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How to Use A Single Screen For Skype and MT4 Charts

Here is a quick tip for those of us who still use only a single screen for trading.

As you all know we cannot trade alone. Trading becomes a very boring and lonely activity.

And I hope you know that we have a very live and active chatroom that we run for our AIMSters using the "ahem" Amazing Skype Technology.  AIMS Skype Live Trading Room

Here is a quick tip on how to use skype window on top of your charts.

If you are using the shorter time frames specially the M1 time frame, you'd find it hard to look at the skype room. But if you apply this trick you'll see both your charts and skype chat at the same time.

1. Click the Square the top left of your Skype window to cancel full screen / maximised skype window.
2. Drag the right side of the window all the way to the left until you only see the desired chat window. Skype will automatically hide the contacts list. It will look like below ...

And here I give you some free tips on P5 Pattern as well.


Just a Quick Screenshot - Waves and TZ1


It is our Motto, AIMS Motto ...

TZ1 TZ1 TZ1 It Works Guys ... It Works

#USD/CAD Fruit Short Campaign - Difficult one to hold but profitable indeed

The risks of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and Ethereum went up in value by more than 1,000% and 6,000% respectively in 2017. However, compared to traditional asset classes, cryptocurrencies are high-risk instruments. Understand the risks before you invest:Extreme volatility  Over a 24-hour period in late November 2017, Bitcoin rallied to an all-time high of nearly $11,500 before falling 20% to around $9,000. It only touched $2,000 for the first time earlier in 2017. 

Low liquidity  The majority of Bitcoins are held by relatively few investors, and many platforms and exchanges trade cryptocurrencies on their own books. In a sales rush, liquidity issues could leave investors sidelined with rapidly falling prices.

Potential bubble  The parabolic price increase of cryptocurrencies is largely driven by speculation rather than by intrinsic value. This raises concerns among analysts that it’s a bubble waiting to burst.

Security Crypto markets are still largely unregulated, making them more prone to market manipulation, and hack…

Intra Day Sell Signal on BitCoin Target 8600

Just A Quick Note:

BitCoin IntraDay Sell Signal Down to 8600

BitCoin Prediction: 20K is possible Now

A quick note on what charts are telling us

#BitCoint to hit 20K

Previously we predicted that BitCoin could drop to 8,000 level. It dropped and stopped above 9,000. Not a bad prediction afterall. Here is the link to that post from 8th of January 2018.

Now it appears that we have an Apple Buy Signal.

Dax Report 19 Jan 2018 - London Session

DAX broke out with a blast this morning. Went up pretty good and then a Hunt signal on the first pullback. In we went and out trailing candles. 2R in the kitty.

Batch5 Trade 9 - Dax Cherry Long 2R DS1 
That's it nothing more to say

See ya later 

Playing with Fruit Method - Dax Report 18 Jan 2018

The Market showed no movement whatsoever during london session. It was boring but our system rules allowed us to stay put. Nothing was happening.

However I did go into a long trade and quickly exited at BE as nothing was going on. Then I marked the markets range and thought ,I will trade once it is broken

That range was broken 3 minutes before NEO session (New York Equities Open).

So it broke and went too far too fast. That's where the FRUIT Method Kicks in.

Here are some fine charts of that campaign.

It was good fun talking about the following trades on a minute by minute basis in our AIMS Skype Live Trading Room 

The trade was in and soon received an add on signal

Oh boy the add ons kicked in at once but with force. One entry slipped by 9 pips. Not good.

So I decided to get out of the add on position as it was disturbing the symmetry of the campaign.

After that there was one more add on created by box. Took that and let it roll while I went away from computer and allowed #ATM #…

DAX Report 16-17 Jan 2018 [FREE Video]

How we traded Dax M1/M5 During Today and Yesterday.

The Last trade was awesome. Some Rents paid along the way but this campaign covered it all.

What are HHHL and LLLH Waves?

Today I have an infograph to share with you.

The picture below gives a brief explanation of how AIMS Box help us see the waves.

Trading wise London Session was a bumper session with nearly 7 setups. 4 winners = 9 R profit 3 losers = 2R loss. Total 7R Profit 

US Session DAX Report 11 Jan 2018

I had a very long conversation with Michal in the Skype group. This member has been with us for ages. Still trying to get to that point in trading. But today we made a lot of progress. Man my fingers are hurting from typing for hours in a trot.

B4T8 The Afternoon saw a breakout to the downside. The H1 chart was showing potential for shorts. The general consensus from that point of view was shorts. And when that is true, it does not mean you won't have long trades/setups on the M1 but that experience tells us that when HTF is trending in a certain direction, the moves on the shorter time frame will always be strong and powerful in that direction. So we traded only Sell side because that's where we got the signals. 
Below you will see a Setup that I entered slightly late.


Notice that there is a Monarch Seed short signal as well. Michal took that and got 2R. Well done Michal.

Stop Loss Moved to BE by our DEAR ATM by Steve of (

SO Close to TP ...

Candle Trai…

London Session DAX Report 11 Jan 2018

So today Dax started slow at London Open.

But it did create a setup ... I missed it for some reason. It was a nice Monarch Cherry ..

Check out Sell Signal on #BitCoin #BTC.
The Setup

It spiked down and hit 2R Target near TZ1... pretty simple stuff.

Anyway so back to DAX30.

Batch 4 - Trade 7

I then took this Setup 1. Well i say setup 1 but it was actually a Setup 2 and i should have waited for a fresh box.

Entry was too early.

New Box Low was formed so put a PO for Add on. Lets MILK it.

Below: The M5 Chart showed some divergence. Oh well I thought this might bite me in the back side later. and it did.

And So it was a Rent

All that matters is that I follow my trade plan. But because I did not see the correct Setup 1 here, i will mark myself DS0. DS Total now is 6/7
Wins and Losses are Randomly Distributed
And so the Morning Session was over. Next Blog Post will be about the Afternoon Session which was alot more exciting.

Dax Report 10 Jan 2018 - [FREE VIDEO]

Ok, so today it was much like Monday. No real movement.

First Trade based on Cherry

A Quick Rent (I shared step by step screenshots in my journal in AIMS forum for members)


Below I then Missed a Lovely Signal that would have hit 2R and more


New York Session Small Winner Good Signal

And Then at NEO a breakout entry. really should not be showing this but can't hide it since I have taken it. It might look like it broke some entry rules but for me its a trade that I took on M5 and managed on m1.

How Do I look at M5/M1 Chart? What do I look at? 

How to Take Fruit Reversal Signals using WAVE ANALYSIS [ A FREE VIDEO] 

Dax D1 Fruit Analysis from AIMS Stress Free Trading on Vimeo.

DAX Report London Session 09 Jan 2018

Good Morning and G'day Everyone ...

Lets start this New Year and New Week of Trading

Today we looked at The DAX30 (German30) and found it to be trending strongly on the Hourly chart but towards a possible end of a trend on that time frame. The Daily chart shows it probably needs a 2-3 candles retrace. But that does not really help me with the time frame I wanted to trade.

Back on to the M1 chart and I found a setup. We talked about it in Skype group and took it. It took longer, Way longer than the usual. If each candle was to be considered as a D1 Chart candle it would have taken almost 8 weeks to complete. i.e. because it took 39 candles. i.e. 39 minutes. The patterns we see on the M1 chart and/or the D1 chart are LITERALLY the same. Its just a matter of "micro and macrocosm".

Here is today's Trade. Long with 10 SL and 2R target point i.e 10x2. 1R = 1 unit of Risk and 2R Profit = 2 Units of Profit. This then becomes a 1:2 RR trade. (risk / reward)

This method that …