van Tharp for teaching me this]

AIMS strategies focuses primarily on a traders ability to learn to trade with discipline. For it is a traders ability to follow a trading plan, her ability to create a trading plan, incorporate a trading strategy with an edge into the trading plan and then be able to follow it at least 80% of the time. When a new member joins AIMS we help them to work on their trading plan and incorporate a T20 Principle. Something we learned from the late Mark Douglas who wrote this amazing book Trading in The Zone. {RIP Mr. Douglas}

The Perfect Trading System

Is there a strategy that gives that edge everyone is after? Where is the Holy Grail System?
There are many strategies out there that can give you an edge. Simple trade-able strategies but the problem isn't that you cannot find one. The fact that you're reading this you've already found a place where you can get a proven strategy that gives you a 66% edge. But how can you use this strategy to your advantage? The only logical way would be to follow it 100% of the time. The surprising fact, to some, is that 95% of people cannot follow a strategy because they are NOT disciplined.

How Important is it to be Disciplined?

So, we highly stress on discipline. We have it divided into three stages. In the first stage, in the beginning, a trader needs to to work on only one thing, and that is discipline. Traders often focus on "making money" and "making pips". Nothing wrong with that except the fact that trading profits are made by traders who can trade correctly.

Successful trading requires that a trader be able to maintain at least 80% discipline. That can be achieved by following our T20 Principle (Available inside AIMS Forum). T20 means you don't focus on the outcome on a single trader rather you take a batch of 20 trades and you mark each trade with a score of 1 or 0. If you've followed your rules you mark it as 1 if you break any one rule its a 0. Simple.

The Biggest factor that would violate a DS [Discipline Score] is not the fact that you missed a rule while  "creating" an entry setup, but rather our ability to follow the Trade Management and Risk Management Rules. It is our highest priority to NEVER violate our Risk Management Rules.

A trader must not have much discretion when it comes to entries but there can be discretion in terms of exiting however our only discretion at the beginning is to "allow" ourselves to Allow the trade to progress and exit according to a Set Trade Management plan.

Profitable trading then becomes a "byproduct" of trading "correctly". This process then eliminates the need and struggle of trying to be make money. It becomes a Stress Free Activity of simply looking for your edge and trading correctly.

Join The Quest of Perfection TODAY.... 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Trade with Structure - Trade with Confidence

We Believe the market has a structure and we have a trading system based on the Structure of The Market.

Then it comes down to how you practice to perfect this skill. The Skill of Pattern Recognition. Simple enough but repetition is the key. And we have the perfect solution for a Stress Free of doing just that. Perfect your skills, use Simulation Software

#ForexTester2 #ForexTester Simulation Software. We have Custom Indicators for this 3rd party software
Click on the IMAGE above and BUY TODAY.... Happy Trading

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

What Happens in AIMS Skype Live Trading Room?

What do we discuss in Skype Live Trading Room when we are not trading? 

Below I'll post some excerpts of the type of disucssion that happen in our Skype Live Trading Room. We believe that trading is 80% in the mind and so we focus more on the most important part of trading.

[09:56:51] Immy - AIMS: The Most Important thing I'd like to share, from all of my trading experience is this

You gotta learn to Trust Yourself.
You gotta learn to trade your own belief system. And you want to do that while you follow the Holy Grail of trading

Want What The market Wants (Thank You Dr. Bill William) 

Which basically means (took me years to understand) only trade when there is a trading signal plus your belief system in line with it.

[10:01:05] Immy - AIMS: What we as traders get paid for is

to wait

>>> waiting for proper entry
>>> waiting for proper exit

[10:01:27] Immy - AIMS: That's where we make money.
[10:01:47] Immy - AIMS: we don't wanna force the market, we don't want the market to be in tune with us, we want to be in tune with the market

[10:02:49] Immy - AIMS: "for us to get in tune with the market, we have to change our belief system, we're simply are not going to be able to change the market" Williams.

[10:06:40] Immy - AIMS: If I were to give you $10,000 and send you to Vegas would you like to spend all the money? would there be a problem?

[10:06:55] Immy - AIMS: now imagine if I ask you to double that money for me? can you do it?

[10:08:27] Immy - AIMS: The answer to these questions will determine if you can actually become a good trader or not. We want to work on our belief systems and get to the point where you can say, yes give me the 10K and I'll trade it and double it for you. With no problems. If you can think this way, you WILL get there. So changes in the belief systems are required not THE METHOD
Don't ditch TZ1, don't introduce  a new indicator or remove one... Focus on the 80% of the equation. THE SELF

Thursday, 14 July 2016

[5Percent Growth] Update on the GBPUSD Interest Rates Decision

Yesterday we gave you a heads up on the British Pound News Event Trade. Interest Rates Decision by the Bank of England. Now, I'm not gonna talk about what the BOE decided or what they intended in fact even up to now I don't know what decision they took. Why? Because I don't care. All I care about is how to benefit from it if it effects the market and there are moves.

Well, lucky for us, we managed to take 5% profit on this trade using Snorms News Trading EA [More Information Visit www.for-exe.com] Thank You Steve

I'd like to thank Steve for his efforts and sending me a message to remind me about this event.

We set targets which were at 5:1 Return Risk but price went 4 times over it. One of our Members of Our Skype Live Trading Group, @Darren the Danger Mouse managed an 18% trade [Well done Darren] others were around 5-10%. Kyle took 200 pips that's 21% Growth. Well done kyle nice $600plus profit within 2 minutes of hands off trading.

Now I don't know about you, but for me such growth figures are good for a YEAR if not a quarter or a month. Now next will be FOMC on the 27th and then the Next Months NFP.

This account is up more than 65% this year trading only 3 times a month. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Interest Rates Decision Tomorrow

***News Trading Alert***

Steve tells me that tomorrows GBP interest rates decision should be a good trade for News Strategy. Those using Snorms News EA should take note. Thanks Steve.

more info www.for-exe.com 

Cable Analysis [For AIMSters]

Just thought I'll share a screenshot of our analysis on what we are looking at.

GU analysis: Its done its 3 days of Wave 3, now perhaps 1-2 days Wave 4, we will be looking to get into a Wave 5 using Apple and Classic Add ons, or classic if there is no apple. or if we don't get any, we will be then looking to take A seed or cherry into Wave 5. when Wave 5 is there. for now. REST


AIMS The Hunt gives HUGE Risk Reward and 66% win Rate 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Scooby Pattern

There are many patterns in the market that repeat itself time and again. If you find a pattern that is predictable and trade-able you've got yourself an edge. Now the next thing to do is use correct money management and you've got yourself a strategy to extract profits from the markets.

One such pattern we found is what we The Scooby Pattern. I know, I know... It looks like profile of Scooby Doo... and it often tells us something. It marks the end of a wave, the middle of wave and even the start of the next wave. In conjunction with AIMS indicators this pattern alone can help one get rid of a J.O.B.

See if you can spot a scooby in this chart... :) [hint: we call this one Inverted Scooby]
Scooby Doo marking the mid point of wave 3 and allowing you to get into the next wave 5 

And utilize the power of our Target Zone ... #TZ1 #TargetZone #TZ2. We spotted the possible end of wave 5 using this tool. Check the next picture taken few minutes after the above picture. Its pulled off exactly where we "predicted" it.

The Power of Target Zone 1. 80% of the time it will hit this line. We BELIEVE in this because we have DATA of Live trading that proves it to us and we take  trades with confidence knowing we are going into TZ1. 

one more example

Can you see the inverted scooby on the chart?

Join AIMS Live Trading Room to Learn about this pattern and many more. 

Monday, 4 July 2016

AIMS The HUNT July 2016 Update


Just to let you know that we have updated our AIMS The Hunt Indicators.

It also includes Brand NEW AIMS The BOX 2016 which has become even better than before. Please log into your forum and go to Skyper's Stash.

Huge THANKS To Steve of http://www.for-exe.com again.
Thank you mate. What would I do without you aye?

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

sale sale sale


Buy Premium Membership for $199 ONLY. Save another $100.
We have also dropped Standard Membership to $147.

Moreover, we would give you 14 Days No Questions Asked Refund on any purchases. Start 1st of July 2016. 

Friday, 17 June 2016

What Type of Strategy should I use?

Q: Is AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy Trend Following, Counter Trend or Combination? 
A: Yes, it is a combination. We have learned through the years and working with thousands of new and experienced  traders, that all traders may want the same outcomes, i.e. profit but we are all unique human beings. We have different personalities. And hence, one needs to have the right strategy to fit our individual style, risk tolerance and life style. Which is why, we have the following Strategies that one can choose from and apply to benefit from the ever changing markets. We keep updating our strategies on regular basis because we believe that Consistency does not mean Stagnation rather "Constant Consistent Change".

1. EUR/USD and DAX30 QuickFire Scalping Strategy  AIMS The Setup - A Breakout Scalping Strategy for Quick Regular Gains using the fastest time frames- Ideal for Part Timers. If you have 2 hrs available you can look to gain 7-20% per month on this strategy.

2.  AIMS The Seed StrategyApplied to any time frame but specially suitable for H1 (Hourly) ,H4 (Four Hourly) ,D1 (Daily) and W1 (Weekly) . A Pure Trend following Technique. Spare a minute at the top of every hour about 4-6 times a day and you've got yourself a formula for 10-20% growth per month.

3. AIMS The Fruit StrategyApplied to any time frame but ideal for H1 (Hourly) ,H4 (Four Hourly) ,D1 (Daily) and W1 (Weekly). A technique to Pick The Tops and Bottoms. The strategy allows you to get into New Waves right at the top or bottom of where the previous waves ended. It can be used as Counter Trend as well as Trend Following Strategy. This strategy, can be applied to any time frame but it is amazingly powerfully successful on The Dailies and The Hourly Charts. Think about doubling your account every 3-6 months if trading the hourly charts and at least doubling your account if trading the dailies.

4. AIMS The Hunt Strategy - Are you more of an objectivity type of person? Do you like statistical proof? Do you like Higher Probability Setups? Do You Want A Higher Win Rate? If YES, AIMS The Hunt is "THE" strategy for you. With Win rate of 66% you will enjoy trading The Hunt Trading Strategy. It can be applied to all time frames but our favorite are M1 and H1.

Join Today, Don't Delay ... lol 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Tasty Tip from Sasnoff


In an effort to be the sharpest and slickest, sometimes we forget about the most important measure of successful trading, common sense. While we all search for that special something, something, we may need to rethink simple. When I look at all the mistakes I’ve made over the years, in every aspect of my life, most were poor choices made without thinking or over-thinking. Common sense works and when it comes to building a portfolio, I can’t think of a better place to start. Take the bonds for instance. We don’t know when the bond market will roll over but we know it will happen. Common sense says that negative interest rates and hoarding cash is not sustainable. Risk-free rates of zero in a world built around risk are also not sustainable. Common sense says what? 

Monday, 13 June 2016

430 Easy Peay Pips on Cable - GBPUSD

The Cable (#GBPUSD) short trades came to an abrupt but beautiful end. 430 pips all together from two trades [one campaign]

What matters the most here is the Return to Risk Ratio. We risked only 40 pips for the first entry and it was turned into a free trade before we entered the second trade and we only risked 30 pips for the second entry. So total risk of 70 pips (but not at once, only 1% risk at any given point) and a Return of 430 pips. Here is the breakdown:

5.8% profit on first entry  
6.6% profit on second entry 

a total Return of 12.4% 

Total Holding Period 3 Trading Days

Note: Whenever you look at return percentages, your first question should be "What was the risk". The beautify of this strategy is that at any given point we were never risking more than 1% of our account. Yet we managed to return 12.4% on it. Thats what I call Asymmetric Risk Return Formula.

Thank you #PTJ, #PC and #TR.

We can see that profit taking happened on GU but it attracted a lot of limit sell orders an more sellers have joined the party. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Want to make money trading FX?

Want To Make Money Trading FX? Just Wake Up At 3AM

An ineresting studay by Deutsche Bank FX. 

Countless currency traders wake up every morning with just one question: how to trade FX and make lots of money (ideally without blowing up spectacularly thanks to the 50x leverage). As it turns out, the question may not be "how" but "when." According to research by Deutsche Bank FX, many investors do not give much thought to the timing of currency trades within the day. But they should, because intraday timing matters greatly on FX patterns. As it turns out, currencies tend to depreciate during daylight trading sessions in their own time zones. Specifically, EUR/USD (and other European currencies) falls in the ... (full story
It might come as news to some but AIMSters have been applying this information for years. 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Long using AIMS The Fruit Trading Strategy
[Not shown on the chart]
Lets see how far it goes, already in good profit but still a long way to go.


update an hr later

Profits banked on this trade. Now its a FREE Trade, a RISK FREE plus profit banked. Let it run

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Some lovely trades in May 2016

Lets look at some of our trades during the last month...

#Dax30. Looking for a quick 2% profit using #Snorms ATM.

And one more, a Fruit Strategy Campaign. Short this time, over 5% profit.


This picture below was taken when the above trade was still live.


Sam took some fantastic setups and traded really well this month


The Power of Subconscious Mind. #usd/jpy


All of the Above are Examples of AIMS The Fruit Strategy. These are Live Trades that we took. Join us today and learn to trade like this, we will be with you every day in our Skype Live Trading Group.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Going into Stage 2

Its been 3 Months... Time Flies for real 

I have been looking at this blog for 3 months and never felt like making a new post. And why should I? I feel that, all there is to know and do has been said and done. But... today I felt the need to update the readers about our Three Months Challenge. It was great fun.

Why and What is The 3 Months Challenge? 

What we are doing right now inside AIMS Community is helping each other achieve consistency. Its all about consistency. Hence we introduced the 3 Month Challenge. Its over now. And we learned a lot about trading and ourselves.

When you join as a Premium Member the first thing we suggest you do is get your trading plan ready. We have a section in the premium section where you can download a template and then later compare it to a sample trading plan to get you started. We believe it is very important because almost all of the losing traders don't have a good written plans or they have written a static plan and forgot about it.The three month challenge helps you write a plan and then review it at the end of the challenge. This will help you assess what have you achieved and based on that you can move forward into the next phase of your trading business.

What did we Learn and what is next?

Based on what we learned during Stage 1 (The Three Month Challenge Start 04 Jan 2016 to 31st of March 2016) we have gone into Stage 2. This stage builds on the previous learning. If you complete stage 1 and achieve your set goals you'll excel towards the next phase but if you failed to achieve, no problem, give yourself another 3 months and give it another shot before you move to stage 2.

Stage 2 Began 4th of April for some of us but others have decided to redo stage 1 for another 3 months. Don't worry though, as we The AIMSters will be with you along the way every step of your journey via Skype Live Trading Room and the constantly growing AIMS Forum.

Stage 2 means you've accomplished your goals and objectives of stage 1 and now you will review and modify your Trading Plan to reflect the learning and create new goals. e.g. MZ learned that his personality requires him to trade a system that keeps him busy. So his strategy is trade AIMS Setups that occur more often keeping him busy. He wants a busy chart that helps him remains focused on his chart for a period of 1-2 hrs. He learned during stage 1 that slower charts don't fit his style because he loses focus. Others love the slower charts it helps them remained focused and relaxed.

What is your Style?

If you don't know what is your style don't worry because you will learn about your style or discover your style because of your experimentation of stage 1. You are a scientist if you apply this principle.

Some people like slow charts with less signals, we have The Hunt strategy for Stage 1. Which is slow, objective, methodical and very profitable. But that does not necessarily mean that it will fit every traders personality so we have The Fruit and The Classic Setup which gives you more signals and keeps your busier just like MZ likes it.

So Join us and Start your Own 3 Month Challenge TODAY 

Let us take you to the other side and guide you every step of your way... 

May the Joy be with you!!! 

Friday, 22 January 2016

The 3 Month Challenge


I'm just copying one of my posts in our forum. Thought I'll share this in public.

The Three Month Challenge 

We are going through a three month challenge in our Skype Room.
This exercise involves sticking to our system for this period of time and keeping a record so that we can monitor our performance.

The Goal of The 3 month challenge is to achieve at least 90% discipline. We are NOT interested in how much money we make or lose. We are not interested in how many pips/points we make or lose. Our main objective is DS18/20. And we ought not do more than 1 T20 per week. so we are looking into 12 T20's.

[The T20 Principle eBook is available inside AIMSForum] 

Trading is like any other business. You need to know how to run a business. If you want to run a successful trading business. This is your 3 months Course to work on your skills of running that business. The prime skill we are working on is Discipline.

We use the mechanism of T20 to measure the achievement of our objective.

Before you think of leaving the system/challenge, I want you to understand the above. Some of us may have left the challenge or others may not even started it, because they lost focus or misunderstood the objective of this exercise.

It will be harder to remain disciplined and keep trading "error free" with a system that generates more signals than the system that generates lesser number of signals. AIMS The HUNT is a highly successful trading system with 66% win rate. But it generates less number signals per week. This is a good thing for our purposes.

Tools that will help achieve this goal.

1. Journal Writing. Keep a detailed Journal about every trade you take. Make use of the PEERCED analysis.
[Explained in our Trading Plan 2016]

2. Record your trades in your journal utilising the T20 principle. Evaluate the result of every trade from three dimensions. a. was the entry setup correct b. was the trade managed correctly and c. did you follow correct risk and money management rules.

3. Join a group of traders who are doing the same thing. A group working towards a common goal makes life easier and people find easier to remain in control and disciplined. Trading is a lonely game, being surrounded by like minded people really helps.

4. Create a myfxbook account and share it with your group so that your performance can be criticised. The next time you take a trade, you will be aware that you will look like a fool when others find out you broke your rules.

Have a great weekend

Join The 3 Month Challenge.

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