Friday, 5 January 2018

First NFP 5 Jan 2018 - 3.6 percent growth

Further to my previous post about NFP. And now I'm not gonna talk about boring data figures or stuff like that. Its pretty simple. We Just TRADE it. 

Here is a little video of how we traded the NFP using our beloved News EA created by Steve

Usually we share such videos only inside AIMS Members Area.

#EUR/USD A Juicy 2R Trade 

a Good 1.6R sell trade on #USD/JPY 

Did some weird s**t on GBP/USD so a BE overall (+1R - 1R)
So an overall profit of 3.6R @1% per trade it would be 3.6% Growth. or 7.2% if 2% per trade.
The overal target points for these trades, if all of them hit them, would have been 30%. So its just a small winner. 

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