Wednesday, 26 December 2018

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I wish you a Happy Holiday Period and

a Happy New Year 2019.

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See you soon!!! 

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Market is Generous

The Indices are going wild. There is high volatility and we, the AIMSters love volatility.

Dow Jones Index is really going wild with 800 points up and down days.

Meanwhile our favourite DAX30 tries to mimic the BIG Dow giving us plenty of setups.

Below, is a picture of AIMS The Fruit method.

The Market is Generous but are YOU available? 

Sam got his share during london open hours, Jozef waited and traded the breakout during trending markets. I got in even later than that and ended up with 2 scalps and then reversal of the uptrend.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Technical Analysis Vs AIMS The Setup

The traditional way of technical analysis is to look for Supply Demand areas, check support and resistance, find out the key price levels where price seems to react, reverse or hold levels.

Compare that to the AIMS Setup method. An indicator based, rule based method, you will find that the former requires a considerable amount of time and attention and experience compared to AIMS The Setup.

Anyone can learn to trade the setup within a few weeks. It would take good 12-24 months to master, the so called, simple analysis using "naked charts".

The following series of charts show a trade I just took at the time of writing this.

The Rejection of the Price Zone influenced the Long but ... check next chart

AIMS The Hunt Method created an Apple Signal at that spot without the need for you to learn to trade with S/R and S/D analysis. No price action analysis required. 

This chart shows what AIMS The Hunt Method looks like. We trade with m5/m1 chart side by side. A unique way of trading the M1/M5 charts. 

A 1:20 Risk Reward Cherry Signal on the M5 Chart. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Clearly Moving Markets - But No Signal

There are times when you see the Market is clearly moving in x or y direction but your system does not create a trading signal on the chosen time frame.

e.g. The EUR/USD this morning was clearly not going up. @Jasmien hinted in the chatroom that she thought it was stretched. And at that time it appeared to be continuing the uptrend.

Soon after the Big Bear Candle was printed.

So What can we do when its clearly telling you that its reversing or its going this way.
You don't want to break the rules of your method.

Here is a prime example.

Drop to the Lower Time Frame. Below I show M15 chart.

The picture clearly shows some good AIMS The Hunt Cherry Signals. 
In the forum I also discussed a very cool way to catch such setups, on the M5 time frame. 

Its called the AIMS 10X Pattern. You can spot the M5 setup 1's while watching the H1 chart. 

Hope this helps 

Sunday, 18 November 2018

AIMS The Setup vs AIMS The Hunt

Which one is Better? 

Well, it depends. Let's have a look at the following pictures of the trades I took on the GBP/USD.

First picture is that of GBP/USD H4 (Four Hourly) Chart.

This picture has three beautiful signals and three beautiful trades marked by distinct vertical lines so that you can identify all trades on the next chart that shows the same trades on the H1 (Hourly) chart.

This picture convinces me why Setup 1 is an Awesome Setup as well as why Hunt Method is even superior or  at least a great alternative. 

Superior because it requires less time to observe and trade this signal, requires less screen time and can be traded on higher time frames as well as lower time frames.

Alternative because people who can't trade the hourly chart can trade the 4 hourly chart and catch the same setup 1's that happen on H1. Same goes for H4/D1.

Three Coloured Lines indicate trades that were taken as Setup 1 originally on H1 Chart.
But look at this h4 chart,  all 3 trades seems to be timed perfectly with Cherry Signals.
Conclusion: Trading Hunt Method on h4 would ensure you take all the great Setup 1 signals that appear on h1. 

Sunday, 11 November 2018

The Mindset of a Professional Trader

There are two types of mindsets. One that is the opposite of the mindset required for consistently successful trading while the other the mindset of professional consistently successful traders.

The Non Professional Trading Mindset:

When a novice, non professional trader sees a setup, (A Trading Signal)  many doubts hits the trader. Instead of looking objectively at the rules of their trading plan (assuming they have one since most don't even bother with this fundamentally important aspect of trading) they look for all the things that have nothing to do with their plan.

As a novice struggling trader you start looking for reasons that has nothing to do with your trade plan. In other words the trader loses objectivity. Though confusingly though, for most people, when its a wrong setup, or no setup, trader somehow, finds it very easy to take those trades. There is no hesitation and they jump in without thinking. That is one type of mindset.

This mindset is a disaster. The trader may have in their hands, a very good trading methodology but they don't yet possess the mindset that is essential for peak performance. They have not trained for it because they don't yet know it is a "thing".

The Correct Trading Mindset:

Professional traders know exactly when to enter the market, where to set their stop loss and take profit levels. They understand risk management but more importantly they are disciplined. Highly disciplined. And the reason they are highly disciplined is because they have acquired the mindset called "Probabilistic Mindset". They know  that a single trade can become a winner or loser at any time. They know they cannot dictate the outcome of this one trade. But they also know that their method gives them an edge. So they keep taking signals objectively.

You have to do everything in your power to switch to that mindset.

There will be a day when you experience the switch.  You'll move from  finding it easy to take just any trade to finding it hard to take any trades that don't fit your rules, you find it hard unless its your setup, following the rules of your trading plan.  that day you will have become a trader with a professional mindset. A trader who's path of least energy has shifted.

AIMS Stress Free Trading - The T20 Principle is a training methodology. The FUTURE YOU that you want to be can be achieved at the end of the T20 training course. It is the mindset that you want to switch to. You don't need to change strategy, you need to switch mindset. 

Sunday, 4 November 2018

How to remain Consistently Profitable - Control Drawdowns

The Most Important thing I've learnt in life , relating to trading, is that we should risk far less than 1% per trade. Yes, that is what we are told in most of the trading books to risk 1-3%. Even though a very small proportion of the trading books talk about this very important aspect of trading i.e RISK Management in the first place.  But what they don’t consider is what happens if you have 10 losing trades in a row?

The Biggest Secret of Trading Success is: RISK MANAGEMENT.
And risk management has a lot to do with this often-ignored concept called Drawdowns. A good method should always address Risk and draw downs.
According to Investopedia

What is a 'Drawdown'A drawdown is the peak-to-trough decline during a specific recorded period of an investment, fund or commodity security. A drawdown is usually quoted as the percentage between the peak and the subsequent trough. Those tracking the entity measure from the time a retrenchment begins to when it reaches a new high. (ref)

Some people mistakenly think drawn down begins when your account balance drops below its start point. E.g. if you start with $10,000 and it drops below the 10K is when drawdowns start. I did not know until now that there are so many people who think its that way. Oh no.

We need to understand that no matter what strategy of trading you apply, drawdowns will occur. Drawdowns are REAL. They happen, they will happen, and nobody can stop them from happening.

Because it’s part of the whole game. The game of probabilities. Every now and then you will experience a batch (the T20 Principle) where you get 10 rents or more. Without a solid plan, without knowing about it in advance, it could happen and what most people would do is to abandon the plan. If your plan does not cater for this, your plan will be considered an incomplete or ineffective plan. So we must plan but not just plan, we must plan accurately, efficiently and effectively.

I learned that there are two factors, which when combined keep those damn 95% of traders below the zero line of their equity graph.  

Factor 1: Draw-down periods
Factor 2: Lack of Discipline

The above could usually be the result of NO PLAN...

When there is no plan, and there are drawdowns, there really is nothing for a trader to think  but to RUN as fast as they can. The path of least resistance is to STOP doing what they are doing. In all honesty It's actually a good rational response to stop doing it because it hurts.

The problem however is that if you stop what do you do next? The usual answer is, look for a new method. There "the demon Dr. Draw" will drag them down again and so the yo yo (AO) continues and so does the hopping mechanism. Until finally someone tells you about AIMS (ahem);...

T20 Principle keeps you grounded. It helps you with staying disciplined. However, what it can't stop is the probability of those major drawdown periods. But it does teach you about it. T20 principle deals with both the discipline of trading and probabilistic mindset. It’s a one shot medicine that cures all the trading diseases there are.

This is the main issue. So, what must we do?

The answer is simple. If you are uncomfortable with the drawdowns, e.g. risking 1% per trade, 10 consecutive losers could mean nearly 10% drawdown. and if your plan is to NEVER experience a drawdown more than 5% the simple way to achieve this is to use (no , you don't need to change entry method) Risk Manipulation.

If 10% draw-down is too big, and it is big simply lower your risk per trade. That is What makes winners consistently winners. And so here comes the example of Fruit method again. This method trades aggressively, but with very conservative risk management. We enter market only with Quarter risk, adding on the rest of 3 quarters in next 2-3 add-on trades.

This way, you can keep drawdowns relatively low, within acceptable margins. If you still experience drawdown of more than 3-5% then perhaps lower the risk per trade to 0.75% or even 0.5% and then scale in to positions. Keep in mind if you score less than 70% on your discipline then the first thing to deal with is to get that figure to above 70%.

This can be done with setup 1 as well. In setup 1, what we can do is to make entries  just the way we do, but simply take half off at 1:1 and let the rest be trailed with a box. This will reduce our over profitability a tiny bit but massively reduce drawdowns and keep it within acceptable ranges. e.g. if you risk 0.5% per campaign, it would  take more than 10 trades to draw-down 5%. and before you know it you will hitting the win streaks again and back in the zone.

All the best my fellow traders and AIMSters

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Really and Honestly Trade The Setup 1

This setup is much more powerful than even I thought myself.

It just never seizes to amaze me. The Setup is a perfectly testable idea. Anyone can look at the rules, test it on past data and do a forward test. To date, Nobody has ever been  able to come to me and say, "this did not work". Why? Because "IT WORKS". How do you know that it works?

To Find Out, People join our forum, they go through the course material, start trading the simple method, they complete a batch of T20 (The T20 Principle has been our greatest achievement thanks to Mr. Douglas) testing the Setup 1 idea and nearly all of them get the following result.

33% winners 33% Break Even Trades and 33% losing ones.Winners are Twice as big as the losers. 

You will get 5% on average per T20 (risking only 1% per trade).

The Setup shows you where to put Stop Loss, Where to Take Profit and Where and When to move Stop Loss to Breakeven.

Plus Snorms Fantastic ATM Expert Advisor can automate the trade management bit for you. So you won't have to try to "be disciplined" because the BOT will do it for you. #Snorm 

Slap me on my face if you did not get it. Tell me if this did not happen for you. It WORKS

And Hey I've even shared all the pics of the Setup with you already. What we then offer inside the AIMS Forum and Chatroom is help you get disciplined and actually be able to DO IT!!!

All the money paid for discipline? oh yes... Discipline is the most expensive and hardest to find commodity when it comes to "BEING SUCCESSFUL". 

Below is screenshot of trades we took using our Favourite Setup 1 trading the #DAX30 this morning.

Followed by a Trade Setup on #EUR/USD that we were able to identify on H1 chart.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Higher Win Rate Method - Rinse and Repeat

The thing is, it's the same thing, same method, same strategy, working over and over and over again.

There is nothing that needs changing. Why?

Because it WORKS...

So, this Sunday morning, I'll just spam you with some screenshots I shared in our AIMS Live Trading Room (Slack Server). Its like taking selfies of yourselves everyday. haha

I think you can look at these pictures and be the judge yourselves. It's the "same" thing, similar looking charts compared to the posts made on this blog as early as 2011.

66% Win Rate. Grow your account average 5% per 20 Trades. 

This is our Bread and Butter Trade Setup 

What is considered a Setup 1 or 2?

Here I'm just giving away our core concept. Hey, you can use it too.

Yes this is the Perfect Setup. If you'd like to learn how to trade using this setup join us.

The Power of Target Zone. Learn how to increase your success rate by utilizing this simple concept.

It is our Motto to work towards Target Zone One

Have a great Sunday. And let's grow our accounts before we close this year mid december for Winter Holidays. Trading does not require hard work. Just Patience and Discipline. 

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Trump Said Market Will Crash - Trade it with AIMS

Would you like to know how AIMS Stress Free Trading - The Setup performed on Indices Yesterday?

Well, the stock markets crashed and made news all over.

Before that crash, we had a slight murmur in our trading room.

"All Indices are showing Setup 1 on the Hourly Time Frame"

Take one or two , or all. Just make sure you don't risk more than you should. OK>

and then... CRASH

Sunday, 30 September 2018

The Secret to Trading Success - SIMPLE RULES

The most important part of trading success is "to have solid rules and following them religiously".

No matter how robust and efficient the method, if you don't follow the rules you will Destroy your account .WHY?

Because RULES (Simple Rules)
Are a mechanism to protect ourselves from our Flintstones brain. The primitive flight and fight response mechanism can be countered only by accepting to trade only by the RULES.

In the heat of the moment when your vision is blurry the RULES will work as Light Houses, beacons and torches to get you out of the darkest  dungeon and light up the path that may eventually lead you into the broad daylight of consistent success.

Discipline is the KEY.

A system is a effective only if you use it!

A simple Checklist  will ensure you remain Discipline 100% of the time.
(Its part of the T20 Principle we share with you in the Members section) 

And Remember:
Trading or Any other Success in life is at least 80% a Psychological thing. Its Mental. 20% Mechanics.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Trend vs Range Bound Market - How to Trade

To Reverse or Not to Reverse
To Breakout Trade or Not to

Below, I copy something I wrote in the Slack room. Thought' I'll preserve it here. 

1. Trader should know how to differentiate between a Trending Market and a Sideways Ranged / Boxed Market... on The Time Frame they are Looking at.

2. Keeping above in mind, you'll then know that different time frames can have different situations, one time frame is trending the other is sideways.(keep waves within waves within waves)

3. Keeping above in mind , one should trade both situations differently.

e.g. Setup 1 takes this information into account. A setup one tries to signal you, that the 5xHTF is trending while current time frame is sideway.
and since,

FACT: Higher Probably Setups are Breakouts in the Direction of Higher Time Frame Trends

that means there are higher chances of breakouts in the direction of the trend of higher time frame, (which means sometimes it will breakout against it as well) signal is created in that direction. meanwhile on the current time frame it shows a 3 and 4

4. Now when you trade Fruit method, that information does not simply vanish and dies. it's still valid. but you should be able to know what you were doing and translate it into fruit method. You should know this concept and apply it without indicators (purple) indicating it to you. if you don't yet know the above concept then try 5 batches of T20 using Setup 1/2 only.

The POINT I'm MAKING IS Hiding here

Conclusion: from the above the point I'm making is that trade breakouts in the direction of TREND and Trade Reversals in the direction against Trend

don't trade reversals in the direction of RANGE or Breakouts in the direction against trend....

hope this helps and I made my point.

Friday, 17 August 2018

202 Reasons to JOIN TODAY

Our Method achieved 202 Winners since the Start of this year. That's just 7 Months of trading.

202 Winners in 7 Months of Trading 

AIMS The Setup Method provided

202 Winners compared to 

46 negative trades 

That is unbelievably  fantastic

Win Rate of 81%. 

Get Ready for the Autumn/Winter 2018 Season

Sunday, 5 August 2018

13 Quality Tips for Investors and Traders

In the following sections, we list some rules that can help investors improve their investment decisions. 

These guidelines come from our experience and are not necessarily based on new theories.

1. Know Yourself

If you start sweating when you watch the price swings of a product
you have invested in, you either have the wrong trading concept, are in
the wrong products, or your positions are too big.

2. Put Your Ego Aside

The biggest losses happen after investors make their first big profits.
If you accumulate profits with a proven, tested investment strategy,
you can pride yourself on its success.
However, if you make profits without an investment strategy, you
may lose not only all your prof its but your total investment. Unexpected
price moves do not have to mean big losses; they occur because
investors work with the wrong trading concept.

3. Hoping and Praying Do Not Guarantee Success

Many traders keep repeating the same mistake: They take small profits
and let the losses run. The main reason to work systematically
with an investment concept is to get the best average performance.
This requires placing a stop-loss with every trading position and calculating
the profit target when opening a position.
Hoping that losses will become prof its by waiting a “little bit
longer” is gambling. It might be appropriate once in a while, but in
the long run, it ruins every account.

4. Investors Must Learn to Live with Losses

It is easy to enjoy profits, but everyone hates losses. A market price that
drops below the entry price is not the only reason for a loss. If a position
with a 100 percent profit is liquidated at the entry price, this is
also a big loss in the account, although it may not seem as damaging.
5. Never Double Your Losses
Dollar-cost averaging is one of the best strategies for investors if they
execute it systematically as part of a long-term strategy.

Almost all huge bankruptcies in trading companies worldwide
happened because they doubled up losing positions. Hoping to recover
losses through additional leverage never works unless someone is really

6. Know Your Pain Level

Investors create their biggest problems when they change their investment
strategy without sufficient reason. The trouble begins when
traders jump from one trading strategy to another to follow the shortterm
sentiment, mainly because a product seems to have changed.
Each investment strategy has its advantages and disadvantages.
Someone who has expertise in picking stocks should continue to use
this approach, despite the risk of big drawdowns. A perfect trading concept
does not exist, unless someone has discovered a niche product and
keeps quiet. At the same moment that this niche market becomes common
knowledge, the profit potential disappears.
Each investment strategy has a predetermined pain level that investors
can identify. It is important to know this pain level before executing
an investment strategy.

7. Diversify the Risk

No matter how promising the future of a product may seem, diversify
the risk. Many traders profitably trade the same product every day and
are especially successful in intraday trading. But these traders are disciplined
and have specific product knowledge that is not available to
most people.
In general, diversifying the risk with a systematic trading approach
will result in a much more stable equity curve than investing
in a single product.

8. Making Money by Trading Is Hard Labor

Many people believe that that it is easy to make money by investing in
stocks, bonds, stock index futures, or commodities.
The opposite is true. Investors who show quick profits through
trading either have inside information or are remarkably lucky. Average
investors have neither of these advantages.
All traders must develop a personal profile of risk preference and
find a systematic trading style that fits the profile. Then they have to
execute it. Months or years of systematic trading may be necessary before
real-time trading results confirm that the trading concept works.

9. Intuition versus Execution of a Tested Trading Concept

All of the information that comes over the tickers, from newsletters,
and through the Internet is already old when we receive it. There will
always be someone with faster access who can take advantage of that
information. Speculating with this “old” information is dangerous.
Trading concepts that have been tested and have good historical
track records on paper provide valid information only if the advisor is
willing to share how the trading concept works.
Real-time trading records are only reliable if market behavior
does not change. Many of the successful fund managers in the 1980s
did less well in the 1990s because the market patterns were very
different. Investors must be highly skilled to identify trading concepts
that did not perform well in the past but will perform well in
the future.

10. The Importance of a Trading Plan

The secret of success on the exchanges is not to make money fast, but
to make it consistently.
One of the most difficult accomplishments for traders is to create
a portfolio that builds up equity over the long term, independently
of market conditions. To reach this goal, it is essential to work with a
reliable investment strategy and to guard against being greedy.

11. Feel Comfortable with Your Trading Strategy

Successful traders begin the morning with a trading concept that they
can use comfortably for executing trading signals throughout the day,
no matter what the markets are doing.
Feel good about your trading strategy as long as the real-time
trading results are in line with the historical test results. If the maximum
drawdown gets bigger than the drawdown of the historical test
results, reevaluate the trading concept.

12. Nothing Is More Important than Discipline

Discipline is always the most important attribute of successful
traders. Many traders fail or have limited success because they cannot
control their emotions and execute their established trading strategy
in any given market situation.

13. Value of Available Trading Concepts

Many worthwhile trading concepts are available. But none of them
will always make money. An effective trading concept does not have to
be difficult, but it must be executable. The trader has to believe in it
and be willing to trade it even after a string of losses.


Friday, 27 July 2018

Where is the Euro Heading?

Sadly, not great news for Euro Dollar. I'm not referring to fundamentals or what Junker may or may not have said. Although all those factors do play their part. For us, Technical Traders, everything is there on the chart itself.

And AIMS The Setup 1 Signal has popped up on the #EUR/USD Pair on the Daily Chart.
It could be heading towards 1.1250 to hit the Target Zone One.

But it will first have to break out of the current box its in.
It will also then have to deal with and break the levels to the left.

oh btw just a quick question Which one is More Cheesy? 

Thursday, 12 July 2018

USDCHF Could Fly into Wave 5 Up - Setup 1 Alert

The Swissy had a good strong wave 3 up during parts of March and April this year. 
It then completed its pullback of Wave 4 back into the purple during may nad parts of June and stayed in a tight sideways AIMS Box within june and this month of July 20018. Now we have a 3rd Blue Dot signal. All the rules of Setup 1 Long apply. Buy above the box. 

How to Trade the Euro Dollar #EURUSD

Just one Chart to Inspire You

Thursday, 21 June 2018

1000 Ways to Skin a Cat - [More Profits - Same Setups]

The Way to make profit is to find a pattern that gives you statistical edge, its easy to find, and its tradeable.

The pattern of Find a wave 3 and 4, to catch wave 5, i.e. Setup 1 is one that gives you Higher ODDS of success.

Now you have options to apply risk and trade management  techniques to manipulate results. e.g. in this example of Setup 1 on DAX h1.

You could have taken Entry using the Standard Box entry with SL above the box and Entry Below The Box. You will then double that distance between SL and Entry and that would be your 2X (or 2R) Target Point or Take Profit Point. 

#DAX30 H1 Chart - Setup 1 Example 

But also, you could have done this.

Took entry below the box, Had 50 SL, that was somewhere between the box. and set a 100 points SL. That meant I got 2R profit, and it was hit , in time and points, far before the example above.

There are a number of ways in which you can benefit from a pattern that repeats often enough and gives a higher chance of happening. In other words, as long as you know your edge, you can benefit from it by utilising several different trade and risk management techniques. T

The Setup that gives us the edge in the market is what we call the Setup 1. And here it is. Below I give examples of two types of setup 1. If you are an AIMS Member you'll benefit more from the following images as you'll know the background and further explanation about it.
To Learn more JOIN AIMS TODAY 

Example of Setup 1 with Flat Wave 4

Example of Setup 1 with Steep Wave 4

Friday, 15 June 2018

5 Waves of Order within CHAOS of the Market [Elliott Wave]

I have copied a few of my posts from our Live Trading Group. 

*Remember* Trade Fruit at the Peak of 3 or 4 or 5 ... nothing else ... if you follow this rule you'll filter out many many false signals...

AIMS Trading Signals and its Connection to Elliott Wave

*S1* By design means trade into wave 5, target Target Zone. 😊

*Hunt* is an extension or rather an extraction of the best bits of AIMS The Setup 1 and AIMS The Fruit Trading Strategy / Method...

It focuses on MTF (Multiple Time Frame)  Setup 1 and Most potent trend-following signal with a  counter wave entry method The apple Setup but MTF Apple. The Apple occurs at the peak of Wave 4 but its a leading indicator that takes you into the next wave 5. Its counter wave since its counter to the direction of the current wave but its in line with trend since the trade signal is in the direction of the previous wave 3.

Cherry/Apple and S1/Seed are MTF sister setups.

*the 34 concept rules it all.*
We look for Wave 3 and 4 and we trade BANG into Wave 5 

(three four not thirty four. but i write it as 34 because 34 is AO 34 is Purple and 34 is fib number)

*Simple Understanding of Counting Waves - What is Wave 3*
A Wave three is the most obvious strongest wave on your chart that consists of max 140 min 100 bars.

*when is a wave 3 confirmed* 
everything  about the future is a potential and everything in the now is connected to the immediate past. So a wave 3 in the present is only a three provisionally and will be confirmed a 3 when we have the 4 in future.

*Wave 4*
a wave 4 is not a random market. It's not just any sideways market contrary to our previous thoughts on it few years ago. Wave 4 is a wave that is well inside the Structure. The market has periods of noise and periods of order. 

Wave 4's happen within order.
(although if you go down a time frame or two within a current wave on the current time frame, you'll see "disorder". that is why we used to say, when you see noise, and no order, its probably a wave 4, but on a higher time frame. So when you see a wave 4 on current time frame everything on the lower time frame of that time frame will be under the umbrella of  this wave 4. Note: upto a certain extent. E.g. a wave 4 on D1 chart will still produce beautiful wave patterns on the m5 or m15 chart as long as there is enough volatility for the market you're looking at.

*When does a wave 4 become trade-able?* 
A wave 4 is the immediate wave following Wave 3 in the opposite direction. it's a bit like going forward and backward. Suppose you walk 10 steps forward in a brisk and robust manner, you then stop and retrace your footsteps but this time you're blind folded , intoxicated and walking backwards in the dark. you wobble around while you try to retrace 3 -5 steps backward... then you stop. You get tired, take your blind fold off, get sober, get some energy, get some sleep and the next morning you blast off into the wave 5 ... Btw: this time you wre more likely to take between 6-8 steps. (Target Zone 1)

When is a Wave 4 not a Wave 4? 
if a wave 4 does not pullback at least 38% or if it pulls back rather impulsively and goes beyond 50% of the length of wave 3, its not a wave 4. Meaning its not a wave 4 that we consider for trading the Setup 1. A setup 1 wave 4 is FLAT.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Hunt Method - DAX M1 or M5

Attention All New and Experienced Traders 

We have started trading the Hunt Method on Most Time Frames and Markets 

If you have only 2 Hrs a day, Trade The DAX M1 using The Hunt Method with us Every Morning Monday to Friday

If you can give your charts 1 min 8 times a day Trade the Forex, Gold and Oil with us.

Below We traded Today The Hunt Method on DAX M5/M1. The start of the day was a bit slow but later it picked up. I will show you how we traded it in pictures. Become a member to learn how to trade AIMS The HUNT method.

A setup 1 on M1 which was a great Fractal Geometric Hunt Setup on the M5 Time Frame. 

Snorm's ATM moved SL to Fresh Box High 

Exited the three Sell Positions with profit and set another Sell PO (Pending Order) Its a Beautiful Example of HUNT Fractal Geometry. M5 Chart has Seed Formation that turns into a Setup 1 Formation on M1

DAX M5 Chart Setup 1 Short 

DAX M5 Chart of the same trade. AIMS The HUNT SEED Signal 

I was playing #RocketLeague with my dear Nephew #Azlan so did not add on

I thought this market was about to turn around so used the Fruit Reversal Candle to Time this Exit. Next picture shows it was great timing. 

If I may say so myself, this was epic timing. However I wish I had not stopped trading as the system produced at least another 10R profit next 1-2Hrs. NEXT 

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The Power of AIMS TZ1 Concept

The Concept of Target Zone ONE is very powerful. It gives you 80% success rate.

If you can figure out The Setup 1 or The Apple Setup you have a great chance of success.

One can make a good 6 figure income a year trading nothing but "Working Towards TZ1"

Here is an example of TZ1 being hit to the pip on the Kiwi #NZD/USD

Friday, 18 May 2018

The Fractal Geometry of AIMS Fruit Method - 70 Points Profits

The market was not as volatile as we like but looking at the hourly time frame we saw that the wave might want to pull back a big. ABC was visible with a possibility of C down turning into a possible nice 1-5 wave formation on the m5 chart.
So we caught the possible 3 down within the possible C down.

I shared this analysis in the #AIMS Live Trading Room

There was an apple signal at the peak of Wave 2 but it was not clear to me. So I waited for box breakout.

AIMS The Fruit method Box Breakout entry plus Add on positions to load it up and increase profitability 
I saw it break below the lows and since i was loaded up I decided to trail the bars using #SnormsATM

As shown in the picture when you click on the t-candle button ATM automatically trails the last candle high/low.

I saw that it broke the lows and it was giving me good profits. I noticed that it might be time for it to pull back a bit. Since positions were fully loaded it was good time to bank some profits. Closed two positions and let the initial running.

Always a great idea to bank some profits methodically 

Soon the trail bar was hit and I decided to exit all positions. I had been waiting for this to play out all morning so I was a bit tired. Turns out it was a good decision anyway.

It was a good trade. The following image shows that our exit was spot on and later it provided another opportunity to catch the 5 down of the C down.

Good 2nd Attempt for W5 Hits TZ1. Next if you were keen on this, and looked at m1, you'd have caught the peak of abc that is W4 up.

Finally a little tip for how AIMS The Purple Line could help with Fractal Geometric Trading Opportunities.

How to Spot Apple of M1 using Purple on M5. 

More details are available in the forum and AIMS Live Trading Room

Wishing you all a happy weekend - Do something New This Weekend.. Something you've always wanted to do.... 

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...