Friday, 21 July 2017

A Great Wave Analysis on eurusd

We were able to depict the market situation on the #eruusd currency pair.

Just minutes before the ECB press conference I realised that the euro vs dollar currency pair was showing a pattern that we trade very often.

All the while it was clear to us that the D1 chart had a an open gator. But what was more important was the eWave pattern. It was within what we like to call "the Structure". More on this inside the AIMS Members area.

We like to trade the 60 min chart specially when the D1 chart is within the structure. We apply the Setup method to take advantage of it. Below we took charge of our decisions , trading or tarding decisions. It was a pretty good outcome in the end. Over 7% just for one trade that last less than half of a day. Now that's what we call "trading business". Not working. Just trading.

So here is the first picture I shared in our AIMS Skype Live Trading Room.

#eurusd #ecb #rates decision Possible 5th wave up. 

Important Note: The Wave analysis showed possible move upwards. And it did. no you don't have to draw those number everytime. I do those for the members to learn. one you understand the concept you won't need to consciously be doing this all the time. 

EURUSD ECB News Analysis. WE shared this picture in our Live Skype Trading Room

It was followed by a nice sharp move in the intended direction.

Live Trade Picture of the trades we took on eurusd
Because we were confident we added on to our position. That increased the profitability by 3 times.

with 235 pips profit banked scooby is pretty happy 

Monday, 17 July 2017

How to Trade the Sideways Market

I won't do your head-in or take much of your time.

How to "tarde" a sideways market. [Aimsionary term: Tarde means to Trade Really Good High Probability Setups]

When the market is going sideways... use the levels... Trade from mid to the Range Low or High
or Use to Fruit signal to trade from Range high/low to the other side and beyond...

Below is a picture of trading the Range from Mid to the low.


USD/CHF How to trade the Sideways Market 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Doing the same thing for years - IT WORKS

Simple Tidy Setup 1 entries will do you a lot of good.

No need to invent a new method every week or month.

We've been trading this same method sine 2009. It works ...

Some lovely trade ideas on #eur/jpy #usd/ujpy #usd/chf today

Here is euro yen.

A lovely Setup 1

Earlier I went long USD/CHF it was interesting trade.

Just a simple Hunt Long Signal in to possible 5 up. We can always target the TZ1 area.

Friday, 7 July 2017

NFP News Trade Profit on EURUSD

Here is a quick video of a live trade on EUR/USD and USD/JPY NFP News Trading Using Snorms News Trade EA and Snorms Advanced Trade Manager

Link to Snorms Wesbite

ps: Don't Forget to BREATH.... Slow Rhythmic Breathing 5s in 5s out is supposed to bring your brain into the coherence state. You'll be wiser because you'll have more clarity in your mind... BREATH people ...  [TED Talk on it posted earlier]

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

AIMS The Fruit Method - Independence

I'll just post a simple picture and let you THINK... This is AIMS Stress Free Trading The Fruit Method. The Method requires you a relaxing 15 min a day work. And grab massive profits like this. Just look at it and wonder how would you feel if you were in this trade?

Today on this 4th of July which is a great day for it is the day of Celebration of a Great Nations Independence Day. I'd like you to give an idea to you work towards your own Financial Independence.  #4thofjuly #julythe4th #july4th #fireworks #july

Scooby is happy on this 4th of July - Happy Independence Day 

Monday, 3 July 2017

The Famous BAR Setup

We have what we call the Famous Bar Setup. This is a setup that one can find using the very easy to monitor end of day charts. Well, since we trade Forex our charts usually stay on from Sunday night to Friday night . We sit at 10pm uk in the calmness of night when everyone is sort of relaxing, you'd sit down and look for these bars.

Then you have two options, you either trade them there and then, or you trade it using AIMS The Fruit or Classic Breakout method on the H1 chart the following day. If you're working full time no problems. You can set orders at night and check them when you come back from work. Works like a charm.

I took one such setup today on the Swissy. #USDCHF the US Dollar vs Swiss Currency.

I was busy updating the members of our Skype Live Trading Room through out the  day using screenshots and chat etc. I thought I'll share it here as well.

These are the images I posted periodically through the day as the trade progressed. Similar trade on #gbpusd as well. that one is still running. 

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...