Friday, 22 December 2017

The System Generated a Sell Signal at 16295 Bitcoin

We are off for this year. So we wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and Wish you the Best of Wishes for the NEW YEAR. Have a Good one ...

Meanwhile I have a picture to share with you.

We received what we call the Setup 1 Sell Signal on the "now famous" actually ultra famous market the BitCoin.

a whooping  5000 Dollar points profit signal. And it's not over yet. And yes it might go up in the future but who knows. Its best to just wait for The Setup and take the Signals.

A Sell Signal worth 5000 Dollars 

Monday, 18 December 2017

DAX Report 18 December 2017

I am known to not trade past the 17th of december usually that's the third week of December. But this year I decided to trade a few days extra. The Market was not still or what people call "thin" blah de blah. I have no idea whether that was the case or not, I'll be lying if I did because I don't have any access to Volume data. We don't need that data anyway.

So I traded a nice little 1R profit trade in the morning session followed by a DS0 Trade. I was really upset about it since it is one of those setups that I keep telling myself first and others NOT TO TRADE.

I took it into the what we call the 4th wave of M5. I was a bit distracted but that's not an excuse. I must make sure I am not distracted during trading times. I need to be absolutely focused. The trades are below...

First Trade was London Session Long. I monitored the price going up, then creating this rather weird looking Scooby Pattern. I knew there was a 5th of the 3rd Up in it. Or in other words, I traded the Light Blue Dot long trade. 
[For more information of these rather unfamiliar terminology you'll need to read our trading course]

\B3-T17 Entry 

The Trade Took Off Quickly and Hit TZ1 Moved SL to BE accordingly

The Exit for 1R Profit. I had TP at 2R but saw it react around TZ1 level so took the available profit. This is allowed in my individual Trade Plan so its a DS1. 

This is a bit of a mistake. I was just setting up an order and mistakenly hit Market Order. I mustn't make mistake like these. 

A new box low was created. I was not confident but decided to put an add on. You need add on trades for Apple Signals. That is what makes it highly profitable. Result was half an R Rent paid. NEXT

One of our beloved member of AIMS Skype Live Trading Room, Jozef the J man took this long after my long above. It was awesome trade. 2R profit was hit nicely. Chart as follows. Well done Jozef

Jozef's trade with some constructive guidance. ahem 

And finally ... Can you answer the following question ?  

Friday, 15 December 2017

Nothing Much - Story of Trading Today 15 December 2017

So, I started watching DAX on the m1/m5 using our unique method for the shorter time frames. We apply the MTF method. I am quite comfortable with trading the M1 chart. Specially after playing fast paced FPS games on my PS4 and PC.

It has certainly brought back excitement into my life. My response time has increased dramatically from 500ms earlier to under 300ms now. I can now shoot people before they seem. Ain't that cool. And if you're not familiar with game world, when we say "shoot people" we refer to a video game character, a code, creating a point of origin, a vector point that hits another point in the virtual world within the time/space of the game. If A, then B, but if C then D. ...

The J Setup - Something you need to know when NOT to take it

Anyways DAX did not breakout and stayed within a tight range, as we would expect in these last week of trading of Dec 2017. Time flies and another year is gone.

Had a PO short but did not trigger.

Around 1pm UK it did something. I was watching it. I thought something is happening. I did talk about it in the Skype Live Trading room. That lead me to take the first seed signal. I had a PO for another long above the box. That shows I was seeing something and was fully committed.

DAX M1 AIMS The Hunt Buy Signal Plus Box Add on 

The Seed turned into a rent and I lost motivation. The moment I deleted my second PO it shot up. That was a bit frustrating.

Rent Paid but PO long was still Alive. 

Unfortunately I deleted the PO just before the breakout. So the next trade we took was after a clear breakout happened. Waited for a Setup 1 signal.

Below is a series of screenshot taken during this live trade taken from start to the end. Have a Great Weekend Everyone ... See you Monday for the Last Few Days of  Trading of this Month and the Year indeed.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

London Open DAX M1 - The Story So Far

Today, the open was not as exciting as we like. There was no major breakouts etc.

The 2 Hr window passed without even a valid signal.

It was when Jozef finally left, it did what we look for.

I don't know if you will understand the info on the picture below but for those who are part of AIMS and AIMS Skype Live Trading Room, it will be a valuable image.

We traded the first push in to the 3 down for a nice 25 pips. As in the pic above.

Then we traded a premature Setup 1.
Batch 3 Trade 10 

The Entry was triggered and SL moved to minimise losses.

End Rent Paid.  NEXT DS 1 Gained.

So we waited a little longer and then we saw our nice and beloved Setup 1. But before that we received another signal called the Apple. It usually marks the end of 4 and allows us to get into a possible 5 at the earliest spot. That is exactly what we did.

Batch 3 Trade 11
Apple Entry

7 Pictures to show the entire campaign from start to end. This is your FREE gift, a window to how we trade AIMS Stress Free Trading Method.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

4R Profit - DAX M1 London Session 12 Dec 2017

Ok, so there is snow everywhere in England and schools are off. I took the day off yesterday and it seems DAX took the day off as well. So that was great. Its horrible feeling when you take a day off and market goes nuts that day.

London Open started with a nice 3 down during FO. It was Setup 1 at LO.

I did not take the initial entry but I should have. Soon after I took AIMS The Hunt - Cherry Sell signal .

AIMS The Hunt - Cherry Signal Sell Market Order [Using ATM from] 
That and the Next Seed was taken together ... both ended as what we call BE.

Above Cherry was exited a bit earlier than I should have but went back in using Seed Signal.

Above Seed signal , SL moved to BE by ATM Auto.

so that was that but I was keen on the short moves. I knew something was happening.

Trade 3
AIMS The Hunt - Cherry / Dot Sell Signal Market Order

Trade 4:
AIMS The Hunt - Seed Sell Signal PO is shown above in the pic.
Entry below

I have been in this game for long now. I have developed a certain feel for the market. I was in the skype group chatting with Jozef [We have a special group AIMS Skype Live Trading Group - Join Today]

I felt that a move was coming. Here is a screenshot from Skype Group hehe

So it did happen and it hit 2R profits for both entries.

And so Trade 3 and 4 both hit 2R profits. Now that will be anything between 4% to 12% profit depending on your Risk Per Trade. a1%-3% per trade is good.

Trade 5:
Setup 1 short . Exit Break Even.

This trade was followed by a great discussion between AIMSter Jozef and Merry on skype and we all learned how to Filter signals based on the AIMS concept of Fractal Geometric Trading 

And I think that should be enough for the day. All was over within 30 min of trade.

See you tomorrow 

Friday, 8 December 2017

DAX Morning Report 08 Dec 2017


I will try to share a daily report of trading the DAX M1. There will be either 1 or two reports of the trading we did in the morning and or afternoon.

This will allow me to look back at the trades and learn from it.

So today it was a bit of a mix up. Started with failing to upgrade PC to the latest update. I had it shut down last night thinking it was done. Woke up and it only started doing updates. I got to pc late, i.e. dead spot on at London Open. I should have switched it on an hr earlier. It would have been ok having missed FO.

My mindset was not right. I have noticed that on NFP day I'm reluctant to trade in the am. But m1 DAX has nothing to do with that. I have seen it move and not move without any pattern that we can follow.

It's completely random when it moves or doesn't on the m1 chart. The only predictability it allows us to rely upon is that it usually brings in considerably good amount of volatility at London open on most days.

What I learned Today: I will come back with a clear set of goals. I will look at it every day, with a clear mindset. I will trade it if the setup is there. simple.

Updated: 10.44 BST

While posting the above, I was in the process of missing the setup to the right of the pic above and as below

Never mind, these few post should let you unfold the way we trade. However if you'd like to learn further please consider joining us. It might seem like a bit of money going out of your hands but in reality you will get back much more than what you pay.

In life trading is an important factor. We trade in everything we do in life. Every decision we make is trading.

Below a little 10s Elliott wave analysis of the morning action.

I am updating this post at 12:45 BST.

Price peaked as you see in the pic above .and then it started doing down waves. You can see the 3 down in the pic above. below you'll see it was completed with a 5 down.

Note: eWave and ATM are proprietary software not sold by iTradeAIMS but can be obtained at our friends website. 

Thursday, 7 December 2017

DAX30 - German Index - New Target 13800

I will update and share my thoughts and ideas about where we think the markets are heading towards in the future.

Starting with the German Index DAX30.
Doing a wave analysis on the Daily chart we have signals pointing North.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Dax Shatters the Friday Myth

One of the biggest problems traders bring to trading is such preconceived notions and ideas about certain days of the week and months of the year. Mondays are this, fridays are that, August is this and december is that ... 

Today DAX broke out at London Open, which we call the LOBOT ... 
Moved a 100 points without hitting a candle trail on m1. WE had an entry timed with Box Break of M5 and one add on. A juicy 100 + 80 points... this ends the month of December trading on Dax. But hey we won't stop until the 15th of december. 

So looking at this picture above you might have thought "oh I missed it". Worry not for there was a hunt signal after the 100 points more. YES

Have a Great Weekend 

[The above is a copy of my post in our Members only Forum and Skype Live Trading Room]

Thursday, 23 November 2017

We Trade DAX M1 Everyday JOIN TODAY

I just wanted to let you know, that we are trading DAX on the M1 Time Frame every morning from London Open Till London Close (with breaks in between)

We Are using the tried and tested and our favourite method AIMS Setup 1 and AIMS The Hunt Method.

This does not mean we have abandoned our Hourly and Daily Methods. We will continue to do them because trading that only takes a minute or two.

So if you're interested JOIN now.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Join us for London and NY Open QUICK PROFITS

***Want Quick 2R Profits on a Daily Basis?***

Join us for London and NY Open trading EUR/USD GBP/USD USD/JPY and DAX30  on the M15 Chart. Simple Strategy with spot on support and signals in Skype.

Join AMS Live Skype Trading Room 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How to Trade Wave 3 Make HUGE PROFITS [ New Method Year 2020 ]

The most important thing I learned a few years ago was that the market was a wave. 

Well, not the market, but the charts that we look at. It always moves in waves. Someone actually named them after themselves but we don't really need that lovely name (Elliott Wave). Because we don't need to complicate things.

When I talk about waves, I don't mean the popular Elliott Wave. I mean the AIMS WAVE. 

What does that mean? 

So, we have one of the most beautiful indicator we call AIMS The Wave. But you should know that it has many other names such as The AO, The Awesome Oscillator, The eWave, AIMS Wave etc.  

This simple concept revolutionized the complicated concept of The Elliott Wave into a Simple 10 Seconds to Elliott Wave concept. 

  • It helps the trader see the market in a smooth wave going above and below a certain Zero Line.
  • It helps you ignore the going up and going down of the price concept. 
For us technical traders, we don't have an up and down as such specially in forex. All we see is eWave turning Red or Green.

Assuming you already know a bit about the wave. I know most of you will want to know the answer to this fantastic question. 

The Big Question is: How to trade the third wave?

So when you begging to understand the Wave Concept you soon realise that the Gem of this Treasure is the Wave 3. This is the biggest most powerful wave. And the next logical step for most trades is to ask this next consequential question. 

And so... You will ask this question and soon discover that you have to ask another question. 
How to spot Wave 1 and 2. 

The reason you will ask this question naturally is because these are the two waves that come before The big hero that is the Wave 3. Because you need to see Wave 1/2 in order to position yourself into the Wave 3.

So the question then is, How to spot wave 1-2...

How to Spot wave 1-2?

The answer is disappointing to some but in reality, it's very interesting. So the answer is that 

"the way to find wave 1-2 easily is... 
That There is no easy way. But hold on, keep reading.... " 

 Lets first ask, Why is this a question? Why do we ask this question?

The question is raised because we see these beautiful often elusive wave 3's. And we want to GET IN into those waves to make the most amount of profit. We all want to catch that BIG TRADE. 

Because we know that the market moves, roughly in 5 waves. Well, not really but it's a great lie that really works. trust me. 

What we all agree on is that the third wave is always the biggest strongest waves. And it is always wave 1 and wave 2 that leads to wave 3.

And that is why you want to know where is wave 1-2. 

So is there a way to do that? 
Answer: A Yes and a No.

Wave 1  2 often occurs during the Sideways market or at the peak of terminating waves. Both spots are very risky and difficult to spot and catch.

We have an easier BETTER more profitable and Powerful way to trade The Illusive WAVE 3.

How to NOT Trade Wave 3 yet trade it at the same time. 

Yes, We don't trade wave 3, yet we do trade it. Paradoxical? You bet it is. 

But the answer is very simple and exciting. 

So, we trade Wave 5 and within that, we catch wave 3.  That is because Wave 5 is an impulse wave. And within each impulse wave, there is ALWAYs a wave 3 of a certain degree. 

Step 1: The way to do that is simply let the Big Wave 3 happen.
Step 2: Let it turn into wave 4 and then 
Step 3: Now that you know wave 4, position yourself and trade into wave 5. 

We use a trading pattern that we lovingly call AIMS The Setup One. 
Using Setup 1 you will always get into wave 3 of Wave 5. So you'll be trading Wave 3 but within wave 5. 

This is a very high profitability strategy. It will give you a win rate of 70%

When you spot 3 and 4  you're able to make sense where "was" wave 1 and 2. It's not confirmed until you see a 3 and 4. So going into a new 3 is difficult unless you do a bit more work. And we don't like more work. We like things simple.

Simply Trade Setup 1. The NEW Setup 1. We have redefined Setup 1 in 2017. This setup 1 gives us over 70% success rate. 

Here are some examples  of the Perfect Setup 1 

The Setup one on the AO or The AIMS Wave Oscillator Indicator
The Setup one on the AO or The AIMS Wave Oscillator Indicator

Picture of a perfect setup one trade on the USDCAD M1 chart
Picture of a perfect setup one trade on the USDCAD M1 chart 

a $3000 profit setup 1 trade
a $3000 profit setup 1 trade

A trade on the Canadian Dollar USDCAD with $772.40 and $220 Profit
A trade on the Canadian Dollar USDCAD with $772.40 and $220 Profit

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...