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GU 200 Pips Winner

Has your trading strategy produced a 200 Pips winner on #GBP/USD today? 
AIMS Stress Free Trading - The Seed produced 3 signals on cable today. Current Running profit as I write is
1. First signal at Frankfurt Open Risk 8 Pips Reward  +195 (still running)
2. Second signal at 9.00 UK. 1 hour after London Open Risk 22 pips Reward: +150 (still running)
3. Third Signal at mid day, Risk 15, Reward +125 and Running...

Total Running Profit: ???? you do the math... I'll show you where to get this method...

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ps: there was also signal on EU. Risk 7 Reward 60 (still running)

AIMS Skype Live Trading Room...  This is what we said in the morning... (Pointing to the Entry Signal) 

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Perfect Entries for Maximum Profit? How to

When it comes to trading profitability and success the one question that I get asked frequently is about timing entries. Logically when people think about trading or investing their first question is "How do you know which stock or forex pair to chose?" and if you chose it "When do you know its the right time to enter the market or take a position?"

Entries vs Exits In trading terms its a question about Entries but not the Exits. A Novice trader often ignores planning their EXITS ahead of their entries. I've learned to understand that it has something to do with their perception of "A perfect entry". They believe that a perfect entry method automatically means a 100% profitable trade. Its to do with their definition of a "Perfect Entry". They define an entry as Perfect ONLY when it is Profitable. And that is where the problem exists.

Hence they give the accuracy of entries a huge priority. They just focus on Timing their entries. Because un…