Wednesday, 29 June 2016

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Friday, 17 June 2016

What Type of Strategy should I use?

Q: Is AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy Trend Following, Counter Trend or Combination? 
A: Yes, it is a combination. We have learned through the years and working with thousands of new and experienced  traders, that all traders may want the same outcomes, i.e. profit but we are all unique human beings. We have different personalities. And hence, one needs to have the right strategy to fit our individual style, risk tolerance and life style. Which is why, we have the following Strategies that one can choose from and apply to benefit from the ever changing markets. We keep updating our strategies on regular basis because we believe that Consistency does not mean Stagnation rather "Constant Consistent Change".

1. EUR/USD and DAX30 QuickFire Scalping Strategy  AIMS The Setup - A Breakout Scalping Strategy for Quick Regular Gains using the fastest time frames- Ideal for Part Timers. If you have 2 hrs available you can look to gain 7-20% per month on this strategy.

2.  AIMS The Seed StrategyApplied to any time frame but specially suitable for H1 (Hourly) ,H4 (Four Hourly) ,D1 (Daily) and W1 (Weekly) . A Pure Trend following Technique. Spare a minute at the top of every hour about 4-6 times a day and you've got yourself a formula for 10-20% growth per month.

3. AIMS The Fruit StrategyApplied to any time frame but ideal for H1 (Hourly) ,H4 (Four Hourly) ,D1 (Daily) and W1 (Weekly). A technique to Pick The Tops and Bottoms. The strategy allows you to get into New Waves right at the top or bottom of where the previous waves ended. It can be used as Counter Trend as well as Trend Following Strategy. This strategy, can be applied to any time frame but it is amazingly powerfully successful on The Dailies and The Hourly Charts. Think about doubling your account every 3-6 months if trading the hourly charts and at least doubling your account if trading the dailies.

4. AIMS The Hunt Strategy - Are you more of an objectivity type of person? Do you like statistical proof? Do you like Higher Probability Setups? Do You Want A Higher Win Rate? If YES, AIMS The Hunt is "THE" strategy for you. With Win rate of 66% you will enjoy trading The Hunt Trading Strategy. It can be applied to all time frames but our favorite are M1 and H1.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Tasty Tip from Sasnoff


In an effort to be the sharpest and slickest, sometimes we forget about the most important measure of successful trading, common sense. While we all search for that special something, something, we may need to rethink simple. When I look at all the mistakes I’ve made over the years, in every aspect of my life, most were poor choices made without thinking or over-thinking. Common sense works and when it comes to building a portfolio, I can’t think of a better place to start. Take the bonds for instance. We don’t know when the bond market will roll over but we know it will happen. Common sense says that negative interest rates and hoarding cash is not sustainable. Risk-free rates of zero in a world built around risk are also not sustainable. Common sense says what? 

Monday, 13 June 2016

430 Easy Peay Pips on Cable - GBPUSD

The Cable (#GBPUSD) short trades came to an abrupt but beautiful end. 430 pips all together from two trades [one campaign]

What matters the most here is the Return to Risk Ratio. We risked only 40 pips for the first entry and it was turned into a free trade before we entered the second trade and we only risked 30 pips for the second entry. So total risk of 70 pips (but not at once, only 1% risk at any given point) and a Return of 430 pips. Here is the breakdown:

5.8% profit on first entry  
6.6% profit on second entry 

a total Return of 12.4% 

Total Holding Period 3 Trading Days

Note: Whenever you look at return percentages, your first question should be "What was the risk". The beautify of this strategy is that at any given point we were never risking more than 1% of our account. Yet we managed to return 12.4% on it. Thats what I call Asymmetric Risk Return Formula.

Thank you #PTJ, #PC and #TR.

We can see that profit taking happened on GU but it attracted a lot of limit sell orders an more sellers have joined the party. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Want to make money trading FX?

Want To Make Money Trading FX? Just Wake Up At 3AM

An ineresting studay by Deutsche Bank FX. 

Countless currency traders wake up every morning with just one question: how to trade FX and make lots of money (ideally without blowing up spectacularly thanks to the 50x leverage). As it turns out, the question may not be "how" but "when." According to research by Deutsche Bank FX, many investors do not give much thought to the timing of currency trades within the day. But they should, because intraday timing matters greatly on FX patterns. As it turns out, currencies tend to depreciate during daylight trading sessions in their own time zones. Specifically, EUR/USD (and other European currencies) falls in the ... (full story
It might come as news to some but AIMSters have been applying this information for years. 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Long using AIMS The Fruit Trading Strategy
[Not shown on the chart]
Lets see how far it goes, already in good profit but still a long way to go.


update an hr later

Profits banked on this trade. Now its a FREE Trade, a RISK FREE plus profit banked. Let it run

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Some lovely trades in May 2016

Lets look at some of our trades during the last month...

#Dax30. Looking for a quick 2% profit using #Snorms ATM.

And one more, a Fruit Strategy Campaign. Short this time, over 5% profit.


This picture below was taken when the above trade was still live.


Sam took some fantastic setups and traded really well this month


The Power of Subconscious Mind. #usd/jpy


All of the Above are Examples of AIMS The Fruit Strategy. These are Live Trades that we took. Join us today and learn to trade like this, we will be with you every day in our Skype Live Trading Group.

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...