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Webinar - The Beginning of Time from AIMS Stress Free Trading on Vimeo.

Recorded over 6 years ago. Introduction to AIMS Stress Free Trading Method.
Today we have refined this method and years of teaching have "taught" me a lot.
We trade Setup 1 now and our success rate is now over 66%. This video is the foundation of
AIMS Stress Free Trading

This video was NEVER shared outside our Members Only Forum. This is the FIRST time. 

Note: the video was available only for a limited time which ended on the 4th of April 17. 

Do You Understand Your Method?

Simple vs Complex 
The more complex a trading system the more chances of finding ways to break rules. That is because complex systems usually have a larger number of rules. And often, the rules themselves are quite difficult to understand. So, complex systems or methods generate more "rules"  in quantity and the more rules you generate the more complex the process. Its a cycle. 
Simplify Simplify Simplify  as once said by the great Albert Einstein. Because as long as you don't find a process "being simple" it is probably because, (assuming the method is relatively simple) you don't yet understand it. So, assuming you understand the method ,and perceive it as simple, chances are that it actually is simple and not just simple for you alone.

Hence simplification is our main objective. Not over simplification but just enough that fits our mental capabilities. Over simplification could be a result of generalisation and that may lead to fallacies.
The Simplest M…