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Mickey Wrote a VERY LONG post [Trading Edge]

I just read Mickeys longest post today. That was some read and took a while. My usual time allocated to a forum post is 1-2 minutes at best. This took 10. :)

Link to the post here [members only]

I had to stop and think. Well one thing is clear Mike can write. He is the writer among us for sure. That award goes to him. The pen of trading.

There are many things he talked/wrote about. It was a long post and I do recommend reading it. However, my conclusion is this.

Mickey keeps searching for new indicators and strategies or so it appears to be the case. But perhaps he's still stuck to one or 2 methods that he trades. But in this post I could finally understand why he keeps adding removing indicators. He just plays around with it. And I think there is nothing wrong with it besides waste of time. Time is precious.

There is a question of a trading edge.How do you get one?
Random combinations adding and removing indicators is not the way to find your edge. An edge would be formed only whe…

About Recent Major Update [Login Changes]

We have updated our forum recently.

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Further Planned Updates
In the weeks to come we will do another update. We expect minimal to no down time. Once that is successfully happened you  will be logging into a new website.

The above link will take you to your dashboard. There is a help-desk inside the dashboard if need be.

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I am What I am

Today I Quote something from one of my beloved writers. Though I don't necessarily agree with everything he believes in, he is truly an inspiration. Not among us anymore. May his "soul" rest in peace. (if there is one)

Work at being content with who you are ... say

"I am what I am "
You don't have to apologise to anyone for what you are, who you are you. You are who/what you are. You have the right to be who you are.. The morality that you 're concerned with is whether somebody else being hurt by you being who you are.

NFP Live Trade [Members Only]

sorry, this video is password protected if you are member of skype group you should know the password. :)

What does the purple predict

What does the purple predict from AIMS Stress Free Trading on Vimeo.

btw: Snorm of  (do we read it as Forexey? LOL)  has created this fantastic and very useful indicator that can help you label your waves on your chart. Very handy indeed.

e.g. look at this USDCAD Weekly chart. The purple predicted something 6 months in advance.